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I canada amcto notes nov 3 14

A talk given to an Open Data forum in Toronto. The emphasis is on Smart Communities and their need for Open Data.

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I canada amcto notes nov 3 14

  1. 1. i CANADA AMCTO Notes Nov 3 14 Smart Communities and the Strategic Use of Open Data
  2. 2. Two Levels of Open Data • Tactical: service delivery, cost savings – (UK) National Health Service started publishing all of its prescription data as open data –the name of the drug, the cost, the timing and the region of the country. And they identified a potential $322m saving by switching from one class drugs to another, or generics, with no clinical difference. – The public sees this kind of Open Data as very valuable, but I’m not sure they identify it as a class called “Open Data”…probably vague. • Strategic: positioning the City as a best-investment opportunity – This is what the Smart Community is most interested in. – Eg – real estate selection information for incoming investors: lease sites, rates, comparative tax in various regions…Viewpoint.ca – Executives are fully behind this. Obama issued an executive order that all federal data should be open and machine readable. What was the likelihood of seeing the words “machine readable” in an executive order from a President? – His CIO spoke at our conference and said that not moving to Open Data was “treason against the Republic”
  3. 3. Why a Smart Community? • Highest wages, best living standards, growth, education, sustainability. • Challenges of infrastructure deficit, falling competitiveness, falling broadband speed, aging population AND • The ONLY way to deal with today’s central trend – the move into cities – India: 30 people leave rural India for urban centres every minute; needs 500 new cities in next 2 decades – Globally, 1-million people move each week • Can’t handle inflow with traditional solutions – Not more roads, but smarter traffic • Rewards: – Join top 750 cities that will have two-thirds of global GDP by 2030
  4. 4. What is it about? A Smart/Intelligent Community’s Broad INNOVATION SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT ECONOMIC Goals
  5. 5. Some Specific Measures Innovation ENVIRONMENT • Stimulate New Technologies and Products • Demonstrate Acceptance of New Standards • Uptake of new measuring Services • District Energy Initiatives • Increased Construction Industry Engagement • New Community Social Services • Increased University Tech Transfer • Enhanced Digital Diversity • New Collaborative Learning • Increased Jobs in the Knowledge Sector • Growth of New Innovative Companies • Growth in Entrepreneurs • Growth of High Tech Companies • New Global Partners • New Foreign Direct Investment • Faster Company Formation and Growth • Successful Exit Financing • Global Partnering • National Network of Incubators ECONOMIC SOCIAL
  6. 6. What is a Smart Community? • A Smart Community -- large or small, rural or urban -- in one where a critical mass of citizens use applications and Information Technology to work towards common goals, such as business excellence, social cohesion and quality of learning, working, playing and living, so that all may enjoy the economic development, job growth and social prosperity • 10% technology, 90% social adoption and use
  7. 7. Canada: per capita world leader • Toronto, Calgary, Waterloo – Named as world’s “Most Intelligent Communities” • Ottawa, Fredericton, Winnipeg, Moncton, Sherbrooke, Kingston, Windsor… all in Top 21 • Now creating international success: Astana is a client; in less than a year has been named a Top21 • Alliances with U.K. for global marketing
  8. 8. It’s about alignment, not technology
  9. 9. From my point of view, the Best Use of Open Data for Smart Communities is to… • Bring together the community in a strategic way – Investment – Connections between social and business groups • Eg: (Lou) Open Data webinar with U.K. colleagues – Use of Open Data for investment attraction, job creation, health care, transportation • Innovative projects from leading cities • Real benefits • Examination of barriers, plans and actions
  10. 10. UK Open Data Webinar • Goal: Partner for the $1-trillion Smart Cities market • People - Lan Nguyen, Deputy CIO, Toronto: - commercialization - Tim Anderson, CAO, Waterloo: - government engagement - Allan Mayo, Smart Cities, London: - Transportation (investment) - Lola Fernandez-Redoondo, Greenwich: - Job creation