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The CNRS Sound Archives provided to the European library through Europeana Sounds

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The archives recorded in the field and widely the sounds of scientific research are quite rare online. They raise multiple issues: ethical and legal issues, contextualization, links between archives and datas, various formats… Even their legitimacy is not always clear to everyone. Through the Europena Sounds project, four research teams from the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) have worked together around sound archives to build a new network of resources and skills for a better workflow : the Research Center for Ethnomusicology(CREM) ; the “Phonothèque” of the Mediterranean Social Science Center (MMSH), Aix-en-Provence ; the Phonobase of the HistoricalResearches Laboratory of Rhône-Alpes Region (LARHRA) ; the Center for Researches on Sound Spaces and Urban Environments (CRESSON).

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The CNRS Sound Archives provided to the European library through Europeana Sounds

  1. 1.   The                                  Sound  Archives     provided  to  the  European  library       through         By  :   IASA  2017  -­‐  BERLIN  
  2. 2. IASA  2017  -­‐  BERLIN   Traditional music, field and commercial recordings Oral Tradition, field recordings related to the mediterranean region Architectural and urban sonic environment Modern and contemporary history : arts, education, cultures, images, sounds
  3. 3.          Europeana  Sounds  project  (2014-­‐2017)     Project  granted  by  the  European  Commission     and  lead  by  the  Bri$sh  Library     24  partners:   -­‐  12  European  countries   -­‐  2  French  partners  :  CNRS  and  BnF     Achievements  :  520  000  recordings     available  online  in  September  2017     among  which  38  000  items     from  the  CNRS  
  4. 4. CNRS  Musée  de  l’Homme  Sound  Archives  (CREM)     An  intangible  historic  heritage  gathering  the  collects  of  explorers     and  researchers  during  the  XXth  Century                                 Musée  d’ethnographie,  ExposiVon  Universelle,  Paris,  1900   A.  Schaeffner,  Mission  Dakar  DjibouV,  1932   Mission  Ogooué-­‐Congo,  1946   G.Rouget,  Griots  Maures  tape,  1952   Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds  
  5. 5. CNRS  Musée  de  l’Homme  Sound  Archives  (CREM)       New  contents  from  early  collecVons:  Cylinder,  lacquer  disc                                   Africa  Vox,  1946-­‐1951   Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds   Mission Le Coeur, Tchad, 1946 Aures, 1936, Th. Rivière/ G. Tillon
  6. 6. CNRS  Musée  de  l’Homme  Sound  Archives  (CREM)       New  contents  from  early  collecVons                                 Europeana  page  with  CREM  item:  hcp://www.europeana.eu/portal/en/record/2059208/archives_items_51473_.html   Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds  
  7. 7. Virtual  exhibiVon  on  Europeana  (July  2017)  :   Mission  Ogooué-­‐Congo,  1946                                   Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds  
  8. 8. Virtual  exhibiVon:   Mission  Ogooué-­‐Congo,  1946                                   Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds  
  9. 9. Virtual  exhibiVon:   Mission  Ogooué-­‐Congo,  1946                                   Gilbert  Rouget,  101  years  old,  70  years  later     Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds  
  10. 10. The  Sound  Archives  of  the     MMSH  Phonothèque       •  A  research  and  teaching  campus  in  human  and   social  sciences,  specialized  with  the   mediterranean  region     •  Unpublished  recordings  dated  from  the  end  of   the  1950’s  to  nowadays  :  life  narraVves,  oral   history,  spoken  collecVve  accounts…               hcp://phonotheque.mmsh.huma-­‐num.fr   hcp://phonotheque.hypotheses.org   Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds   Photo: Marceau Gast, Hhaggar, 1952, MMSH, Europeana, CC-BY ND
  11. 11. The  Sound  Archives  of  the     MMSH  Phonothèque       •  More  than  7  000  hours  among  which  a  big  half  online  on  the  database     •  4  500  sound  recordings  aggregated  to  Europeana  in  accordance  with  ethical   and  juridical  quesVons     hcp://phonotheque.mmsh.huma-­‐num.fr   hcp://phonotheque.hypotheses.org   Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds  
  12. 12. The  Cresson  /  Sound  Archives   Ambiances  Architectures  Urbanités  :     Cressound                       Photo  prise  par  l’équipe  Esquis’sons  à  la  Caserne  de  Bonne,  Grenoble,  2014         Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds  
  13. 13. The  Center  for  Research  on  Sound  Spaces  and  Urban   Environments  CRESSON                                         Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds   Picture  from  the  research  campain  “Esquis’Sons”,  Caserne  de  Bonne,   Grenoble  (France),  2014   Cresson’  researchers   recorded  and  analysed   everyday  sounds  :  from  the   scale  of  architectural   device,  housing,  district,  to   the  scale  of  city  sound   idenCty.    
  14. 14. The  Center  for  Research  on  Sound  Spaces  and  Urban   Environments  CRESSON                                         Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds   VisualizaVon  of  a  recording  in  Cartophonies.fr   In  Cartophonies   recordings  are  enriched   with  metadatas  such  as   illustraCons,  photos,   cross  secCons.  
  15. 15. The  Center  for  Research  on  Sound  Spaces  and  Urban   Environments  CRESSON                                         Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds   VisualizaVon  of  a  recordings  in  Europeana  Sounds     Reusable  data  under     CreaCve  Commons       Cresson  sound  archives   represents  20%  of     “Environment  sound   recordings”  on   Europeana  Sounds    
  16. 16.                                       Cresson  data  on  Europeana   hcp://www.europeana.eu/portal/fr/search?f%5BDATA_PROVIDER%5D%5B%5D=CNRS-­‐CRESSON&q=what%3A%22Enregistrements+sonores+de+l%27environnement %22&view=grid  
  17. 17. Phonobase  :  Early  Gramophone  Records   and  Phonograph  Cylinders  On-­‐line  Database     WWW.PHONOBASE.ORG  -­‐  LARHRA  -­‐  CNRS  UMR  5190   Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds  
  18. 18. WWW.  PHONOBASE.ORG  -­‐  LARHRA  -­‐  CNRS  UMR  5190   Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds   50 million cylinders produced for the French market between 1893 and 1914. Specific cylinders were still in use much later during the XXth century in many countries. The Archeophone phonograph in 2002
  19. 19. Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds   WWW.  PHONOBASE.ORG  -­‐  LARHRA  -­‐  CNRS  UMR  5190  
  20. 20. Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds   WWW.  PHONOBASE.ORG  -­‐  LARHRA  -­‐  CNRS  UMR  5190  
  21. 21. Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds   WWW.  PHONOBASE.ORG  -­‐  LARHRA  -­‐  CNRS  UMR  5190  
  22. 22. Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds   WWW.  PHONOBASE.ORG  -­‐  LARHRA  -­‐  CNRS  UMR  5190  
  23. 23. Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds   WWW.  PHONOBASE.ORG  -­‐  LARHRA  -­‐  CNRS  UMR  5190  
  24. 24. Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds   WWW.  PHONOBASE.ORG  -­‐  LARHRA  -­‐  CNRS  UMR  5190  
  25. 25. Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds   WWW.  PHONOBASE.ORG  -­‐  LARHRA  -­‐  CNRS  UMR  5190  
  26. 26. Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds   WWW.  PHONOBASE.ORG  -­‐  LARHRA  -­‐  CNRS  UMR  5190   The Phonobase in Europeana Radio
  27. 27. hIp://www.europeanasounds.eu     Europeana  Sounds  :  new  skills     ●  A  network  of  expert  partners  specialized  in  audio  archive   ●  European  project  management   ●  Legal  and  ethical  issues   ●  MulVlingualism   ●  Interoperability  and  aggregaVon   ○  A  shared  metadata  model  :  EDMS   (Europeana  Data  Model  Profile  for  Sound)  :   hcp://pro.europeana.eu/files/Europeana_Professional/EuropeanaTech/EuropeanaTech_taskforces/ EDMSound//TF_Report_EDM_Profile_Sound_301214.pdf       ○  A  shared  vocabulary  (MIMO)     ●  InnovaVve  and  collaboraVve  tools   ○   new  tools  to  share  :  MINT,  Pundit,  CulturLink,  WITH    
  28. 28.   Crowdsourcing   Enrichment  &  par$cipa$on           WITH: a collaborative platform for IndexaVon  in  Europeana  Sounds  Space  with  an  alignment  tool  Pundit to  be  linked  to  a   mulVlingual  thesaurus  of  musical  instruments  MIMO     Treasures  emerged  from  the  CNRS  collecVons  thanks  to  Europeana  Sounds  
  29. 29.   Social  network,  social  events,  blog  posts             hcp://pro.europeana.eu/blogpost
  30. 30.   Organizing  collaboraVve  events       October  2015   Ø  Wikipedia  enrichment  :  edit-­‐a-­‐thon  with  Wikimedia  France  about  Migrants   storytelling     June-­‐july  2016  :  #CrowdsourcingMonth   Crowdsourcing  campaign  using  WITH,  a  collaboraVve  tool   Ø  Musical  instruments  indexaVon  with  MIMO   Ø  2.581  indexaVon  during  1  month     October  2016  :  tagathon  avec  HistoryPin   Enrichment  and  geo-­‐tagging  of  historical  archives  on  Google  Maps    
  31. 31. Music  Channel  :  CuraVon  by  the  CNRS   December 2016 to January 2017
  32. 32. Thank you !