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  1. Group 4 BAYOLA QUIZ
  2. 1.This is a test meter resistance and continuity in a circuit.  A.Growler  B. Continuity  C. OhmMetter  D. Stator
  3. 2. This is also named hazard warning system, this is normally mounted on the steering column, it is usually a push-pull switch. A. Emergency Light System B. Directional Light Circuit C. Back-up Light Circuit D. Stop Light Circuit
  4. 3. This is a light that illuminates the back of the car when the transmission is shifted in reverse. A Dimmer Switch B Parking Lights C Gaslight D Back-up Lights
  5. 4. This is typically include the headlights, signal lights, stoplights, parking lights, back up lights and side marker lights. A Interior Lights B Exterior Lights C Back Up Lights D Turn Signal Lights
  6. 5.This is the stationary coil of the ac generator in which current is produced. A Resistance B Stator C OhmMeter D Fuse
  7. 6  A. Magnetic Switch  B. Pear Housing  C. Armature  D. Front/Nose Housing
  8. 7  A. Carbon Brush Holder  B. Bronze Bushing  C. Pear Housing  D. Field Coil assembly
  9. 8  A. Through Bolts  B. Armature  C.Bronze Bushing  D.Field Coil assembly
  10. 9 A. Bronze Bushing B. Carbon Brush C. Pear Housing D. Field coil assembly
  11. 10  A. Carbon Brush  B.field coil assembly  C. Pear housing  D. Through Bolts