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Know your audience with ClientGenie Analyzer - Free audit tool for your Notes client environment

The presentatin has been held by Olaf Boerner and Uli Krause from BCC at MWLUG 2013, a conference for IBM Collaboration solutions users with over 40 sessions and workshops covering topics including application development, system administration, best practices and customer business cases, mobility and new technologies, and social business.

Why analyze? For a Notes admin, sometimes it is crucial to know your audience. There are many ways how Notes clients can be installed and configured. So, unexpected errors and hiccups become probable, which show up at support desk and keep your staff busy. It would help to limit the range of the options, and to prevent potential trouble. Using Notes policies is a way to manage your Notes clients and apply standards. However before deploying new settings you better know what exactly you need to change. Furthermore how do you know, that policies made the change happen? Starting client upgrades to new version requires knowledge about the environment too.

BCC solves these problems easily, and the best: you don't need any purchase, ClientGenie Analyzer Edition is available for free to all conference attendees. So be sure to attend our session and see how you can audit and analyze your Notes client environment with just a few clicks. ClientGenie Analyzer module collects all relevant client information such as operating system information, Notes program and data directory, location and connection documents, replicas and replication settings, notes.ini parameter, database information without any user impact. Details to find at http://www.clientgenie.com/analyzer

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Know your audience with ClientGenie Analyzer - Free audit tool for your Notes client environment

  1. 1. Client Management ClientGenie Analyzer: Free audit tool for your Notes client environment Uli Krause & Olaf Boerner August 22, 2013
  2. 2. Client Management About: Ulrich Krause Administrator/Developer since 1993 Senior Software Architect at BCC OpenNTF Contributor OpenNTF Board of Directors Blog http://www.eknori.de IBM Champion 2011/2012/2013 Notes Forum http://www.atnotes.de
  3. 3. Client Management About Olaf Boerner CEO and founder of BCC Working with Lotus Notes since Version 3 in 1993 Working with large enterprise customers as Senior Architect 1. To reduce Total cost of Ownership of Notes/Domino 2. To secure and optimize IBM Domino infrastructures
  4. 4. Client Management BCC helps you to … reduce the Total Cost of Ownership increase system and process security automate your Notes/Domino administration manage consolidation and migration projects
  5. 5. Client Management How IBM is auditing Notes Clients?
  6. 6. Client Management Analyzing Notes Client: Standard Notes Client is providing some information via AdminP request during login AdminP is adding information to personal document • Lotus Notes Client Version / Build • Lotus Notes Platform • Notes client machine name View >by Client Version
  7. 7. Client Management Screenshot: View & person document
  8. 8. Client Management Why do you need more detailed Information ? Ensure standards Implement changes Prevent problems
  9. 9. Client Management Ensure standards: Everybody using Notes Client 8.5.3 FP3 ? Using which Windows Version? Installed in Standard Program directory ? Using same notes data directory ? Notes.ini is located in notes data ? Cache.ndk is locted in c:/temp ?
  10. 10. Client Management Implement changes: Typical Changes: • Upgrading Notes Client to new version • Exchanging Hardware -> User receives a new laptop • Browser as your new standard mail client • Server consolidation (Move 4 to 1) Typical questions • What local databases does your user have ? • Size of notes data directory ? • Where is the notes.ini file ? • Who has database links to SRV 1-4 on his desktop
  11. 11. Client Management Notes Client Management Cycle Lotus Policies Scripting ClientGenie
  12. 12. Client Management ClientGenie Analyzer provides a free solution 
  13. 13. Client Management ClientGenie Analyzer Edition: Short Introduction
  14. 14. Client Management ClientGenie Analyzer Workflow User is starting Notes Client ClientGenie is loaded automatically in the background ClientGenie collects information during Notes Client Session
  15. 15. Client Management ClientGenie Analyzer Workflow No User Interaction No User Impact Central Management
  16. 16. Client Management Demo Uli Krause
  17. 17. Client Management What information can be collected? Hardware •Computer Type •Bios, •Harddisk •CPU, RAM OS •Version •Computername •OS Username Notes Client •Version, Type •Program path •Data path Notes.ini entries pNAB •Location •Connection •Policies Local Databases •Filesnames • Size
  18. 18. Client Management Analyze with Views
  19. 19. Client Management Available Database Views
  20. 20. Client Management Available Database Views
  21. 21. Client Management ClientGenie Dashboard
  22. 22. Client Management Analyze with Dashboard
  23. 23. Client Management Typical Customer Use Cases Olaf Boerner
  24. 24. Client Management UC: Standardize notes data path Ensure that all users are using the same standard data paths Why ? • Upgrade local databases • Change single user to multi user • Ensure that changes will apply to users You also might be interested to • Check directory size • List all files in your local directory
  25. 25. Client Management BP: Monitor notes.ini entries You want to set Notes.ini entries • Desktop Policy
  26. 26. Client Management BP: Monitor notes.ini entries Monitoring Notes.ini entries • ClientGenie will report all notes.ini entries • Notes.ini entries will be sorted in a view Check which Notes users / clients has which notes.ini entries
  27. 27. Client Management Best practices: Policy Management Policies are mandatory for using ID Vault and applying security settings How it works ? • Create Policy and Setting Documents in Domino Directory • Assign to user (Explicit, Organizational) • User is authenticating with Domino server • Notes Client is “downloading” policy setting and creating documents in pnab (hidden view ($Policies) • Notes client is assigning settings regarding policies
  28. 28. Client Management Best practices: Policy Management Troubleshooting ? 20% of all clients do not have current policies in their local NAB (My personal experience) ClientGenie Analyzer can help  • Collecting policy document in local NAB • Store in central inventory
  29. 29. Client Management Analyze policy documents All policy documents in local nab will be written to person‘s inventory document Check created and last modification date
  30. 30. Client Management How to install ClientGenie ?
  31. 31. Client Management ClientGenie Server Installation Domino Server: • 2 Databases • ClientGenie Configuration • ClientGenie Inventory Databases can be copied to any server Databases can replicate to servers in different locations
  32. 32. Client Management ClientGenie Client Installation Add clientgenie.dll to notes.ini: EXTMGR_ADDINS=clientgenie.dll Clientgenie.dll must be copied to every machine • Program directory • Notes data directory • Options • Software distribution tools like SMS, NetInstall ... • Copy script during windows network login • ClientGenie installation mail or PostOpen Script
  33. 33. Client Management How to add extmgr_addin entry Desktop Settings
  34. 34. Client Management Get you free ClientGenie Analyzer Edition: www.clientgenie.com/analyzer