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Couchdb awesomeness - History, the basics and how we use it

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CouchDB is awesome.

A quick history on the NoSQL database, it's Erlang origin, what it does, and quick examples on using curl to interact with Curl.

Includes how we use CouchDB for Atmail R&D projects and why we like it!

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Couchdb awesomeness - History, the basics and how we use it

  1. 1. CouchDB awesomeness Our adventures in Atmail R&D with CouchDB Ben Duncan - 2nd April Thursday, 3 April 14
  2. 2. CouchDB History Founded by Damien Katz (Former IBM/Lotus) in 2005 Apache project in Feb 2008 Various commercial forks ( CouchBase, Cloudant ) Thursday, 3 April 14
  3. 3. Whaaaat, written in Erlang? CouchDB is written in Erlang, a language pioneered by Ericsson Erlang scales really well - Whatsapp backend written in Erlang. Serious tuning. Erlang has a love/hate type community Thursday, 3 April 14
  4. 4. So, like, what does it do? Classic NoSQL database Brilliant replication out of the box All data stored as JSON - There is no schema as such All communication via your app to Couch is via JSON/ HTTP(S) Can write map-reduce functions to sort/query/filter data It’s faster then a traditional SQL DB (well, depends...) Oh, and why we like developing with it. Thursday, 3 April 14
  5. 5. CouchDB Futon Inbuilt WebUI for managing CouchDB + your data Thursday, 3 April 14
  6. 6. Simple query crash course. Create a DB: curl -X PUT http://couchhost:5984/mydb Create a document: curl -X POST http://couchhost:5984/mydb -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"FirstName":"Isabella","FamilyName":"Huegdon","Age":2,"Likes": ["noise","animals","chocolate","kicking Milly","throwing tantrums"]}' Get a document: curl -X GET http://couchhost:5984/mydb/docID Examples to play with CouchDB Thursday, 3 April 14
  7. 7. CouchDB + NodeJS Bringing the power of Node + Couch together Using NodeJS with CouchDB makes developing modern apps easier Using web-sockets from the browser to NodeJS, and pushing live data changes from Couch, makes developing fun! npm install nano - Best module for NodeJS Thursday, 3 April 14
  8. 8. R&D - http://glidr.io/ Pushing messaging data between multiple devices Thursday, 3 April 14
  9. 9. R&D - Email Migration Background daemon migrating messages, pushing status to CouchDB and live push to browser Thursday, 3 April 14
  10. 10. Learn more, plz! - CouchDB Home: http://couchdb.apache.org/ - Scaling Erlang for WhatsApp: http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/SFBay2012/ speakers/RickReed - Intro to CouchDB views/MapReduce https://wiki.apache.org/couchdb/ Introduction_to_CouchDB_views Thursday, 3 April 14