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Financing the Europe of tomorrow

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Over the last years the political discussion on the finance sector has focused on one question: How to regulate the banking sector to achieve more financial stability?
As we all know, this discussion has led to a number of results. Although rule makers sometimes „cracked a walnut with a sledgehammer“ – basically they have drawn the right conclusions and have implemented them: higher capital requirements for banks
as well as stricter liquidity requirements (to unbundle the institutes) the banking union
greater transparency in financial markets to name only the most important ones.
However, now it is time to look ahead and move forward. Our efforts should not only focus on making the banking system as stable and safe as possible. What we need is the best possible banking system for Europe’s citizens and companies. In other words: Strong and profitable banks are indispensable – especially with regard to the many challenges Europe is facing today.

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Financing the Europe of tomorrow

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