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Is Your Marketing Funnel Broken?: Uniting Lead Nurturing & Search Strategies

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Creating a comprehensive plan to nurture leads and drive them down the funnel can be difficult. Check out what Steve Krull and Liz Ryan have to say about you can do to unite marketing strategies across the funnel and bring in new business.

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Is Your Marketing Funnel Broken?: Uniting Lead Nurturing & Search Strategies

  1. 1. Is Your Marketing Funnel Broken? How to Unite Your Lead Nurturing and Search Strategies Liz Ryan Steve Krull
  2. 2. • CEO and Founder, Relish Tray Media • HubSpot & Pardot Partner • Experience: 14 years in Email Marketing. Liz Ryan
  3. 3. Steve Krull • CEO and Co-Founder, Be Found Online - BFO • Believes in “Lead by Example”, collaboration and teamwork • Experience: 15 years in Search. 10 years agency life.
  4. 4. Agenda • Marketing Today = Magnetic Marketing • The Highs & Lows • Top of the Funnel: Awareness • Big Magical Stuff • Ideas & Tactics • Middle Funnel: Consideration • The Real Magic • Bottom Funnel: Conversion • Shake your Money Maker • Closing Thoughts • Download Me!
  5. 5. We Want You!!! • To… • Leave Happy • Get Smater…lol we mean Smarter! • Have Ideas you Can Test/Implement • Crank up your Lead Gen Programs • Succeed!
  6. 6. Marketing Today Magnetic Marketing
  7. 7. Magnetic Marketing • Is Marketing That Attracts Encourages Enables “We Loves Customer Centric Inbound Marketing”
  8. 8. Buyer: Relatively uniformed Buyer journey: Linear Marketing Playbook: Interrupt by cold calls and ads Then Buyer: Informed Buyer journey: Fluid Starts with Search (Google, Bing, Yahoo) Marketing Playbook: Thought leadership thru content Now Marketing: Then & Now It’s changed a lot in 10 years
  9. 9. Today’s Marketing Funnel Yesterday Today
  10. 10. How to Shorten the Time to Decision Funnel Methodology
  11. 11. The Role of Content Align the content you publish with your customers’ interests. Not just “What” you do, but “Why” Getting it right you earn permission to market to them and earn their business.
  12. 12. Magnetic Wrap Up • You don’t need to be a Rocket Surgeon, but common sense & a stepwise approach are good assets • You need the right tools for the job! • Content Assets • Marketing Automation • Digital Marketing Chops
  13. 13. Let’s go Funneling Top of Funnel: Interest/Awareness
  14. 14. Creating Interest & Awareness Content Starts this Party but Search is Invited! • Content • SEO • Paid Search • Landing Pages
  15. 15. Awareness Level Content How to reach today’s consumer Content (website pages, blog articles, social messages) optimized for search and social media. Understand what content pulls your buyers into the marketing funnel, and use that context to personalize. Marketing Funnel
  16. 16. SEO Where is the best place to hide a dead body?
  17. 17. SEO SEO focus has changed and continues to evolve. Companies need to constantly enhance their strategies to align with ever- updating algorithm updates.
  18. 18. Paid Search Search query/keyword • Choose keywords • Write ad copy • Set bids • Launch on Google • People search on your search terms • Interested users click your ad and visit client’s website
  19. 19. Paid Search Advanced Techniques • In-depth keyword strategy and process • Portfolio Bid strategy • Audience segmentation • RLSA’s (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) • Product Listings Ads • Ad extensions • Copy & Landing page testing • Search Funnel Attribution • Cross-Device Measurement
  20. 20. We have Contact! • Every Call To Action should call for a click leading to a landing page. • The landing page fulfills the offer where the prospect submits information prior to receiving any content.
  21. 21. Landing Pages Do’s and Don’ts Do • Gated giveaway • Checkboxes for services of interest • Singular purpose • Ad specific content • Include images that show or reflect offer Don’t • Free content • Sell • No ads • Big NoNo! One landing page for multiple ads • No text only.
  22. 22. Interest Wrap Up • Do the things that generate interest in your Brand, Product or Service. • Develop Campaign Brief with Strategy, Goals, Expected Outcomes & Reports before you begin!
  23. 23. Sure is Dark in Here Middle of the Funnel: Capture & Nurture
  24. 24. Consideration Level Content • Multiple Touch Points • Many Messages • Many Content Types • Many Wrong Ways So many touch points and messages can create a long decision cycle. More opportunities for a decision to be swayed.
  25. 25. So a visitor clicked your ad, filled out your landing page form and downloaded your content…but didn’t buy. What next? Marketing Automation Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.
  26. 26. Marketing Automation Email • Trigger based on action • Target based on stage of the funnel • Establish value through quality content • Build a relationship • Stay in front of prospects!
  27. 27. Marketing Automation Keep the Funnel Moving *Companies that invest in Marketing Automation see 70% faster cycle times!* *Bulldog Solutions To be successful, increase the value of each touch through the knowledge and consistency delivered by marketing automation. Once you’ve attracted the right visitors and captured the right leads, you need to transform those leads into customers with targeted, automated email nurturing and social media interaction.
  28. 28. Personalization Content informed by context and lifecycle stage makes it possible to deliver targeted and consistent messaging.
  29. 29. Landing Page Elements: Dynamic and Personalized Download the eBook Personalized Content “Trident changed my life.” J. Smith Progressive profiling
  30. 30. Me Buy! Convert
  31. 31. Decision Level Content Content at this stage provides instructions on how to move forward. Maybe? YES!
  32. 32. Offers Restate your Value. Remind of Benefits. Direct to CTA. • Schedule your appointment today. • Call now for your complimentary consultation! • Add to cart • Order now • Register!
  33. 33. Conversion Process Recap
  34. 34. You’re Not Done Deliver on your offer. If they convert or buy, email them a confirmation… Delight: Upsell & referrals Educate on how to use product
  35. 35. What Else You Got? Final Thoughts, Q & A plus Goodies
  36. 36. Funnelicious Offer Ideas! • Top of the Funnel (ToFu) Offer Examples • Email Newsletters • Checklists • Ebooks • Templates • Whitepapers • Middle of the Funnel (MoFu) Offer Examples • Webinars / Podcasts / Live Event • Case Studies • Free Trial or Product Demo • Assessments • Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu) Offer Examples • Free Trial or Demo • Audits or Assessments • Meeting or Consultation • Coupon or Limited Time Offer
  37. 37. Landing Pages Do’s and Don’ts Do • Gated giveaway • Checkboxes for services of interest • Singular purpose • Ad specific content • Include images that show or reflect offer Don’t • Free content • Sell • No ads • Big NoNo! One landing page for multiple ads • No text only.
  38. 38. When Should a Lead Go To Sales? Contacts In Nurturing Marketing Qualified Contacts* Sales Accepted Leads Opportunities / CRM Tracked Revenue Marketing Funnel Sales Funnel Integrate your CRM with Marketing Automation to know what prospects are most qualified. Sales must keep CRM data clean and up-to-date.
  39. 39. Final Thoughts Strategic – Above the Line Draft the Briefs Objectives Before Tactics Tie Marketing & Sales Together Leverage the Technology Be Not Afraid to Try Tactical – Below the Line Dashboards are King! Know thy Tools Tie Tech Together Manage to Goals Double-Sided Reporting
  40. 40. Yours to Keep Lead Nurturing Dashboard To claim, email MC@befoundonline.com and mention “Caddyshack”