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Agile Munich - using values for agile transformation

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MeetUp Agile Munich 24/11/2016
Using Values for Agile Transformation

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Agile Munich - using values for agile transformation

  1. 1. Munich, 24. November 2016 Using Values for Agile Transformation visiting Valtech
  2. 2. Welcome and Agenda 2
  3. 3. Onboarding 3
  4. 4. Values – Beliefs - Behaviour 4
  5. 5. VBB – What Nuggets found? 5
  6. 6. Reflect Scrum Values and Agile Principles 6 For example: Reflect ”Where are we on a scala from 1 (low) to 10 (top)? What can we do (all together – everybody for him-/herself) for a step a little bit further on?”
  7. 7. Scrum Values 7 Focus Courage Openness Commitment Respect Empowerment & Self-Organization Time-boxing Transparency Inspect & adapt Deliver every sprint & Agile Principles
  8. 8. Moving Motivators 8 Individual Motivators Reflection and Team Development Source: Management 3.0, http://www.management30.com/
  9. 9. Kudo Cards & Kudo Box Looking at the positive. „ Rewards" only symbolic. 9 Source: Management 3.0, http://www.management30.com/
  10. 10. CTT – Cultural Transformation Tools von Richard Barrett  Values ​​= A cue-like description of individual and collective motivation factors that characterize what is important to us. Values ​​can be positive or potentially limiting ( cultural entropy).  The thesis of Richard Barrett: The culture of an organization or any group of individuals reflects the values, attitudes and behavior of the leadership of this group.  Culture is a fundamental driver of organizational and financial performance: the coherence of employees with the values ​​of a company increases commitment ( Gallup Studies) and correlates usually with the economic success.  The lived values ​​are very concrete in everyday behavior.  We can make values ​​manageable and reflect on and shape the corporate culture.  The CTTs are easy-to-use tools to work with values. 10
  11. 11. Maslows Pyramid of Needs and Barretts Model of Consciousness (CTT) 11 Consciousness 1. Self-realization takes place on several levels 2. The hierarchy of needs is replaced by states of consciousness 3. Certain values ​​and behaviors are assigned to each state of consciousness. 7 7 6 5 3 2 1 4 Needs deficitneedsgrowthneeds Physiological Needs Safety Love, Belonging Recognition Knowledge Understanding Self- realization
  12. 12. 7 Levels of Organisational Consciousness © 12 www.valuescentre.com Service Making a Difference Internal Cohesion Transformation Self-esteem Relationship Survival Positive Focus / Excessive Focus Financial Stability Shareholder value, organisational growth, employee health, safety. Control, corruption, greed Employee Recognition Loyalty, open communication, customer satisfaction, friendship. Manipulation, blame High Performance Systems, processes, quality, best practices, pride in performance. Bureaucracy, complacency Continuous Renewal and Learning Accountability, adaptability, empowerment, teamwork, goals orientation, personal growth Building Internal Community Shared values, vision, commitment, integrity, trust, passion, creativity, openness, transparency Strategic Alliances and Partnerships Environmental awareness, community involvement, employee fulfilment, coaching/mentoring Service To Humanity and the Planet Social responsibility, future generations, long-term perspective, ethics, compassion, humility
  13. 13. As a Person in this Organization ... 13 … “I believe that we are doing something useful to mankind and that our work is helping to create a better world.” …” I feel personal fulfillment when I work with others to satisfy our stakeholders and make a difference in our market.” …” I use my talent to create value for customers and my creativity to contribute to the common success with commitment and enthusiasm.” …” There is a project I want to participate in to meet my needs for teamwork and personal development.” …” I want to achieve power, hierarchical and / or professional recognition to satisfy my needs for continuity and self-worth.” …” I would like to appreciate, respect and personal confirmation to satisfy my needs for affiliation and affiliation.” …” I would like to have a stable workplace and in the long run safety to meet my survival needs.”
  14. 14. From Values to Action 14 1. Values Assessment 2. View results together, start dialog 3. Focus on core values 4. Identify core values ​​and their behavior 5. Create entries for Change Backlog 6. Living values ​​and developing the desired culture ENTROPY PERFORMANCE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 .. CTT - What is important to us personally? - What values ​​do we currently live on? - What values ​​do we need in the future? The Cultural Change Process
  15. 15. CVA Example: Overall Group(246) 15 Values Plot
  16. 16. Values – Accordance and Coherence 16 Reference: https://vimeo.com/141154332 Helmut Lind, Vorstandsvorsitzender Sparda Bank, about values and corporate philosophy See movies „AUGENHÖHE“ and „AUGENHÖHEwege“.
  17. 17. Alligator – River – Story 17 Once upon a time there was a woman named Abigail who was in love with a man named Leonidas. Leonidas lived on the shore of a river. The river, which separated the two lovers, was teeming with man-eating alligators. Abigail wanted to cross the river to be with Leonidas. Unfortunately, the bridge had been washed out. So she went to ask Sinbad, a riverboat captain, to take her across. He said he would be glad to if she would consent to go to bed with him preceding the voyage. She promptly refused and went to a friend named Ivan to explain her plight. Ivan did not want to be involved at all in the situation. Abigail felt her only alternative was to accept Sinbad's terms. Sinbad fulfilled his promise to Abigail and delivered her into the arms of Leonidas. When she told Leonidas about her amorous escapade in order to cross the river, Leonidas cast her aside with disdain. Heartsick and dejected, Abigail turned to Slug with her tale of woe. Slug, feeling compassion for Abigail, sought out Leonidas and beat him brutally. Slug returns, reports Abigail, and agrees to marry her. Abigail accepts his request. Task: Arrange the 5 persons according to the rank of their wickedness. Put the worst person in the first place.
  18. 18. Values should be visible in our daily business to be alive  look at the Cultural Objects 18
  19. 19. For an Agile Transformation we need both Levels – Structure, Processes, Behaviour and Reflection about Values, Beliefs,… 19
  20. 20. Ressourcen 20  Personal Values Assessment (PVA) - kostenfrei! http://www.valuescentre.com/pva/  eBook Get Connected – in Kürze auch in deutsch https://www.valuescentre.com/resources/get-connected  Richard Barrett: The Values-Driven Organization. Routledge. ISBN: 978-0-415-81503-1.  Richard Barrett: Werteorientierte Unternehmensführung: Cultural Transformation Tools für Performance und Profil. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Verlag 2016.  Andrea Maria Bokler, Michael Dipper: Changemanagement mit Cultural Transformational Tools, Heidelberg: Springer Verlag 2015, ISBN 978-3-658-10921-9.  Andrea Maria Bokler: Persönlichkeitsentwicklung als Voraussetzung einer erfolgreichen Führungskultur, coach!n Nr. 03|2016, http://www.weiterbildungsprofis.de/profildocs/Bokler-03-2016-NEU_28105.pdf  Simple Show „CTT“ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82YcAje1kXQ  Ausschnitt aus einem Interview mit Helmut Lind, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Sparda-Bank München eG für das Filmprojekt AUGENHÖHEwege: https://vimeo.com/141154332 - wertebasierte Organisation – Werte und Leitbildprozess  Management 3.0 - Moving Motivators https://management30.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/moving-motivators-german-self-A4.pdf  Management 3.0 – Kudo Karten https://management30.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/kudo-cards-german-self-A4.pdf
  21. 21. Do you have any questions? Contact me! Birgit Mallow Organisationsentwicklung und Prozessberatung Munich and Dresden +49 171 / 276 42 61 bma@mallow-consulting.de www.mallow-consulting.de LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/birgit-mallow-b3812b49 XING: http://www.xing.com/profile/Birgit_Mallow Twitter: @BirgitMallow 21