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10 M€ annual revenue within 3 years, starting from scratch!

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This case will elaborate on how the marketing team of Bruynzeel has successfully implemented an automated lead generation process resulting in a 10 M€ annual business contribution. Essential in this 3 year process was the alignment between sales and marketing, leveraging the existing customer database and a rigid process in applying a content marketing strategy. This started with a mindset that we need to treat our loyal customers as a……. long term customer!

In this presentation Daniël Vonken will elaborate on the lessons learned, pitfalls and the rule of 5.

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10 M€ annual revenue within 3 years, starting from scratch!

  1. 1. Daniël Vonken, Group Marketing Director March 2016 10 M€ within 3 years!
  2. 2. Results 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 35000 40000 45000 € 0 € 2.000.000 € 4.000.000 € 6.000.000 € 8.000.000 € 10.000.000 € 12.000.000 sep-14 okt-14 nov-14 dec-14 jan-15 feb-15 mrt-15 apr-15 mei-15 jun-15 jul-15 aug-15 sep-15 okt-15 nov-15 dec-15 Investments € 70.000 € 15.000€ 150.000 Initial set up costs Annual spend Annual staffing costs “A business that is now continuously hunting instead of just farming.” ROI = 612%1-sep 1-okt 1-nov 1-dec 1-jan 1-feb 1-mrt 1-apr 1-mei 1-jun 1-jul 1-aug 1-sep 1-okt 1-nov 1-dec SQL Value (€) #Leads
  3. 3. Mindset
  4. 4. 2010-0272010-027
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. Commercial transformation
  7. 7. Approach • momentum – 6 months •high potential all round marketeers • Introduced 1 FTE of E-marketing • 1 group marketing - act local •heterogeneous team - Esquire Reorganise marketing team 2012 7 • Pilot • Buyer Persona DMU • Content mapping and creation • marketing automation software • Sales reps involved • Content marketing strategy + traditional Set the scene and prepare 2013
  8. 8. Increase learning curve 2014 Approach • Roll-out to all other countries and markets • Leveraging existing customer databases • Increase quantity and quality of content 8 Capitalize 2015 • Maximise knowledge sharing • New website as linking pin • Higher cross channelling approach
  9. 9. Lessons learned 1Stick to your strategy Needed to remind organisation that was “screaming” for leads “now” on a monthly basis that we were heading for a sustainable long term business contribution. Such a transformation process needs 2-3 years. Persistency and determination is key. 2Buy-in and support from CEO Right from the first concept this buy in was an essential element in securing long term thinking 3Do not underestimate what is needed to create content We highly underestimated what is needed to create quality and quantity content in a market that we were not experts in (yet). Content curation was a welcome solution to boost our learning curve 4Adapt pace to the sales organisation In 2014 we were running to fast for our organisation, loosing the connection to sales. Our customers were better educated and prepared than own sales based on content provided. Essential was to adapt the pace to what our sales organisation could handle. 5Research on Software In hindsight insufficient research on marketing automation software. Focus was on strategy and process. Today we are switching to a new marketing automation that enables full integration with our CRM. More insights on software requirements early on would have saved us time in later stage. 6Facilitate in knowledge sharing Putting the dot on the horizon and having 1 international marketing team that is being facilitated in knowledge sharing is key. This truly was and is a team effort 7Take time to build trust and to repeat the message It takes time to build trust within sales that marketing all of a sudden can add real value to the business. This isn’t build overnight. 2-3 years is needed to shake off old habits and allow time to repeat the message. 8Innovate your channel strategy Traditional on and offline channels were creating awareness with specifiers, but you need more to get them acting as your ambassadors and specifying your business. A crowd sourcing contest was introduced as a new channel.
  10. 10. 5X5X
  11. 11. Food for thought
  12. 12. DISC / Needs content
  13. 13. Personal transformation • Condition • Circumstance • Being
  14. 14. Marketing Intelligence
  15. 15. Key Reflections Act as 1 commercial organisation Value your existing customers as long term partners Win-win understanding real customer needs