A Small Number of Pluses and Minuses of the Fishin' Buddy Depth Finders

  1. Do you wish a low expense Hummingbird fish finder? Typically, the fish finders that aren't actually expensive don't have also quite a few options, but you can find some models that could be fairly trustworthy with regards to acquiring fish. For instance, the Hummingbird fish finders from the Fishin' Buddy series can be categorized this way.
  2. So, if you would like a fish finder with fundamental alternatives, with less selections, focused only on tracking fish, measuring depth and temperature, a Fishin' Buddy could be a viable choice. Consequently, in this report I'm going to concentrate a little on the positive aspects and disadvantages in the Hummingbird fish finders from the Fishin' Buddy series
  3. Fishin' Buddy Depth Finders - Pros
  4. 1. They are low cost. Probably the most expensive Fishin' Buddy goes as much as about $260, and only mainly because it features a color LCD screen. But in my opinion, you do not actually need to have a color screen on a small fish locating unit like this, so it will be a bit of a spend to go for the 140c product. If you're going for a Fishin' Buddy, I'd advocate the 120 or 110 models, which price about $135 or so.
  5. 2. You do not have to mount the transducer. Any Hummingbird fish finder, or need to I say, any kind of fish finder comes having a transducer that has to be attached in a way or a different for the hull of the boat. A Fishin' Buddy has its transducer at the finish of a plastic pole. All you have to do is attach the fish finder to the side of one's boat, putting the transducer in the water and you'll be prepared to track fish.
  6. 3. Fishin' Buddy fish finders have side scan. Nicely, only the two superior models, the 120 and 140c. This feature enables you to scan for fish beneath the water surface, inside a cone having a moderate radius.
  7. 4. All work with AA batteries. Along with a complete set of AA batteries really should last for 30 hours.
  8. Fishin' Buddy Depth Finders - Minuses
  9. 1. The plastic pole where the transducer is attached is just not that long, as well as the transducer has to be submerged. So, if you are fishing from a boat having a greater hull, probabilities are you currently will not be capable of use your fish finder mainly because the plastic pole using the transducer is too brief. It is essential for you personally to know that this series of fish finders is created for little boats, or even float tubes.
  10. 2. Salt water corrodes them, so maintain them dry.
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