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BatesHook - Social Marketing Integration

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BatesHook - Social Marketing Integration

  1. 1. Relationships, Connectedness and Opportunities Social Marketing in the new people-brand reality
  2. 2. 560 years ago…
  3. 3. … Gutenberg changed the world of communication…
  4. 4. … more than any of these revolutionaries. Combined.
  5. 5. It took 523 years…
  6. 6. … for this man…
  7. 7. … no, this man,...
  8. 8. … to change the world of communication again…
  9. 9. … repeating the same mistakes over and over again.
  10. 10. We tend to see new technologies…
  11. 11. … through the lens of the technologies we currently use.
  12. 12. The same happens in Social Marketing.
  13. 13. … over and over again.
  14. 14. Social Marketing is not about you.
  15. 15. It’s about connecting people.
  16. 16. It’s about bringing people together.
  17. 17. Social Marketing is like your phone
  18. 18. It connects you with peers.
  19. 19. At its core, the Internet is about connecting peers-to-peers.
  20. 20. Humans are super-social primates…
  21. 21. … explaining the steep adoption curve of Twitter and Facebook.
  22. 22. Interesting things start to happen when we are connected:
  23. 23. Emergence: unforeseen and (largely) unpredictable phenomena that arise from the interaction of agents within a system.
  24. 24. Connectedness generates these emergent trends in human populations:
  25. 25. 1. Connectedness encourages us to be less independent minded and to follow our peers instead.
  26. 26. Homo Mimicus: From as early as 42 minutes old, humans copy those they see around them and continue to use this learning strategy throughout their lives.
  27. 27. 2. Connectedness diminishes deference: when we can check other people’s opinions easily, we can sidestep what authorities and brands want to tell us (and want us to avoid knowing).
  28. 28. The more we experience the value of what our peers are doing and saying, the more we feel encouraged to look to each other rather than to business, brands, politicians and traditional authority figures.
  29. 29. 3. Connectedness changes power relationships between those in power and the rest of us.
  30. 30. Negative side effects: Objective facts no longer trump rumor and flim-flam, with the result that expertise loses value and respect.
  31. 31. 4. Connectedness can lead to volatility and sudden shifts in market popularity and opinion
  32. 32. A re-drawing of the geology of many markets and human behaviors: a much less solid foundation to start from; a much more difficult field to predict.
  33. 33. 5. Collaboration is now expected by communities and audiences; business and organizations who fail to respect this can struggle.
  34. 34. Let’s face it: connectedness is not a fad or trend; it’s here to stay.
  35. 36. A. Lock yourself behind facile brochures and happy corporate talk.
  36. 37. B. Join the conversation.
  37. 38. Actually, it’s not.
  38. 39. There’s no Social Marketing 101…
  39. 40. … just principles of social communication.
  40. 41. 10 Social Principles
  41. 42. 1. Focus less on purchase behavior, focus on social behaviors that sway purchase.
  42. 43. 2. There are no target audiences, no segments, no psychographics, no consumers, no users – just people.
  43. 44. 3. It’s not about technologies or platforms. Those change all the time. People stay the same. The behavior’s social. The outtake is esteem.
  44. 45. 4. Advertising is like fireworks: It burns brightly and dies quickly. Social Marketing is like building a bonfire: It takes commitment, time, effort, ingenuity and resources. And, it’s not about the bonfire; it’s about building it together.
  45. 46. 5. You can’t make friends and ask to borrow money in the same breath – you will fail at both. Relationships must come before sales.
  46. 47. 6. Marketing is something you do with, not to, people. Successful brands realize that being social isn’t about where, it’s about how. If you do it right, people become your marketing.
  47. 48. 7. Social Marketing earns, not buys attention. Have an opinion, be true to what you say, be of value, be open – above all be human.
  48. 49. 8. People are very forgiving if they feel they are being listened to. Social Marketing isn’t necessarily going to be the most beautiful element within a campaign, but it is going to be the one that people will feel the strongest bond with. 
  49. 50. 9. Change will never be that slow again. Follow the Darwin rule: "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change.”
  50. 51. 10. Measure and evaluate all your social marketing strategy and activities.
  51. 52. We believe that businesses need to create emotional loyalty amongst all stakeholders within an organization by moving from a transactional business model to a relationship model. We built our company around these beliefs and the three pillars of Human Business Design: Co-Creation, Collaboration, and Transparency. BatesHook is a firm where strategy, digital and social expertise, as well as advanced sales and marketing techniques flow directly into each other to solve business problems. Our services Sales Innovation Drive revenue with a value based sales system Social Marketing Integration Focus less on purchase behavior and more on social behaviors that sway purchase. Organizational Evolution Deliver real ROI by investing in new collaboration and co-creation strategies and systems. We’ve worked with organizations in varying stages of development across a wide spectrum of verticals including: Media & Publishing (Meredith, CNET, Tribune, Hearst) Marketing Services (Razorfish, Starcom, IPG, GroupM) Government agencies (City of Cleveland, City of New Orleans, County of Santa Clara, San Diego Housing Authority) Consumer Packaged Goods (Purina, Alpo, SC Johnson, ConAgra) Healthcare (Wellpoint) Automotive (Mercedes-Benz, Honda/Acura, VW) Food & Beverage (LA Bento) Financial Service (PNC, OLB, Bank of America) Software & IT (IBM, Microsoft, Adobe) Retail (Target, Best Buy) Hospitality (Hilton, Best Western)
  52. 53. Daniel Bates - President & Co-Founder “ Relationships are what drive us throughout the personal journeys in our lives. How do we lose sight of this fact when we put our business hats on? The time is now to rethink how we interact with our customers, peers, vendors, etc.” Uwe Hook - CEO & Co-Founder “ We have focused on the left brain for too long. Let’s merge the intellectual capacities of the left brain with the emotional capacities of the right brain to create a human communication model.’   Mark Frater - Partner “ Too often companies seek out new technologies to solve low tech problems. It’s not easy to see your own clutter. The first thing organizations should do is look at how things work, and simplify them.” Richard Behrens - Partner "Sales and marketing as we know it has undergone a significant change. Going about business in the same way and expecting different results is a disaster waiting to happen."   Bill Matthews - Partner “ The hyper-speed at which businesses must operate in today's digital environment has caused many organizations to lose sight of the fundamentals. Innovations in business communication and media platforms are great, but their success is ultimately driven by people -- it's own as well as those they serve.”
  53. 54. We want to change the way you work and live.