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BTO 2015 - Until it sleeps - Ecaterina Paun

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BTO 2015 Side ONE | Mercoledì 2 dicembre
#2 Focus Hall
Until it sleeps. The Room Gap. Ancillary Services
11.30 : 12.15

Keynote Speaker
Ecaterina Paun – Head of User Experience for protel hotelsoftware

Veröffentlicht in: Marketing
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BTO 2015 - Until it sleeps - Ecaterina Paun

  1. 1. Until it sleeps 1   Ecaterina Paun protel hotelsoftware GmbH Head of User Experience #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  2. 2. 2   #1 #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  3. 3. You labelled me 3   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  4. 4. 4   Small  or  Big   Individual  or  Group     Family    or  Business     Spa  or  Sport  or  City  or  …   Hotel  or  Hostel  or  Villa  or  ...   .de  or  .uk  or  .it  or  …     Hotels are different #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  5. 5. …but they all want More  revenue     Less  commissions   More  data   5   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  6. 6. 6   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   #2
  7. 7. I'll label you 7   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  8. 8. 8   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Travelers are different Single  or  Family   Business  or  Leisure   Relaxed  or  AcSve   Young  or  Mature  or  Senior   UK  or  RU  or  US  or  …   =  different  preferences    
  9. 9. …but they all want   9   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  10. 10. 10   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   #3
  11. 11. So I dub thee unforgiven 11   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  12. 12. Booking  is  geZng  considerably  more  complex   And  more  expensive   Data  in  the  travel  industry  is  exploding.     The  way  that  users  are  engaging  with  the  Internet  changing     We  are  moving  from  a  single  device  pull  world  to  a   mulS-­‐device  push  world       12   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Technologically speaking
  13. 13. 13   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  14. 14. 14   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   for  Forbes,  Steve  Peterson,  IBM  Ins8tute  for  Business  Value     “…  but  most  of  the  Sme  I  prefer  my  travel   experience  the  way  I  like  my  morning  coffee:   consistent,  effortless,  and  predictable  ”   Psychologically speaking “95%  of  Guests  believe  hotels  will  look  to  new   tech  to  really  personalize  customer  experience”   #IHTF2015,  Jeremy  Ward,  Chief  Opera8ng  Officer,  iRiS  SoNware  Systems  Ltd  
  15. 15. 15   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Marc  Rosenberg,  president  STRATACONNEX   “In  airlines,  I  charge  a  low  price  and  then  charge   up.  In  hotels,  I  pay  the  lowest  price  and  get   everything.  Where’s  the  logic  in  that?  ”   Logically speaking
  16. 16. 16   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Bonnie  Buckhiester,  president  and  CEO  of  Buckhiester  Management,   “We  have  to  move  away  from  the  room-­‐centric   approach  …     It’s  not  all  about  rooms.  ”   Economcally speaking “The  industry  is  moving  from  a  focus  on  RevPAR   to  profitability  metrics.”   Sanjay  Nagalia,  co-­‐founder  IDeaS   “Instead  of  opSmizing  for  revenue,  a  hotel  needs   to  opSmize  for  profit”   Amar  Duggasani,  Chief  strategy  officer,  Rainmaker  
  17. 17. 17   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   2015
  18. 18. 18   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Sebas8en  Gibergues,  Head  of  leisure  online  and  travel,  Amadeus  IT  Group   “Merchandising  in  the  travel  industry  is  fast  becoming   a  mandate  for  all  players  in  the  supply  chain.  Airlines   are  implemenSng,  online  travel  agencies  (OTAs)  are   adopSng  and  travelers  are  benefiSng.   By  all  measures,  you  could  call  2015  the  year  of   adopSon  for  merchandising.”   2015 the year of adoption for merchandising
  19. 19. beware, there’s things inside without a care 19   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  20. 20. 20   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Ancillaries
  21. 21. Exit:  night     Enter:  light   Take  my  hand   We're  off  to  never  never  land   21   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  22. 22. 1.  New  &  old  ancillary  revenue  on  hotels’  doorsteps   2.  AdopSon   3.  AnalyScs   4.  Best  pracSces   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  22   >  
  23. 23. Food  and  beverage   Room  services     Room  upgrades   Spa  &  Beauty   Sports  and  health  faciliSes   Retail   Tours,  experiences  and  packages   TransportaSon  services   MeeSngs,  IncenSves,  Conferencing,  and  ExhibiSons  (MICE)   Custom,  hotel-­‐by-­‐hotel  services  &  experiences     23   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   New & old ancillary revenue on hotels’doorsteps
  24. 24. Food  and  beverage   RomanSc  dinner/lunch   Breakfast/Coffee/Aqernoon  tea/Cocktail  not  included  into  the  room  price   Midnight  snack   All-­‐inclusive,  demi-­‐pension   Self-­‐service  bars  and  vending  machines     Room  services   In-­‐room  borle  of  wine/alcoholic  drinks/basket  of  fruits/etc,   WiFi   In-­‐room  entertainment   Laundry  and  same-­‐day  dry  cleaning  services   Upgraded  beauty  products  such  as  name-­‐brand  shampoo,  condiSoner,   oils  and  cleansers;   Affordable  Minibars       24   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Ancillary services & products
  25. 25. Room  upgrades     Spa&  Beauty   Spa  treatments,     Massages  and  facials;   Hair  /beard/nails  salon   Sports  and  health  faciliSes   Golf,  Fitness   Sport  equipment/faciliSes  (ski  equipment,  ski  passes,  tennis  rentals,   bikes,  Segway,  etc)   Personal  trainers     Retail   25   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Ancillary services & products
  26. 26. Tours,  experiences  and  packages   Guided  tours  &  acSviSes   Event  Sckets     TransportaSon  services   Car  rentals   Pick-­‐up  service   Parking     MeeSngs,  IncenSves,  Conferencing,  and  ExhibiSons  (MICE)   26   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Ancillary services & products
  27. 27. Hotel  in  Ljubljana:     Personal  shopper     Shopping  adviser   1-­‐day  shopping  experience:  personal  shopper,  car  &  driver  &  …     Sea-­‐side  /Beach   Instant  photo   Sand  &  water  equipment  for  children     Baby  &  Child  care     27   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Ancillary services by hotel <  
  28. 28. 28   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Adoption
  29. 29. Good  day  to  be  alive  sir   29   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  30. 30.     30   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Detour: Airline Ancillary Revenue 2015,  SkiN  /  IdeaWorks  Company  
  31. 31. 31   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Detour: Airline Ancillary Revenue Ancillary  revenue  :  34.9%  of    total  revenue   Ancillary  revenue  /  passenger  USD33.41   Luggage  (hand  luggage,  too)   Seats   Priority  boarding   Food  &  Beverages   Desk  check-­‐in   Flex   Transport   Merchandiser       Wizz  Discount  Club  (2  /5)   Wizz  Privilege  Pass      
  32. 32. Give me fuel Give me fire Give me that which I desire 32   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  33. 33. #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  33   2013,  SkiN  /  Monetate  
  34. 34. #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  34   2013,  SkiN  /  Monetate  
  35. 35. Segmentation 10%  -­‐  20%  of  travelers  are  not  at  all  interested  in  purchasing  ancillary   products   83%  of  millennials  value  personalizaSon   For  85%  of  travelers  a  customized  iSnerary  is  far  more  appealing  than  a   pre-­‐packaged  one   Luxury  travelers  make  up  to  18  purchases  prior  to  a  trip  at  an   average  spend  per  purchase  of  $184.55     95%  of  guests  believe  hotels  will  look  to  new  tech  to  really  personalize   customer  experience       #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  35  
  36. 36. And  it  feels  right  this  Sme   36   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  37. 37. 37   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   OTAs
  38. 38. Turn  around,  found  new  high  lights   38   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  39. 39. Trends in hotel ancillary revenue %  of  hotels  that  make  up  to  10%  of  revenue  derived  from  ancillaries?   40%         %  of  hotels  that  make  up  to  25%  of  revenue  derived  from  ancillaries?   65%   ?  EURO  /bed  in  ancillary  revenue  is  earned  by  an  average  establishment   200  Euro     39   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  40. 40. Trends in hotel ancillary revenue       #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  40   6%   15%   19%   25%   29%   6%   %  of  total  revenue  is  derived   from  ancillaries   0-­‐2%   2-­‐5%   5-­‐10%   10-­‐25%   25-­‐50%   50%  +  
  41. 41. Trends in hotel ancillary revenue %  of  revenue  managers  looking  to  invest  into  ancillaries  during  2015:   57%  +   %  of  revenue  managers  not  interested  to  invest  into  ancillaries  during   2015:   12%  +           41   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  42. 42. Trends in hotel ancillary revenue       #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  42   2%   11%   30%   41%   16%   “We  will  increase  our  investment  into   ancillaries  in  the  next  12  months.”   Disagree  strongly   Disagree   Neither  agree  nor  disagree   Agree   Strongly  agree  
  43. 43. Trends in hotel ancillary revenue %  of  revenue  from  bed  sales?   78%     %  of  revenue  from  food  and  beverage?   16%         %  of  revenue  from  remaining  ancillaries?   6%       43   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  44. 44. Trends in hotel ancillary revenue       #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  44   78%   16%   6%   Sources  of    revenue  /average   establishment   Bed   Food  &  Beverages   Other  
  45. 45. #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  45   Careful what you wish Careful what you say Careful what you wish, you just might get it
  46. 46. When to sell ancillaries? 46   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  47. 47. When to sell ancillaries? 47   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   <  
  48. 48. 48   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Analytics
  49. 49. #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  49   I'm your truth, telling lies I'm your reasoned alibis I'm inside open your eyes Sad but true
  50. 50. #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  50   Customer  &   revenue   analyScs   Guest  profile   data   Guest’s   preferences   Loyalty   membership   ReservaSons  
  51. 51. Data Monitoring  ancillary  parerns   Does  your  the  PMS/RMS  track  ancillary  services/products?   Do  you  collect  data  related  to  ancillary  spend?   What  kind  of  product  is  being  consumed   The  way  it  is  being  consumed   Frequency,  pace,  price   Staffing   Are  you  able  to  provide  the  services  pushed  through  sales?   MarkeSng   AdverSsement   IncenSves   Metrics   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  51  
  52. 52. & Learning We  need  the  data  to  make  decisions     Innovate  in  collecSng  the  data   Consider  progressive  data  gathering   Data  from  loyalty  program  memberships   Provide  guests  with  bonus  points   OpSmizaSon  on  ancillary  offers  is  not  automated  (yet)     Start  with  fixed  prices   A/B  tesSng     Consider  ancillary  sales  as  entry  point  for  selling  the  room?     #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  52   <  
  53. 53. 53   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Best practices
  54. 54. #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  54   Speak the words I want to hear, to make my demons run
  55. 55. Maximizing revenue from ancillary services Sell  ancillaries  on  direct  booking   Creates  a  personalized  shopping  experience     OpSmize  ancillary  sales  to  reclaim  traffic  from  OTAs   Use  data  generated  by  booking  with  an  OTA  to  cross-­‐sell  ancillaries  (email,   phone)   Use  data  gathered  aqer  1st  stay  (OTA-­‐driven)  to  create  brand  loyalty   Use  mobile  friendly  websites   Avoid  price  manipulaSon  based  on  device/screen  detecSon   Train  staff  accordingly       Use  social  media  to  distribute  last-­‐minute  ancillary  offers     Beware  of  overcharging  for  essenSal  items  –  like  WiFi  and  minibars   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  55  
  56. 56. Maximizing food and beverage revenue Correlate  restaurants  &  bars  prices  with  rooms  prices   Be  consistent:  quality  of  services  =  rooms  quality   Theme  hotel?     OpSmize  menus:  high-­‐season  prices  vs  low-­‐season  prices   Know  your  local  market   Affordable  minibars   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  56  
  57. 57. Maximizing spa revenue Luxury   Do  not  offer  discounts  (not  even  in  low-­‐seasons)  ?   Increase  price  in  high-­‐season       Dynamic  pricing  –  the  treatments  with  the  highest  profit  margins  are   being  offered  during  peak  hours   Consider  in-­‐room  treatments  for  low  profit  margins  treatments  to  keep   your  treatment  rooms  free  for  high-­‐profit  treatments     #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  57  
  58. 58. Maximizing event revenue Know  your  Revenue  Per  Available  Square  Foot  ?     Calculate  your  revenue  from  renSng  the  space   Calculate  your  ancillary  revenue  from:   Food  &  beverage   Rooms  sold   Spa  &  wellness  sold   Pickup/parking  sold     #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  58  
  59. 59. Maximizing revenue from tours & experiences Commissions  generated  by     Cross-­‐selling  services  from  an  extern     Cross-­‐selling  local  experiences  (trip4real.com,  etc)     NegoSate  at  least  24h  cancellaSon   Recommend  &  sell  only  services  from  quality  providers   Target  millennials  first  (82%  parScipated  in  a  live  experience  in  2014)     #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  59   <  
  60. 60. 60   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Takeaways
  61. 61. Takeaways Room-­‐centric  approach  =>  HolisSc  approach  (managing  inventories)     Ancillary  =  Transparency     Ancillary  =  PersonalizaSon     Ancillary  =  Experience     People  remember  great  experiences  more  than  they  remember  great   savings  over  Sme     61   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  
  62. 62. #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  62   Wherever I may roam The memory remains & Nothing else matters
  63. 63.   Thank  you!     63   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau   Ecaterina Paun @katepfau linkedin.com/in/katepfau
  64. 64. Enumerative bibliography 10  recommendaSons  to  get  hotel  ancillary  revenues  rolling  in  2015   eyefortravel.com   2014  Airline  Ancillary  Revenue  AcSvity  Surpasses  $38  Billion,  Up  Nearly  21  Percent   IdeaWorks/cartrawler   American  Express  Survey  Finds  Travelers  Want  High-­‐Tech,  High-­‐Touch   travelpulse.com   Ancillary  revenue  report  series  2012   Amadeus   Ancillary  revenues  in  some  sectors  of  the  tourist  industry   Renata  Imbruglia,  Sapienza  Università  di  Roma   Ancillary  Revenues  in  the  Airline  Industry:  Impacts  on  Revenue  Management  and   DistribuSon  Systems   Eric  Hao,  B.S.,  University  of  California,  Berkeley     Ancillary  Revenues  in  the  Hospitality  Industry   eyefortravel.com   Beyond  Rooms  and  Rates:  Packaging  and  PromoSng  Ancillary  Revenue  Streams   hotelexecuSve.com   Cross-­‐Sell  Your  Way  To  Profit   Amadeus   Discovering  new  ancillary  revenue  on  hotels’  doorsteps   hospitalitynet.org   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  64  
  65. 65. Enumerative bibliography Fear,  loathing,  and  category  killers:  A  chat  about  hotel  distribuSon  and  merchandising   tnooz.com   Hotel  Ancillary  Revenue  in  Europe   phocuswright.com   Hotel  ancillary  revenue  model  quesSoned   hotelnewsnow.com   HOTELS  MUST  CREATE  MORE  ANCILLARY  PRODUCTS  TO  MAXIMIZE  REVENUE  GROWTH  VIA   @HOTELMARKETING  &  @PHOCUSWRIGHT   jlnpr.wordpress.com   How  to  Arract  the  Millennial  Hotel  Guest   skiq.com   How  to  EsSmate  Ancillary  Revenue  for  a  Hotel   smallbusiness.chron.com   trip4real.com   Interview:  Preferred  Hotel  Group  CEO  on  AdapSng  to  Consumer  Habits   skiq.com   The  drive  to  merchandise:  now  is  the  Sme  for  online  travel  agencies   tnooz.com   Top  10  Things  You  Need  to  Know  About  Ancillary  Revenue  and  Airlines   IdeaWorks/cartrawler   Youth  travel  beginning  to  bed  down  ancillary  sale   tnooz.com   #BTO2015  @buytourism  @katePfau  65