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Shravanthi Oakridge 3BHK Apartments & 4BHK Apartments for sale inBanashankari, Bangalore

Pioneers in development and dedicated to deliver timeliness; Shravanthi Shelters promises to offer immaculate quality, superior design that is scrupulously crafted for a place to live in.
The group have successfully completed about 60 projects covering a constructed area of 2 million sq.ft in Bangalore. All the completed projects are located in prime residential locations in south and south western residential locations of Bangalore city with close proximity to IT Tech Parks and Educational Institutions. Shravanthi group has earned a brand name for its quality and affordability with the single motto of customer satisfaction among the locals of South Bangalore City.
Shravanthi Shelters technocrats and professionals with proven track records in diverse areas including structural engineering, planning, construction management etc. We are not just another construction company who build houses but design state-of-art living spaces. It has always been the joint effort of the entire organization that has enabled us to grow and deliver milestone projects in the Garden City, Bangalore. We at ShravanthiShelters, do not compromise on quality as we are bound to deliver some of the finest architectural beauties to enhance customer satisfaction.

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Shravanthi Oakridge 3BHK Apartments & 4BHK Apartments for sale inBanashankari, Bangalore

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