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John Webb, marketing director (EMEA), Spiceworks

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John Webb, marketing director (EMEA), Spiceworks

  1. 1. engaging and mobilising digital john webb @webbjs
  2. 2. “Social media is a good way of sustaining existing relationships, but our need for both connection and value is getting a bit distorted.” Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, Physiologist spiceworks.com/marketing
  3. 3. network community social graph interest graph spiceworks.com/marketing
  4. 4. spiceworks.com/marketing
  5. 5. expansive anonymous artificial top-down passive consumption focused intimate organic bottom-up active contribution spiceworks.com/marketing network community
  6. 6. Traditional Marketing Doesn’t Work spiceworks.com/marketing
  7. 7. Buyers seeking more authentic approach to learning about new products / services How IT Buyers Consume Information / Content Source: Spiceworks ‘How to Win Friends and Influence IT Pros’ Sept 2014 97% 97% 89% 79% 76% 69% 64% Peer Recommendations Ratings & Reviews Free Product Trials VideosWebinars Interviews / Q&As with Product Experts White Papers spiceworks.com/marketing
  8. 8. Closer to Zero Moment of Truth spiceworks.com/marketing
  9. 9. Contribute spiceworks.com/marketing
  10. 10. Be Human spiceworks.com/marketing
  11. 11. Let Them In spiceworks.com/marketing
  12. 12. Extend Offline spiceworks.com/marketing
  13. 13. spiceworks.com/marketing
  14. 14. Relationship Economy spiceworks.com/marketing
  15. 15. Authentic Engagement Deeper Relationships Customer Advocacy spiceworks.com/marketing

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • struggle to gain traction or return
    lack of understanding
    trying to apply the same tactics
  • Essena O’Neill
    greater social movement
    existing social networks are failing to satisfy a deeper need for connection and value
    richer experiences
    more engagement
    deeper relationships
  • central focus
    Community relationships go deep - sharing of a joint passion
    Social Network defined by social connections
    can maintain existing relationships
    making new connections is a transient and shallow experience
    seek quality interactions over quantity.
    aren’t mutually exclusive - communities can derive from and exist within networks
    important how they differ.
  • strong community element
    connections and value focused around specific professions and disciplines
    support, resources, insights and camaraderie
    Instant connection because of a shared, self-selecting identity
  • Networks are defined by scale – Communities defined by core focus…Scale is less relevant to activity and engagement
    Members don’t meet - don’t know who they say they are
    Communities more intimate. Members are expected to actively participate - more difficult to hide 
    Networks are typically artificial; they are invariably created and then governed in a top-down fashion - little or no input from the majority - removed physically and psychologically
    Communities develop more organically - more autonomous, bottom-up fashion. Members are bound together through shared values - come together to find a solution - people coming up with the rules are from within the community - familiar with needs
    Networks encourage passivity and consumption - assume someone else will take care of problems that arise - everyone else is thinking, nothing gets done - anonymity of the crowd allows the passive bystander
    In communities you get and you give - know who is and who isn’t being taken care of, who is and isn’t stepping in to help - social repercussions
  • need to be part of it to have a voice; can’t expect to be heard shouting from the outside
    require give and take – as result need to re-think approach
    effort is much greater but then so are the rewards
  • “Most marketing content continues to push mass-market, self-promotional messages that buyers mistrust.”
    demand dialogue, not corporate monologue
    with each other as a primary source of information and product recommendation
    brands that they are willing to do business with
  • present throughout the whole buying process
    discover, learn and evaluate - point where the buying decision is made
    moving beyond merely observing and interacting with conversations
    participant and contributor - closer to ZMoT
    across multi-channel environments connection to and participation in the community is ever-present
    supplementing and sometimes replacing search as the ZMOT
    specific, quick and trusted source of information and recommendation
    Communities are becoming the place where buying research starts in a lot of instances, and the place that keeps pushing customers towards conversion
    Based on our IT Budget Reports survey from 2014, 81% of respondents identified their community, in this case Spiceworks, as the top resource used when considering vendors compared to 67% referencing Google Search.
  • don’t mean pumping out endless scheduled posts or dropping constant pieces of content
    be present, have a true dialogue, add value
    answering peoples’ questions, helping to solve their problems, make their lives easier - doesn’t mean selling
    relationships are built on trust - demonstrate credibility and value up-front
    customers looking for more from the brands that they engage with
    want deeper meaning and an overall ‘experience’
    Contributing creates value and builds confidence in your brand
  • made up of people - want to talk to other people
    don’t want to ‘integrate’ or ‘engage’ - related to as human beings
    Being human? talking at the same level - ditching marketing speak - not selling
    having fun and not taking yourself too seriously
    relating to customers directly as humans creates emotional bonds; and emotions drive all decision making.
  • members don’t expect to simply be provided with a solution
    have an input - expect to be involved in the creation
    not to just be seen as consumers
    unparalleled resource for gaining feedback and stimulating innovation
    debate it and talk around different scenarios
    Pertino - $875B SMB technology market - validate their assumptions and gain valuable insights - feedback was real-time
    building and using community advocates to share their story
    23,000 IT professionals in Spiceworks and over 3,000 registered companies, The Wall Street Journal, PandoDaily and ReadWrite.
    Brands which evolve through community interaction remain relevant because they're constantly adapting to the changing needs, interests and values of the people who give them meaning.
  • built around human engagement - doesn’t just happen in cyberspace
    happens organically - members convene their own meet-ups to develop their relationships and conversations
    brands members of the community in their own right
    scales back online - good-will and advocacy
    brand is seen as supporter of wider community
  • Backup Exec 2012
    launched amongst much hype
    IT Pros picked up on this very quickly sharing their dissatisfactions
    Matt Stephenson - understood communities
    got involved directly asking and probing them for their feedback 
    damage limitation - made the brand look legitimate to critical audience, after years of ignoring IT
    global social strategy
    most credible brands within the Spiceworks IT community
    Matt celebrity
  • role and impact way beyond key marketing channel
    infrastructure of the new relationship economy
    relationships are the new currency
    communities places where those relationships are developed and cultivated
    focus and authenticity offered by communities providing richness of experience that people are increasingly craving, filling a void left by the transient development of social networks
    brand perspective
    get intimately close to your customers on ongoing basis
    not about short-term Lead Gen - long-term relationships based on honesty, transparency and mutual trust
    provide context within which brands establish meaning, offering value above-and-beyond a product transaction
  • amplify your brand
    foster customer growth