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Unleash the Power of Apache Cassandra

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Apache Cassandra is a breakthrough technology that is fast,
highly scalable and reliable. It's written in Java, the enterprise standard language for ease of development and deployment. Many common Cassandra performance issues are due to limitations of the underlying Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Azul Zing is proven to solve JVM issues for all types of Cassandra use cases and improve the performance of the entire JVM-centric solution stack, including technologies like Lucene, Spark, Solr and Elasticsearch. This infographic describes how Zing helps you realize the full potential of your Cassandra deployment.

Twitter: @AzulSystems
Web: azul.com

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Unleash the Power of Apache Cassandra

  1. 1. The Power of Apache Cassandra™ Unleashed Cassandra Rocks! She has lots of friends Response time issues, node failures But it doesn’t solve the core issue, garbage collection! You can try to tune your way out Written in our favorite language-Java But Java can constrain Cassandra! Solves GC; improves availability & scalability No re-coding or re-architecting Seamless with existing apps Proven with just a few nodes Or thousands of nodes Azul Systems, the Azul Systems logo, Zulu and Zing are registered trademarks, and ReadyNow! is a trademark of Azul Systems Inc. Java and OpenJDK are trademarks of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliated companies in the United States and other countries. Apache, Apache Hadoop, Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, Apache Spark and their respective logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation in the United States and/or other countries. © 2015 Azul Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. 385 Moffett Park Drive Suite 115, Sunnyvale, CA 94089 Find out more about Zing azul.com/zing @AzulSystems | twitter.com/azulsystems AzulSystemsInc | facebook.com/AzulSystemsInc Azul Systems | linkedin.com/company/azul-systems www.azul.com Try it for yourself! Zing ® Azul Zing to the rescue!®