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BBDO Guerrero / Proximity Philippines Creds 2010

The Best Work, Works Best
It Works For Us:

                           4As Philippine Agency of The Year
It Works For Our Clients…

     More awards for effectiveness than any other Agency in the

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Bbdo big idea_today
Bbdo big idea_today
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BBDO Guerrero / Proximity Philippines Creds 2010

  1. 1. The Best Work, Works Best
  2. 2. It Works For Us: 4As Philippine Agency of The Year (two years in a row) Campaign Brief Asia Philippines Agency of The Year (four years in a row) Reigning UPMG Print Agency of The Year The most highly awarded Digital Agency in the Country (two years in a row) Shortlisted as Regional Office of the Year by MEDIA Magazine (two years in a row) Regional Creative Agency of The Year 2008
  3. 3. It Works For Our Clients… More awards for effectiveness than any other Agency in the country over the past two years: Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards – FedEx Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards – Visa Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness Awards Gold – Childhope Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness Awards Bronze – Pizza Hut Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness Awards Finalist – Bayan Corporate Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness Awards Finalist – Bayan Wireless Landline
  4. 4. 19 9 6 1 Number of awards (excluding craft) across 16 clients BEST OF MEDIUM GOLD SILVER BRONZE www.bbdoguerrero.com
  5. 5. Partnerships Based On Shared Principles A passion for creating big ideas, based on clear insights that achieve tangible business results Our Clients push us for our best thinking, and expect us to do the same to them A mutually held belief that creativity is the magic that can move markets We look to maximize return, not minimize risk
  6. 6. Services
  7. 7. It’s The Message, Not The Medium
  8. 8. The Idea Is The Framework, The Medium The Method of
  9. 9. You Cannot March Your Message Across A Bridge of Money & Hope It Will Connect
  10. 10. Compelling Commercial Content Communication so compelling people actively choose to seek it out and get involved
  11. 11. Creating Compelling Content Data Brand Ideas Behavior Engagement Content Research Channel
  12. 12. Behaviour Changing Insights Understanding people is the key to successful work BBDO / Proximity invests in having deeper insights than anyone else As such we conduct regular global and local research studies
  13. 13. MOMMY MATTER S
  14. 14. TotalWork: Delivering Integrated Communications That… Galvanize external consumers to bond more tightly to the brand Motivate internal audiences, telling them why they come to work each day Punch above their weight (deliver more for less)
  15. 15. Our Process For Developing TotalWork Ideas
  16. 16. The Work
  17. 17. The Creative Brief Get: New internet subscribers Who: Are frustrated that their current internet services do not deliver on what they promise To: See Bayan as a broadband service they can depend on to meet their basic expectations By Communicating: We simplify things for you
  18. 18. The Work Executional Insight: When it comes to technology, seniors are usually the ones who are most left behind Product Truth: Bayan Broadband simplifies your internet experience TotalWork Idea: Bayan makes going online so easy, even a grandmother could do it
  21. 21. The Results • Customer inquiries up by 700% • Subscriber based up 45% • PHP144,000 in free media impressions (six times the value of paid media) • Less than 10% of the competitor’s media budget
  22. 22. Creative Results Gold at Asia Pacific Digital Media Awards The only Best of Medium Award at Philippine Ad Congress
  23. 23. The Creative Brief Get: Young adults, 20-34 years old from ABC economic classes Who: Rely on food delivery service whenever they’re pressed for time To: Make Pizza Hut Delivery their top-of-mind delivery option By: Pizza Hut lets you enjoy your pizza at the time you expect it to be there
  24. 24. The Work Executional Insight: In The Philippines, we’re very lax in our approach to time- keeping... except when it comes to food Product Truth: Pizza Hut delivers on time, or its free TotalWork Idea: When everything else is late, you can count on Pizza Hut to be on time
  25. 25. The Results
  26. 26. Business Results Goal 1: Maintain the double-digit sales growth that Pizza Hut Delivery has been enjoying in the past   Despite the much tougher scenario it was facing, Pizza Hut Delivery successfully matched the 16% growth rate it enjoyed in 2006. From 4% to 9%, transaction counts grew more than double as the campaign ran
  27. 27. Business Results Goal 2: Keep a significant gap in its imagery scores related to food delivery versus Greenwich and Shakey’s   Not only did the campaign bring home the idea’s main message, it also impacted on the three other attributes deemed important to food delivery: hot food, ease of ordering and crew that shows concern
  28. 28. Anecdotal Results The expression “Hate Late?” has started to become part of the general vernacular too, especially in places where punctuality redounds to productivity. This was taken from a construction site
  29. 29. Creative Results The campaign has won the following creative & effectiveness awards: Bronze, Outdoor Category, 2007 Cannes Lions Bronze, Retail & Food Category, 2008 Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness NY Integrated Silver Spike, Asian Spikes Festival 2009
  30. 30. The Team
  31. 31. David Guerrero Chairman & Chief Creative Officer One of the region’s most highly awarded Creative Directors, first South East Asian Cannes Jury Chairman, Head of BBDO Asia Pacific Creative Council, member of the BBDO Worldwide Creative Council and short-listed as one of the four top Creatives in Asia by MEDIA Magazine in 2008. Paul Roebuck President & Chief Executive Officer Raised and educated in the UK, made his way to The Philippines via Saatchi & Saatchi London, Cape Town, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta (where he was Chief Operating Officer of Saatchi & Saatchi Jakarta). Extensive experience as both Client Service & Strategic Planner on brands such as Hewlett-Packard, GUINNESS, Danone, Lexus, Sony, Toyota & Mead Johnson Isabel Santillan General Manager - BBDO Over 16 years industry experience at Lowe, Bates, TBWA & BBDO. Previous Client experience includes, Unilever, SMART Telecommunications, Coca-Cola, British American Tobacco, Globe Telecoms, and SCA Hygiene. Prior to joining BBDO, Belay was a Business Director at TBWA and General Manager of Bates Cambodia Francine Gonzalez Client Service Director Fran has over 11 years of experience at BBDO & JWT. At JWT she handled Unilever (Knorr), Nestle and Ford before moving to BBDO. Fran is responsible for overall Client Service Department and business relations with Pepsico, Fonterra, Bayan, to name a few
  32. 32. Leah Besa-Jimenez General Manager - Proximity Leah has over 13 years experience in direct, digital and relationship marketing, starting her career at Ogilvy One and prior to joining Proximity Philippines as General Manager, was Head of Business CRM Analytics for Globe Telecom where she led a consulting group that developed strategies for controlling churn, increasing usage and building loyalty. During her career, her work has received many accolades including DMAsia and Caples. Arlene Aquino Brand Planning Director Arlene has over 14 years Brand and Strategic Planning experience, beginning her career at McCann Erickson in Advertising Research and Consumer Insighting in 1994, since when her expertise has evolved with the changing communications landscape to include brand and channel planning. She has enjoyed working for brands such as Jollibee, Nestle, Globe, BPI Credit Cards, Neozep and Biogesic Cristina Buenaventura Strategic Planner Cristina spent more than a year as a qualitative researcher for Nielsen Philippines, where she she conducted market studies based on focus groups and in-depth interviews. Currently, as part of the Strategic Planning Department, her responsibilities include conducting consumer research initiatives, drafting creative briefs and preparing strategic analyses for different brands depending on their current business issues. To date, her experience spans a diverse range of industries including FMCG, QSR, personal care, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and food & beverage
  33. 33. Joel Limchoc Executive Creative Director Joel has been listed as one of the Asia’s top creatives by both Campaign Brief Asia and MEDIA Magazine and has been recognized by Cannes, Clio, Asia Pacific AdFest, One Show and D&AD. Joel’s Client experience includes Unilever, P&G, Ford, San Miguel, Fedex, and Pepsico to name a few Simon Welsh Executive Creative Director Before moving to The Philippines, Simon gathered over ten years of experience at agencies in London including HHCL (Campaign Magazine’s ‘Agency of the Decade’), McCann-Erickson London and Rapier. His work for Channel 4, Tango, WWF and Childhope has been recognized by D&AD, Cannes and One Show and he is currently ranked by Campaign Brief Asia as one of the top creatives in the region Brandie Tan Head of Art Brandie has over ten years experience in the industry, with many effectiveness and creative awards to his name. Along with partner Tin Sanchez, was the recipient of The Philippines first and only Gold Lion at Cannes. Prior to becoming Head of Art of BBDO Guerrero, Brandie was joint Executive Creative Director of Lowe Vietnam and before that Creative Director of JWT Manila. Brandie has worked with Kraft, Creamsilk, Nescafe and now handles Pizza Hut, Pepsi Max, Mountain Dew among others Tin Sanchez Head of Copy Tin has been in the industry for over 10 years. She has developed campaigns for numerous Unilever brands in the Philippines and Vietnam and has won awards in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, France and the US. With Brandie, she was the recipient of The Philippines first and only Gold Lion at Cannes. With partner, Brandie, Tin was joint Executive Creative Director of Lowe Vietnam before joining BBDO
  34. 34. The Best Work, Works Best

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • BBDO does an insight report every year into an issue or subject relevant to our clients and potential clients.  Their purpose is to stimulate big behaviour changing ideas.  Over time these insights have created a unique arsenal of BBDO insights across a range of subjects.
    These are not passive reports.  They are live and evolving documents based on research in 20 or more countries among thousands of people.  They are packed with fresh and stimulating materials which are designed to be used by all of our client teams. 
  • Mothers make up 51% of the world's population and a staggering 80% of all purchase decisions. Account for in the region of 2/3rd of top 100 Adex brands
    It is no wonder why the mothers segment is one of the most researched demographics in modern marketing history.
    Yet, why do 70% of mothers* shun marketing messages, on the premise that some advertising is either, offensive, ignorant of their needs and sometime depict false portrayals of mothers?
    We have identified seven key insights to help marketers create and craft campaigns that mothers can relate to.