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If UX Fails, Everything Fails - Mitchell Davis BiblioLabs

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This talk was provided by Mitchell Davis of Bibliolabs during the 12th Annual BISG-NISO Changing Standards Landscape forum held at ALA in Washington DC on June 21, 2019.

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If UX Fails, Everything Fails - Mitchell Davis BiblioLabs

  1. 1. If UX fails, everything fails. All library materials need to feel like Open Access to end users, all the time.
  2. 2. Interoperability means moving from publishing to discovery to delivery - seamlessly
  3. 3. Public Library eBooks • National eBook Summit / Agenda • Big 5 Licensing Terms • Pay Per Use • DPLA / SimplyE Response: DPLA Exchange • Ownership / Interoperable eBooks • Simultaneous Use • Sustainable lending models matter • Support of library owned infrastructure • Rakuten-OverDrive Response
  4. 4. Higher Ed / Open Access • Interoperability should connect OA Publishing to discovery + delivery • …and analytics: interoperable usage data • Analytics is the currency of OA • Monographs: My experience with Open Research Library, Public Library usage of OA materials • ETD’s and Open Access: University of Florida Pilot • Journals and OA: Will Plan S or something like it actually happen? How do publishers manage in the meantime? • Posters, audio, data sets, things we have not thought of
  5. 5. Spirit of Open Access • What is motivating people? • It is easy to underestimate complexity in terms of open infrastructure / communities • Risk of analysis paralysis in large collaborations • Can the current players (large and small) various agendas “interoperate”? • How do we create a culture and institutional agreements that achieve trust and motivation toward a end user focused goal? (psst, it works for Amazon)
  6. 6. mitchell@bibliolabs.com Mitchell Davis