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BUSY consolidates Business Operations at National Book Trust

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BUSY proves to be a backbone of accounting & inventory operations at the apex body in Indian publishing industry, The NBT.

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BUSY consolidates Business Operations at National Book Trust

  1. 1. BUSY consolidates Business Operations at National Book Trust BUSY proves to be a backbone of accounting & inventory operations at the apex body in Indian publishing industry, The NBT. About NBT The National Book Trust, India, is an apex body established by the Government of India (Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development) in the year 1957 to develop reading habits and creation of book culture in the country. To achieve its objectives, Trust is publishing good quality books at reasonable price, organizing Book Fairs and Exhibitions in all parts of the country to provide an opportunity for interaction among authors, publishers, librarians and book lovers.
  2. 2. The Business Process @ NBT Material receipt, invoice Distributors Head Office Sales Order Stock transfer Regional Office Supplier Sales Order Material challan & invoicing Material Requisition Stock transfer Stock transfer Exhibitions Royalty Regional Retail Stores Royalty Sales Author Retail Customers Royalty Sales Retail Customers A schematic to show the backend operations @ NBT. The company makes its purchases from publishers (also has its publications) and receives material along with the invoice. It provides the required material to it’s regional offices, which in turn meet the demand of regional distributors or NBT’s regional retail stores. Regional offices also transfer their stock to exhibitions being organized by them. The royalty is transferred to authors of the books on each sale transaction.
  3. 3. What was the problem? No Mapping of challans to Invoices. NBT incurred losses due to no linking of challans with invoices, and manual maintenance of challans. These pending challans resulted in revenue spillage. After receipt of material. There was no proactive information of stock position at any store. No mechanism was in place to know current valuation of stock on basis of series, year of publication, language or MRP. Consolidated reports were required from branch offices on the basis of transaction, stock, payables, debtors. Automatic calculation of royalty was desired. No tracking of revenue, inventory in frequent exhibitions conducted by NBT.
  4. 4. The Solution All challans and corresponding invoices were generated in BUSY simultaneously to map pending challans to invoices. Proper records were maintained in BUSY to prevent spillage. This resulted in an increase in revenue for NBT. Stocking was done based on parameters like Book series, year of Automatic royalty payable report was publication & language. MRP was generated after a sale by tagging authors to books at a pre-defined percentage by implementing royalty module in BUSY. Customized reports were also generated. linked with every book to know stock valuation at any stage & at any branch. Inventory reports on the basis of predecided parameters could also be generated and exchanged between Head offices and branch offices using HO/BO module of BUSY Head Office Stock Transfer, Inventory Master (NBT) Regional Office Sales Data Stock Transfer, Inventory Master Stores Sales Data & Reports in XML format NBT has presence in North, East, West & South India through its regional offices in key cities. Each of these regional offices transfer stock on demand basis to distributors or multiple direct retail stores (S1…Sn) under them. The entire NBT office structure was mapped in BUSY. Multi-branch module was implemented. Stores could send sales & payable reports in xml format to regional office at a click of a button and regional office could share consolidated reports generated in BUSY with the head office.
  5. 5. Client Speak “We have been using Busy for accounting, billing and warehouse management purpose for several years. The software works smoothly. The tech support from Busy Infotech has also been excellent. Installation of Busy has significantly reduced the amount of time and human efforts required to do day to day office tasks. We are using Busy in our headquarters in New Delhi and also in our four regional offices located in north, south, east and western parts of India. Busy installations in all these locations are interconnected. Therefore, we are able to harness the enterprise level capabilities of Busy. We wish Busy Infotech all the best and we look forward to have more excellent software from the company.” -Pradip Chhabra,Deputy Director,NBT For further queries, you can write to us : support@busy.in Or call us @ +91-011-27372704/05 www.busy.in