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Mobile device activity prevention application using react native

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Azilen has developed Mobile Device Activity Prevention Application for Students using React Native Technology. This iOS and Android Mobile App helps students for unnecessary usage for mobile through strategically planned reward system.

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Mobile device activity prevention application using react native

  1. 1. Mobile Device Activity Prevention Application Using React Native
  2. 2. About Client The client is a Norway based IT company looking forward to have a potential technology partner for their proposed domain specific product called Mobile Device Activity Prevention Application for students.
  3. 3. • The client was ready with a kind of wireframe. The client was in need of a capable product development partner to develop the product choosing right technologies. • The client had multiple servers to manage user data and content data. Because of these multiple servers, the client used to face few major data management issues Challenges
  4. 4. Solution • A cross platform mobile app using React Native with positive changes in proposed wireframe • Strategically planned reward system to minimize unnecessary usage of mobile • Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) for push notifications, Relevant APIs for Score Counting aligned with time cycle • Third party tools for QR Code and Scratch Card Integration, automated Background Timer and Database Management • Auto sync with Facebook account for registration and runtime score comparisons with friends • Location, SIM Card and Screen Lock Detection as well as Single Swipe Activation
  6. 6. Business Benefits • The application got proved an humble initiative in motivating the users to avoid the excessive usage of mobile devices • Extremely user friendly nature of the application made the roll out a very easy process for the client's staff. The overall human resource productivity increased up to 70%.
  7. 7. Tools & Technologies
  8. 8. Let's Discuss Your Requirement! info@azilen.com | +1-972-325-2243
  9. 9. Original Source : https://www.azilen.com/case-study/mobile-device-activity-prevention- application/
  10. 10. Thanks You www.azilen.com Let us know if you have any Question!