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Dynamic Presentations {A Recipe for Success, Part 1}

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Want your presentations to be more dynamic? Well, there's a recipe for that...Here's part 1 (of 4)

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Dynamic Presentations {A Recipe for Success, Part 1}

  1. presentation presentationpresentation
  2. it begins with you
  3. the recipe for adynamicpresentationbegins withputting yourself inthe mix
  4. all of you
  5. prepare yourself
  6. prepare yourselfmentally andphysically
  7. marshal yourresources
  8. marshal your resources* time *
  9. marshal your resources* time * content *
  10. marshal your resources* time * content **experience * creativity
  11. marshal your resources* time * content **experience * creativity * insights
  12. mash them up with apositive attitude
  13. now add these4 ingredients
  14. * stand tall and sure
  15. “Stand! In the end, you’llstill be you…”
  16. “…onethat’s doneall thethings youset out todo.”
  17. stand for yourself
  18. don’t try to be acover version ofany other speaker
  19. be yourself, and only yourself
  20. be authenticdon’t develop aspecial *stage*version of yourself
  21. just work onpresenting thebest version ofyour natural self
  22. standing tall meansusing your bestposture
  23. it means reducingany unnecessarymovements
  24. itdoesn’tmeanstandinglike astatue
  25. relax your shoulders, soldier
  26. relax your shoulders, soldier * breathe
  27. standing suremeans projectingyour confidence
  28. even if you’re notquite feeling thatway
  29. you’ll get there ifyou believe youcan
  30. start by looking your audience inthe eye
  31. start by looking your audience inthe eye now smile
  32. have faith in thepower of yourideas
  33. projectyour voice
  34. projectyour voicegesturefluidly
  35. projectyour voicegesturefluidlykeepsmiling
  36. and,one morething…and it’s soimportant
  37. practice!
  38. practice!* rehearse * * record
  39. practice!* rehearse * * record * critique * learn
  40. practice!* rehearse * * record * critique * learn * repeat
  41. the more youpractice,the moreyou”ll master
  42. confidencewill find you
  43. “Life is too short,be tall”~mariahhks{six word memoir}www.smithmag.net
  44. 1.stand tall and sure2.fill yourself up with the joy of expression3.sprout wings and soar toward the sun4.carry your audience with you
  45. walk home feeling proud
  46. stay tuned forparts 2 through 4
  47. books from my library{but remember experience is the best teacher}
  48. thank you{any Q’s}© barbara greene 2011
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