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Mobile Gaming for South East Asia

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Shared during Mobile Monday Indonesia in July 2012. Highlights the real opportunity in mobile social gaming for Asia

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Mobile Gaming for South East Asia

  1. 1. Mobile Social GamingThe REAL OpportunityBy: Alvin Yap
  2. 2. Who We Are @Alvin_Yap Founder & CEO of TMG Top Social Games Developer Serves over 5M Players/Users Own Platform “KotaGames”
  3. 3. Global Mobile Gaming Market CAGR of 63% and >7x by 2016 US$11B Social/Freemium Social/Freemium Others 75% of Total US$4B US$2B 2016 2012
  4. 4. APAC (Excluding China, Korea, Japan) China, Japan, Korea US$1.5B Rest of APAC Rest of World 90 Advertising Virtual Goods 35% Download 1,110 55% 10% US$200M 300 21 185 2016 2012
  5. 5. 4 Key Market RealitiesDevice Footprint Demographics Monthly Spending Smart (6%) 89% >US$120 Basic (26%) <US$120 Feature (68%) 11% 200M 19% Devices sold (July’11) Credit Cards Bank Accounts Closed-OS 40M Mobile Users 13.4M iOS, Android etc 82% Infrastructure Fragmentation
  6. 6. Window Of Opportunity 1.3 Billion Underserved Users
  7. 7. Window Of Opportunity With Sufficient Technology
  8. 8. Window Of Opportunity SOCIAL GAMING
  9. 9. Window Of Opportunity Be the FIRST Social Gaming Experience
  10. 10. Fact or Fiction?#1 Indonesian users cannot be monetized Monetization Zynga TMG Diff. Paying MAU 1.3% 36% 27x ARPDAU ~US$0.046 US$0.036 -22%
  11. 11. Fact or Fiction?#2 Smartphones will take over very soon Even by 2016, feature phones will still be around
  12. 12. Fact or Fiction?#3 Indonesian users do not play social games The average player: 255 Pages Per Month 2x Visits per Day >20mins Per Visit
  13. 13. Other General Trends Telcos “encouraged” to Innovate Entry of Global Giants Rise of <$100 Smart-phones
  14. 14. Now Loading. . .
  15. 15. KotaGames with XL “Monster Fight” included in KL1K Media Event for Official Launch Booth@ ICS 2012http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbS-NrWLJjM
  16. 16. KotaGames with TSEL Exclusive “Galaukan Setan” Game!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbS-NrWLJjM
  17. 17. KotaGames Platform!3 simple reasons to bring your games to KotaGames!! Easy Integration! Simple integration using HTML! Wide Distribution! Reach users of top telcos in SEA/India! Effective Monetization! Monetize with SMS Billing that works for all!
  18. 18. Upcoming Titles
  19. 19. biz@tmgamer.co