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Cata i canada ottawa lrt may 29 14

Autonomous Vehicles

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Cata i canada ottawa lrt may 29 14

  1. 1. The 1G-LRT P3 Plan GigabitFibre,LRT construction, PPPFunding “Gigabit Main Streets” CATA I CANADA Ottawa LRT May 29 14
  2. 2. Intelligent Communities: $1-Trillion Opportunity in The “Bits” Economy: Services
  3. 3. 1 Gigabit* is today’s target *
  4. 4. The PPP 1G Opportunity
  5. 5. Ottawa Can Be Here: Global Winners Taipei, Waterloo, Glasgow, Sunderland, Stockholm, Singapore, Tianjin, Seoul, Dundee, Gangnam, Vasteras … and Canada’s Top 7 Contenders: Kingston, Toronto, Winnipeg The Winning Characteristics : • Economic Growth/ New Jobs • Social Prosperity • Community Collaboration, • Digital Democracy, • Effective (Internal) Marketing, • Sustainability, •Open Access - Ultra Broadband Infrastructure
  6. 6. i-CANADA Accelerates Transformation 3 of 7 Top Cities are Canadian
  7. 7. • Mark Romoff, President and CEO, CCPPP: “an inspiration across Canada.” • $2.1 billion • Government of Canada: $600 million through Building Canada Fund. • City of Ottawa: up to $161.5 million of its federal Gas Tax Fund transfers; $287 million of provincial transfers • Ontario: up to $600 million. • Remaining funds will come from development charge revenues and transit reserves. • The 12.5-kilometre electric light rail system provides rapid transit between Blair Station in the east and Tunney’s Pasture in the west. It includes 13 stations and a 2.5-kilometre tunnel that will alleviate congestion through the downtown core.  1G-LRT P3 - In one of the conduits, run a fibre optic cable. Need advance customers, Business Plan.
  8. 8. Thank you. Let’s Get Started ……. Barry Gander Co-Founder, i-CANADA; i-ATLANTIC EVP, CATA bgander@cata.ca