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BDV Webinar Series - Philip - Privacy Dashboard

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Worried about data privacy in big data? Don’t be! In this webinar we are going to present the approach of the SPECIAL project to address the contradiction between Big Data innovation and privacy-aware data protection. We will present the SPECIAL platform that allows:

– The acquisition of user consent and associated data and metadata.
– Catering for privacy-aware, secure workflows.
– Support for privacy preserving innovation in Big Data environments.
– Viz via a dashboard to make privacy in Big Data comprehensible and manageable for data subjects, controllers and processors.

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BDV Webinar Series - Philip - Privacy Dashboard

  1. 1. GDPR Consent, Transparency and Automated Compliance Checking: The SPECIAL Approach
  2. 2. SPECIAL PLATFORM ROLES AND ACTORS • Data subject • Increased transparency by access to event log • Increased control by user-specified policies • Controller and processors • Formal representation of data processing can be used with third parties • Enables the application of business policies across company borders • Authorities and data protection officers • Compliance checker as demonstration for compliance • Ease review process 11/29/2019 2
  4. 4. 11/29/2019 4 • Service data is any kind of data that is required in order to provide the service in question (name, address, payment information). • Disclosed data is any data that the data subject intentionally provides on their own profile page or in their posts. • Entrusted data is any data that the data subject intentionally provides on other users' profiles pages or in their posts. • Incidental data is any kind of data provided by other users of the service about the data subject (a photo showing the data subject posted by a friend). • Behavioral data is any kind of data the service provider observes about the data subject while he or she uses the service (browsing behavior). • Derived data is any kind of data derived from any other category or data source (profiles for marketing, location tracks, possible preferences). • Intentional data is any piece of data the data subject deliberately discloses to the controller fully aware of the disclosure. • Incidental data refers to information relating to the data subject shared by another entity with the controller. • Behavioral data is any data obtained from monitoring the data subject's behavior regardless of his or her awareness of the monitoring. • Derived data is any information derived, inferred, or obtained from the other categories or combination of them. A TAXONOMY FOR PERSONAL DATA DERIVED FROM BRUCE SCHNEIER Schneier, B.: A Taxonomy of Social Networking Data. IEEE Secur. Priv. Mag. 8, 4, 88–88 (2010).
  5. 5. Privacy Dashboard DEMO available at: https://specialprivacy.github.io/Privacy- Dashboard-DEMO/ Username: testing2@testing.com Password: 123123123 11/29/2019 5
  6. 6. DPO Dashboard DEMO available at: Username: testing2@testing.com Password: 123123123 11/29/2019 15
  7. 7. 11/29/2019 19 Author of this presentation: Philip Raschke Technische Universität Berlin philip.raschke@tu-berlin.de Technical/Scientific contact Sabrina Kirrane Vienna University of Economics and Business sabrina.kirrane@wu.ac.at Administrative contact Jessica Michel ERCIM W3C jessica.michel@ercim.eu