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Planning Guide fashion

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Planning Guide fashion

  1. 1. GENERIC PLANNING DOC Alfie Horwell
  2. 2. TASK 1 Idea Generation and Research
  3. 3. RESEARCH & IDEA GENERATION Use this section to track your process of generating ideas. List and discuss the styles, techniques and conventions that you have identified in your research. Explore how you could approach the project using different methods You can add any extra info you think is relevant, images, mind maps, etc For quick mind maps you could use bubbl.us Make sure you assess the viability of ideas as well as the potential for them creatively.
  4. 4. DIFFERENT CAMERAS I feel like the use of my own Sony hi8 camera will give this project a unique edge by using an almost 30-year- old camera, it does have its draw backs as it isn’t as technologically advanced as the canon 800d we are given but I feel like this is a necessary challenge I need to face to gain more knowledge and skills using this camera. I intend on using both cameras and mixing the footage together to give my project a unique flare which represents the old and new coming together.
  5. 5. EXTRA GAME MODE IDEA I feel like taking the extra game mode of splitting the group of 4 into 2 people on a team and they have to make a outfit for the other team would elevate my challenge beyond what's its already capable of. I also think it would add more replay value and diversity for the challenge by giving it a more light-hearted approach but also making it more challenging as you would have to guess about the person your stylings size, style preference and aesthetic interests but you could also use this to your advantage and just play around with it and have fun by creating the worst outfit possibly and maybe even giving yourself a better chance to win. Furthermore this give people an extra chance to possibly go to stores they couldn’t last time or maybe in the original game mode couldn’t visit at the time. This could have some draw backs though such as the need for Wi-Fi or mobile data, it would require 4 people and it Would have to be set up on 1 person out of both teams phone
  6. 6. EXTRA GAME MODE IDEA 2 In this game mode all contestants would go to flannels as it is York's most “high fashion” shop but this game modes has a change of rules as it has no money limit but a super limited time scale of only 30 minutes which will put the players under heavy pressure and will have them scrambling. This switches up the dynamic as its obviously a lot more expensive and high class by being constrained by a very small window to make a stand out outfit which also contradicts the original game mode by it being the opposite rule wise.
  7. 7. EXTRA GAME MODE IDEA 3 Each contestant gets a random amount of money to work with and on this game mode the money constraint is lifted as 1 player could get a £1000 budget but the next person could get £75. the shops will also unrestricted allowing free reign of choice for the player but the twist is that this game mode is won by who can get the best fit pic in their outfit. Time limits will remain and will be 2.5 hours to for this challenge to give everyone a even chance.
  8. 8. RESEARCH Use this to summarise production research and existing products from your previous investigations. Link this into you idea generation and development. My research has mostly been based around fashion, how it represents the person and how it can be used to diversify York which isn’t hugely diverse in that sense. It has given me a good insight on how people view fashion especially from my survey which allowed me to collect information directly from the source and it seemed that fashion toa lot of people is important to the sense of that it represents you but they hadn't gone much further into it than that which is what I want to challenge by maybe pushing people out of their comfort zone with my challenge. The existing product that I did my research on was mostly a fashion show on youtuber that is called PAQ, PAQ is a group of 4 members which all have different fashion senses and takes which makes for a fun and unique dynamic as they are given fashion challenges such as £20 thrift challenge or even making fashion shows for ralph Lauren. Unfortunately the show came to an end 2 years ago but with the
  9. 9. POTENTIAL APPROACHES As my main approach I want to create a commercial / short tutorial of sorts by showing some contestants who are partaking in my fashion challenge and how it all works from the app to the game itself along with the possible other game mode that I hope to incorporate. This will show the some of the store which will be available in the game to explore and build your outfit in. It will also demonstrate some of the “apps” capability's and how it randomizes your shop every time, so each game is unique and different. I also want to show the human aspect behind this as it is supposed to be fun and rewarding challenge, so I want to capture some of the “fun” and “rush” the challenge gives each player.
  10. 10. POTENTIAL TECHNIQUES TO USE I want to use close-up shots to get across to the viewer what's going on quickly for example : a close-up of the phone as it randomizes your location, close-up shot of each clothing item, close-up of shops etc. I feel like this will let me get the message across and information needed for the viewer faster as it lets them understand the rules and functionality of the challenge easier.
  11. 11. CONVENTIONS OF YOUR CHOSEN FORMAT/GENRE YOU ARE WORKING TO The typical conventions of a tutorial video are that someone typically sits down and explains to you how to do something or a step-by-step guide on the current thing you are looking for help from, for me this wont work and would just be monotonous and boring for the viewer to watch so I want to change this by making it a tutorial but also a quick walkthrough of sorts of how the game works with more interactive and engaging visuals such as fast and unique editing, use of old and new cameras to tie into the old coming into the new theme of the challenge. I feel this still has the core ties to a typical tutorial video but by giving it its own unique twist I can bend that to my will and make something more appealing for the viewer.
  13. 13. SUMMARY 5 opportunities of your ideas . Allows me to expand my camera skills and get further understanding of what makes a good shot . Allows me to grow my networking skills with the Instagram account .lets me use new / older camera technology and experiment with both . gives me the chance to use new techniques or ones I haven't used a lot
  14. 14. SUMMARY 5 restrictions to your ideas .takes lots of time and resources .certain editing techniques may not be possible with old camera .May be harder to get footage from older camera .some shops may be closed .people's availability may vary and not be consistent
  15. 15. FINAL IDEA – CREATIVE CONCEPT What do you want to make, reference the look, style and type of project. This could be a synopsis of the piece and some visual reference points. Reference content and the themes you are wanting to explore and resources that might help you to achieve your aims. I want to create a short look / tutorial of sorts to show off my fashion challenge in a fun, creative and unique way. I intend on doing this by using a mix of an old Sony hi8 camera whilst mixing it with modern technology such as canon 800d, I feel like this will create a unique dynamic between the retro looking footage mixing in with the cleaner and high-fidelity canon footage as it represents how old can mix in with the new. With this I want to explore how fashion makes a person and how it is an instant way to understand someone as fashion is a visual art form that each person is unique to, with this I want to put those people who participate out of their comfort zone as this is how we progress as people and force them to make an outfit in a store that they may not even bat an eye to as it isn’t their style.
  16. 16. FINAL IDEA – RATIONALE Why this idea? Why this format? What skills do you have that support this and what are you looking forward to exploring more. I've chosen this idea as I feel that it will push me out of my comfort zone in certain aspects and let me expand my skills not just with my camera work but directorially. It is also something I hold close to myself as fashion is something I've been interested in and actively been involved in for since I was young. I feel like this format of a short look / tutorial gives the viewer a clear idea of how the game works without making it boring and keeping it visually interesting to keep their attention and peak interest. I feel like my skills in editing will help with this specifically as I will be splicing footage from a Sony hi8 and canon 800d together which are two very different cameras visually and in post but with my creative intuition I feel like I can push a solid product from this.
  17. 17. TASK 2 Pre-production Assessment
  18. 18. GUIDANCE: PRE-PRODUCTION ASSESSMENT You need to assess the viability of your production and investigate what is required to enable you to make it. Much of this task is hypothetical, which means you will need to investigate standard costings for such a production and apply these to your planned production considering which equipment you would need and resources, etc Resources to support this are on Teams. Delete the questions on each slide and insert your responses
  19. 19. TITLE OF PRODUCTION/PRODUCTION OUTLINE In my project I want to deliver a short summary of sorts in the form of a tutorial / trailer to how the game works and have some more inclusive shots of people doing the challenge to not have it just be a boring tutorial video along with the editing I believe this can be successful product. I intend on making it around a minute or so long as I feel that will capture everything quickly without dragging it out and with my equipment, I'm going to be using my own Sony hi8 camcorder along with the canon 800d we are given by college to have a unique look of old meets new. I also want to try get some footage of the other game modes I would like to incorporate, if possible, with the time given as that may take more clearances and time.
  20. 20. LOCATIONS All filming and tasks will be held within the town of York which is good as it's easy to travel to and most shops are close together meaning the only cost really comes from bus travel making it inexpensive.
  21. 21. EQUIPMENT I need to get a tape to digital converter which I'm getting supplied by college through Dave, this is extremely beneficial to me ads converters can run from £100 – 200 which will save me money and time. I'm going to be using the canon 800d that is supplied by college, but I am also going to be using my own Sony hi8 camcorder.
  22. 22. FACILITIES I will mostly edit my video within college by using premier pro and if possible, aftereffects to really push my editing to the next level. I may also use my phone for some editing by using capcut, I have used this app significantly and have had lots of experience with the app.
  23. 23. PERSONNEL My team consist of 3 people, me, rose and Brandon. I'd say we all have a strength in filming as we all have lots of experience with it. I would say as a group and the goal we are trying to achieve there are no weaknesses as we all like fashion, filming and have a general interest in that area. There are no other people needed as us 3 are the filmers and "performers" and they are all available for the film day with no other implications such as travel / food costs.
  24. 24. PROPS/COSTUME/CONSUMAB LES/ETC There will be no extra needed props, costumes or consumables needed as all of them will be worn on the day when we go to the stores and wear the outfits.
  25. 25. TASK 3.1 Creative or Visual Planning
  26. 26. PRE-PRODUCTION: VISUAL PLANNING This section is concerned with the visual/creative planning of your production. This is WHAT you want to make You should use this section to develop what is it going to look/sound like and establish what the visual design is and the desired sequence. It is important that you ‘pre-visualise’ the project before you make it; it will make filming and production a more streamlined process. The following tasks should be part of your visual planning, including:  Pre-visualisation and concept boards  Storyboarding  Shot list  Flat plans  Colour plans
  27. 27. PRE- VISUALIZATION/CONCEPT BOARDS Tool for exploring the direction and visuals Provides inspiration and information for the “look & feel” Presents key moments in your video A means to sketch/plan ideas Information on color/lighting Defining the “mise-en-scene” Include as much here as you like, but keep it relevant to the production, the following slides have been left blank for you to approach in your own way, add more as you need to Extension suggestion: edit a short sequence of clips that have inspired or influenced your video [similar to this: http://io9.com/5941145/this-directors-video-pitch-for- hunger-games-might-be-better-than-the-real-movie]
  28. 28. EPT BOAR D
  29. 29. CONCEPT BOARD DISCUSSION/EXPLANATION My concept board consists of PAQ which was a fashion show that consisted of dexter black, Danny lomas, Shaquille-Aaron Keith and Elias Raidi. These 4 members all had their own unique style of expression through fashion. They used to do thrifting challenges which was a huge inspiration for me as they always had tough constraints on theses challenges such as a short time limit or little money to work with to make the best outfit possible. They also used lots of different cameras and camera styles with them also using a Sony hi8 for some of their episodes which also at the time as these episodes were coming out made me gravitate towards that older camera look. If possible, I hope to get some graphics made and animated for the intro to give it more of a show, feel rather than a “tutorial” feel. I also added some of my personal pictures rom my Sony hi8 just to add to that look that I want to go for.
  30. 30. SHOT LIST - VIDEO Your shot list should contain the sequential breakdown of what you need to shoot for your video It should work in partnership with your storyboard It will be your working document when you film It should contain the shot number, scene number, shot description, framing and action you will see It should also have information on performers in the scene and other props, etc Shot list template is on Teams.
  31. 31. STORYBOARDING - VIDEO Your storyboard should bring your idea to life Provide an idea of the sequencing of you video Provides a basis for production visually Remember, each frame should be as the camera frames it Suggested online storyboard creators are:  https://www.storyboardthat.com  http://www.pixton.com [very complicated]  http://www.storyjumper.com [allows you to insert your own images] Alternatively, hand draw or photograph your storyboard and scan or copy to insert it onto your slides There are lots of tips collected together on Blackboard!
  32. 32. TASK 3.2 Organizational Planning
  33. 33. ORGANISATIONAL PLANNING Who : Me (Alfie), Brandon, rose, possibly Alex What: filming the challenge aspect of my project for three of us and one person films on the Sony hi8 and one person films on the iPhone Where: in town and mostly inside of fashion store which we are going to do the challenge in such as expressions, classix, Chinese laundry etc When: within the first week of production Why: because I want to show that you should push yourself out of your comfort zone to explore new avenues in fashion and if you like it who care about what other people say.
  34. 34. PRODUCTION GROUP INFO Include names, contact info, and defined roles at difference stages of production, using a table is suggested Name Contact info role Stage for role Alfie 074000120 40 Filmer / actor /voice acting Mostly acting Brandon 073940629 13 Filmer / actor Split between film and acting
  35. 35. LOCATION INFORMATION Information and images of your location[s] for filming You should have address details, clearance/premissions for filming, recce photos and floorplans [including camera, equipment and cast/crew layouts] Where possible, have a plan B fallback location option Assess each location for any issues and suggest solutions
  36. 36. LOCATIONS 12 Walmgate, York YO1 9TJ, all clearances / permissions were granted to us recently 51 Goodramgate, York YO1 7LS, all clearances and permissions have been granted 61 Goodramgate, York YO1 7LS, previously been in and have been granted clearances and permissions to film 28 Castlegate, York YO1 9RP, all filming permissions and clearances have been granted
  37. 37. RISK ASSESSMENT Risk Assess each separate filming location using the table in the camera H&S PP on Teams kit booking as a starting point. Completing a generic filming assessment would be a start, then you can add specialist/site specific risks as you progress your production Remember, a Risk Assessment is an ongoing document, you should evaluate if anything changes in production and when you put control measures in place You should add the table to each call sheet for each location
  38. 38. RISK ASSESSMENT Location People Risks Ways to avoid Town Me, Alex, Brandon Could have camera stolen Keep camera in secure loacation (bag) Expressions Me, Alex, Brandon Could drop camera Keep hand around the strap Chinese laundry Me, Alex, Brandon Losing batterys Keep them in the bag Dog and bone Me, Alex, Brandon Fall down stairs Be aware / tell friends
  39. 39. CONTINGENCY PLANNING Things go wrong Your contingency plan is there to give you a backup or to minimize the effect on production You should consider the following areas: Technical, Location, Personnel and Organizational areas [about 5 potential issues for each] Use the form in pre-production folder on Blackboard
  40. 40. CONTINGENCY PLAN Technical : if premier stops working I can use capcut, if the Sony hi8 stops working I can add filters to the phone footage, if my phone runs out of battery I can use one of my friends, save multiple backups just incase Location: if some stores are closed we can just go to others, if we aren’t allowed to film in a store just go to a different one Personnel: have a backup if someone cant make it, if they cant get home find an alternative (public transport, lift), if there is a injury there is first aid in close proximity, have a groupchat for organisation and incase if anything happens
  41. 41. PRODUCTION SCHEDULE Your schedule should budget a total of 10 hours for production, that is for the filming and editing of your project. You should plan when you’re filming and how you intend to use the in-class days on your timetable/class schedule
  42. 42. SCHEDULE Week 1: organisation and getting personnel informed on what we are doing, locations, times etc for film day, film on the day after, be in town for around 5 hours (not all filming, some time will just be spent organising filming areas and times) Week 2: editing footage and chopping Sony hi8 footage and iPhone footage together, finding a intro preset (preferably 80s retro style to fit the camera) Week 3: evaluation of project