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Hiring Strategies In The Digital Age

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In today's digital age, finding the best employees for your small business can prove to be difficult. Check out the tips in this Balboa Capital infographic to learn how you can cut through the digital clutter when trying to recruit new staffers.

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Hiring Strategies In The Digital Age

  1. 1. HIRING EMPLOYEES IN THE DIGITAL AGE. Recruiting strategies for small businesses are changing. THE RECRUITING FUNNEL HAS EVOLVED. Recruiters employ many different tactics in today's digital world. SEEK Social networks, employment sites, and employee referrals help recruiters find prospects. IDENTIFY Prospect data, including resumes and social profiles, is reviewed and collected. ENGAGE Recruiters call prospects to "sell" the open positions and company's value proposition.� INTERVIEW In-person interviews are scheduled with the strongest candidates. HIRE The recruiting process is complete when a qualified candidate is hired. RECRUITING THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA. Here are the most widely used social networks among recruiters. 91%LinkedIn 56%Facebook 47%Twitter 41% Glassdoor 23% Google+ FACE-TO-FACE INTERVIEWS... ONLINE. 53%Of all employers conduct video interviews Video interviewing is becoming widely used. 3 in 4 Recruiters say it makes their jobs easier 90% Of recruiters say it saves their companies money 3 in 4 Recruiters say it reduces the time to fill positions 3 in 4 SMALL BUSINESSES ARE MISSING OUT ON THEIR BEST JOB CANDIDATES.� Candidates are not given an agenda prior to the interview taking place Common reasons why companies have trouble hiring. 40%Of companies take 3 days or longer to extend job offers to candidates 30%Of candidates are not given updates during the interview process 1 in 4Candidates say the person who interviewed them wasn't prepared 6 in 10Recruiters say there is a lack of qualified candidates CHALLENGES FACING MODERN RECRUITERS. Finding, attracting, and hiring top talent can be difficult. 50%Of recruiters say the job market is too competitive. 1 in 3 Recruiters say they need bigger budgets. WHAT DO EMPLOYEES REALLY WANT? Today's employees are mapping out their workplace preferences. 75% Want flexible work hours 81%Want state-of-the-art technology 86%Want good healthcare benefits 89%Want competitive compensation 72%Want a positive corporate culture 67%Want recognition and appreciation 58%Want employee perks at the office This infographic was created by Balboa Capital, a technology-driven financing company that provides business owners with fast, hassle-free solutions to fuel their growth and success. Sources: Officevibe, Glassdoor, Inc.com, Bloomberg, Spark Hire, Adobe, Namely.com www.balboacapital.com