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#BTO2011 - B[R]IC - Manish Kalra

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BTO - Buy Tourism Online 2011
Stazione Leopolda, a Firenze
1° e 2 Dicembre 2011

Manish Kalra [India]
Marketing Head MakeMyTrip.com

Stazione Leopolda
1° Dicembre 2011, Day ONE
Main Hall, i paesi B[R]IC
16.20 - 17.30

Il panel con la discussione sui paesi B[R]IC sarà introdotto da una ricerca commissionata da BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2011 a Pragma Market Research Company e a Episteme, il primo un istituto di ricerca tra i più attenti alle tendenze che ruotano attorno al viaggio, il secondo, diretto da Monica Fabris, ha elaborato i dati per proporli al pubblico “vestiti”, in modo da offrirci una chiave di lettura dinamica su quali potranno essere le prospettive future.

La ricerca ha come tema lo stile dei viaggiatori dei paesi B[R]IC, Brasile, Cina e India, a seguire un dibattito.


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#BTO2011 - B[R]IC - Manish Kalra

  1. 1. Scoring on Indian Soil
  2. 2. Discussion Flow  Field Report: India’s Economic & Travel Potential  Team Formation: MakeMyTrip.com  Penalty Shootout: The Indian Traveler – From MakeMyTrip’s Lens  The Winning Team: MakeMyTrip & Tsucany
  3. 3. Field ReportA Decade of Phenomenal growth
  4. 4. In 2000, there were 5.5Million internet users amongst a population of 1Billion depicting a penetration of 0.5% Almost 4 in 10 didn’t know how/have interest in using PCs or Internet By 2010, internet users increased to 100Million among the population of 1.18Billion with a penetration of 8.5%Source: Internet world stats, PW Report 2008Link: http://www.internetworldstats.com/asia/in.htm
  5. 5. India: 3rd Largest Internet Population & Low Internet Penetration India: Low Internet Penetration India: Rapid Growth in Internet Users Million Users80% 78.2% 77.3% 120 100 10060% 58.4% 81 80 6240% 60 36.2% 31.6% 42 4020% 20 8.5% 0 0% 2007 2008 2009 2010 Japan USA Europe Brazil China India Source: Internet World Stats India has the 3rd largest number of Internet users in the world, after China and United States; expected to take over US in 4 years at current growth rate
  6. 6. Number of mobile phone subscribers in 2000: 0.077 mn Number of mobile connections by 2010 were more than: 660 mnSource: Indian Business.nic, TRAI Report 09-10Link: http://www.watblog.com/statistics-internet-and-mobile/; http://indiabusiness.asia/gartner-sees-mobile-users-at-993-mn-in-2014/
  7. 7. In 2000, outbound tourists mn amounted to: 4.42 Outbound tourist traffic grew at 12.79% per India has one of the fastest growing outbound travel markets in the world; year spanningPacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) according to the a 5-year period 2007-2011 In 2010, outbound tourists amounted to: 12.61 mnSource: ITOPC.org, EuroMonitor Report 2010Link: http://www.itopc.org/travel-requisite/outbound-tourism-statistics.html, http://www.asiatraveltips.com/news06/103-Reports.shtml
  8. 8. Estimations and Expectations For the Future In 2014 outbound traveler traffic would be: 18.2mn Internet users would be about 237 mn Aviation Industry will handle around 280 mn passengers by 2020 India’s mobile subscriber base should grow to 993 mn by 2014 By 2014, India is targeting 160 mn broadband connections, out of which 60 million would come from wireless ...a 13 fold increase from now Growth is strong and will continue... Source: DNA India / Gartner/ Economic Times/Ministry of Railways/, Frost & Sullivan/EuroMonitor Report 2010 Link: http://www.dnaindia.com/money/report_trai-broadband-plan-targets-75-million-users-by-2012_1478715 http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2010-09-02/news/27624281_1_internet-users-brici-digital-consumers- brici-countries, http://business.mapsofindia.com/aviation/
  9. 9. Sharp Growth in Travel, A Rapid Shift To Online Online Travel Segment Growing at 2.2x of Total Travel Market Source: PhoCusWright, 2010
  10. 10. Travel Leading the E-Commerce Usage Primarily driven by online travel industry, contributing 76% to total net commerce industry Source: IAMAIMore than 3/4 of India’s total online population uses the internet to search shop and buy their travel (Src: IAMAI)
  11. 11. Team Formation
  12. 12. MakeMyTrip.com: Dominates India’s Fast Growing Online Travel Market (1)  48% Market Share of Indian OTA (PW 2010)  Strong Brand: 4th largest OTA in terms of market capitalization (MMYT:: Nasdaq) in the world  Only online travel brand selected as Superbrand in India for 2009–2010  Most visited OTA website & the largest e-commerce company in India with over 5 million MUVs (Source : May 2011 ComScore)  Direct online traffic amounting to 50%+ Mix
  13. 13. MakeMyTrip.com: Dominates India’s Fast Growing Online Travel Market (2)  Undisputed Online Travel Market Leader  Largest seller of air tickets with 11.5% of all domestic Others passengers flown in June 2011 (Source : dgca.nic.in) 10%  Gross Booking of $742 Million and a YoY transaction growth Cleartrip of 76% in FY2011 18% 48%  Superior User Experience Yatra 24%  User-friendly interface  Simple booking process, fast response time  User generated reviews and content Source: PhoCusWright, 2011 One out of almost every 8th passenger flying in India is a MMT customer Src: Euro Monitor 2010
  14. 14. Continued Focus on Innovation Product Innovation New, focused Package launches:  Launching of new, unexplored destinations  Leh, Ladakh  Bhutan  Maldives  Andaman Flight Plus Hotels Tab  MMT Charter Flights  Not offered by any other competitor  Both Domestic + International destinations covered viz. Andaman, Ladakh, Bhutan, Thailand, Maldives, Phuket Attractive Round Trip Option  Charters running in full capacity  Multiple Channels Expanding Reach  Mobile Platform+ Website+ 31 Retail Stores+ 1000 people Call Centers+ 6000 B2B Agents
  15. 15. Marketing  Controlling cost per transaction and building the brand  Co-marketing initiatives with tourism boards:  Extending relationships with Tourism Boards – 15 so far  Not only covering popular destinations but offbeat, unique destinations as well like Tuscany, Turkey, Spain, Germany  Designing comprehensive 360 degree online and offline initiatives to promote the destinations  Marketing innovation:  Optimum & effective use of online as well as offline initiatives  Loyalty program launched for its premium customers  Privilege program launched to aid better conversion and sales  The mantra going forward – Get Better Bang for Every Buck!
  16. 16. Content Not just how much… …but the focus is on how usable is the content
  17. 17. Penalty Shootout
  18. 18. The Indian Traveller Indians loveto try out Indians are fond of new cuisines andtravelling. Even in times of flavours, once they stepglobal recession, two things did out of home. But at the end not seem to be affected - theIndian buying jewellery and the of the day they love Indian travelling abroad. their Indian Food. What attracts Indians is a great deal; they come Indians always plan at the with deep but prudent last minute! If a trip ispockets . If the destination is planned in advance, there a shopping paradise, it is an will surely be changes last added attraction. minute.
  19. 19. 40% Indians Induced by Promotions to Take Impulse Holiday Cheap Fares by LCC Cheap Fares by National Carrier Airline 44% 46% Yes No Don’t Know/ Last Minute Availability*Special Off-Season Hotel Rate Refused 43% Hotel 37% * at desired hotel Destination like Hongkong, Thailand, kenya and where getting visas and Src: PhocusWright, 2008 visa on arrival are possible are the hottest places for Indians right now as they can be booked in impulse
  20. 20. Outbound Travel Is Aspirational New destinations picking up: Europe, UAE and other Middle Eastern countries, Egypt, Australia and Indonesia Families continue to lead: Accounting for nearly 32% of outbound journeys for leisure in 2009 Honeymooners: One of the fastest growing segments of outbound leisure tourism Group Travel: Very Popular for first time traveler; particularly in Gujarat, WB, and TN Indian travelers are now the sixth largest spenders on hotels abroad, ahead of travelers from countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and even Singapore. (Source: Hotel Price Index by Hotels.com, the world’s leading hotel booking website) Src: Euro Monitor 2010
  21. 21. The Bicycle Kick
  22. 22. Penetrating the Indian Market…Designing Comprehensive Services and Relevant Product OfferingContinued Focus on InnovationCreate a Strong Travel Industry PartnerHigh Impact Marketing InitiativesFocused Strategies to Drive Continued Growth
  23. 23. How to Win Over Indians! Value for money accommodation Late evening dinners Vegetarian food Sight seeing options Anything to do with CRICKET Last but not the least…what gets featured in BOLLYWOOD…
  24. 24. Winning Partnership with MakeMyTrip Joint Partnership with MMT in building brand Italy  Creating partnerships to market Italy .. its more than Rome! Best way to reach Indians  Optimized Mix of Targeted Online and TV campaign with a clear call to action and offers  Utilize MakeMyTrip Expertise and understanding of Indian Consumer and media, and run a Joint campaign  Design products around ‘last minute’ and supply chain management Support with Offline activations for brand Italy and Engage customers online
  25. 25. A 360 Degree Approach Print Advertisement in Leading Publications CRM:  Promotional offers on matrimonial sites, alliance partner sites  Exclusive Promotional Offers to MMT database  Promotional Offers on Leading Deal Sites Online Marketing:  Display Advertising Campaign  Search Engine Marketing  Social Media Marketing Direct Marketing: Emailer, SMS Campaigns In Store Promotions, Mall Activations, RWA activations Familiarization tours for press and influencers Joint road shows in India in tier 1,2 and 3 cities