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OGCI infographic

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Get more details on the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative declaration of action on climate change

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OGCI infographic

  1. 1. OGCIOIL AND GAS CLIMATE INITIATIVE led by the CEOs of 10 oil and gas companies decrease of combined GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS (GHG) from the companies’ operations since 2005 the share of natural gas in the global energy mix REDUCING methane emissions and ‘routine’ flaring from operations IMPROVING energy efficiency DEVELOPING projects to provide broader access to energy ACCELERATING climate change solutions by working with partners on a range of initiatives EXPLORING long-term solutions: •R&D, partnerships and innovation •Carbon Capture & Storage •Developing renewables KEY DATES September Official public announcement at UN Secretary General's Climate Summit January Creation of the OGCI May Semi-public technical workshop October CEO public event, 1st year anniversary, declaration and report launch DEFINING THE ROAD AHEAD 20152014 OBJECTIVE CATALYZEPRACTICAL ACTION on climate change through collaboration OVERVIEW OF THE -20% of GHG* in 10 years representing 20%of global OIL AND GAS PRODUCTION INCREASING #OGCI