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Double page spread screen shots

  1. 1. I started with a blank A3 landscape file On Photo Shop
  2. 2. I then added a leather effect as my background
  3. 3. I then changed the Hue of the background Using Ctrl+U
  4. 4. I then copy and pasted my Image into Photoshop
  5. 5. I then used the Rectangle tool and The Eraser tool to Create this red line The eraser gave it a Worn effect which Works well with the Aesthetic of the magazine
  6. 6. I then added text in And rotated it with Ctrl+T An interesting quote Made large will grab The readers attention
  7. 7. I used the rectangle And eraser tool again To create this box
  8. 8. I then place in text With the text tool This gives the article And introduction, Which is needed
  9. 9. I then added in the Band name in the Space in the top bar When people flick Through the pages They will see the name And stop.
  10. 10. I then used the text Tool and the Rectangle tool With a stroke effect to create an image note This makes it easy for The reader to Understand what is Going on in the picture
  11. 11. I then copy and Pasted an album Cover I designed...
  12. 12. … and added a note To it using the Rectangle and text tool This makes the DPS Seem more believable Because they have Something to promote
  13. 13. I then added a small Box in the corner To make the text I Will put there easier To read.