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How to Sell your Home Yourself

BankForeclosuresSale.com, the nation’s foremost foreclosure listing specialists provide valuable advice on how to sell your own home.

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How to Sell your Home Yourself

  1. 1. How to Sellyour HomeYourselfIn the past, the realty industry encouraged the Contentsbelief that it is impossible to sell your home Introduction....…......….......…...............…1 First Impressions Count.........................2yourself. While this is no longer true thanks to De-Clutter Inside....................................2the power of the internet, it could be inadvisable Determine your price.............................2if a deal becomes unusually complex. If youhave a nice clean home though, are not in toomuch of a hurry and have nothing to hide either,then there is no reason why you could notconclude a sale yourself.
  2. 2. 2 First Impressions Count Have a good friend walk through your property while you take notes. Consider how your home presents from across the street, and also when in the front garden. If your neighbor’s front yard looks untidy why not put up a cheap fence. Instant lawn on your side and a path to the front door could complete the picture.De-Clutter InsideToo much furniture and too many pictures on the walls make a room look dark and pokey,which is the opposite impression to what you want. This is an excellent opportunity to turnunwanted goods into tax credits or even cash. If you cannot live without a pool table standingin the middle of the lounge, find somewhere else to store it while you sell. After that,redecorate inside where necessary, using light colored paint.Determine your PriceDo market research, but do not cheapen your home. Keep that bargaining chip in case youneed it later. Now that you are ready to sell your home, here is how to market it:☐ Take really compelling pictures that show it at its best.☐ List the sale on every notice board you can.☐ Tell everybody that you know.☐ Put a For Sale by Owner sign outside on the pavement.☐ List your home on a multi-listing service and every freeinternet site you can find.☐ Get the message out on twitter and facebook too.☐ Finally, be ready to move within a week and willing tonegotiate.
  3. 3. 3 It is possible to sell your own home in this modern electronic era, where information is easier to find and professionals have fewer secrets too. After you have sold and are looking for a new home to buy, go to BankForeclosuresSale.com, where you can find the nation’s largest list of foreclosed homes available on the internet.Bank Foreclosures Sale1800 Sans Souci blvd, 136North Miami, FL 331811-888 596 9279contact@bankforeclosuressale.comThe biggest foreclosures database onthe webFind us on the Web:www.bankforeclosuressale.com