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Avnet Electronics Marketing IP&E Value -Add services

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Avnet Electronics Marketing has one of the broadest offerings of physical value-add services in the
industry, specializing in services that provide cost and time-to-market advantages so that electronic
original equipment manufacturers (EOEMs) can concentrate solely on the aspects of business that
provide the most return. Add a well-deserved reputation for customer service, and it’s easy to see
why Avnet adds value to hundreds of customers each day.

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Avnet Electronics Marketing IP&E Value -Add services

  1. 1. Avnet Interconnect, Passive &ElectromechanicalPHySICAL VALUE-Add SERVICES SuPPoRT AcRoSS THE BoARd TM
  2. 2. Avnet Electronics Marketing PHySICAL VALUE-Add SERVICES A Leader in Specialized Value-Add Services Avnet Electronics Marketing has one of the broadest offerings of physical value-add services in the industry, specializing in services that provide cost and time-to-market advantages so that electronic original equipment manufacturers (EOEMs) can concentrate solely on the aspects of business that provide the most return. Add a well-deserved reputation for customer service, and it’s easy to see why Avnet adds value to hundreds of customers each day. Warehouse/Operations >> Avnet inventories over $150 million dollars worth of value-add product and is capable of supporting an array of commercial and military requirements through the Avnet Logistics Solution Center (LSC), which is an ISO-9001-2000 certified facility located in Grapevine, Texas. >> Avnet uses a barcode intelligent inventory management system that allows for a paperless transfer of components to an ideal stocking location. >> Orders are released and scheduled through a computerized warehouse management system. >> As orders are picked or kitted, a conveyor distribution system routes the product to either a consolidation area for value-add orders or directly to a packing and shipping area for pre-built orders. Engineering/Process Control >> Avnet uses manufacturer-specific or Avnet-designed tooling and assembly processes, which are all approved and certified by the corresponding manufacturer. >> Every custom assembly or modification is built to customer specifications. >> The Avnet LSC has a dedicated production cell that assembles first articles. Once a first article is approved, the system electronically stores the manufacturing process along with detailed step-by-step assembly instructions for future use. >> Value-add orders are assigned bar-coded shop tickets. A shop ticket is a document that identifies every component needed during assembly and also documents the process that must be followed when assembling the finished product. 800 735 5426 >> Every shop ticket is assigned to a work cell that performs the actual value-add activity. Each cell is staffed by certified assembly technicians and has all of the tools needed to assemble components. Quality Assurance >> Avnet utilizes a “Web-X” electronic imaging system that generates a permanent record of each order. This record allows for full traceability of all components and value-add products and ensures that quality assurance processes are applied to all orders. >> All units are built to customer or manufacturer specifications and are tested using state-of-the-art equipment. www.em.avnet.com/services >> A 100 percent electrical test is performed on each assembly whenever possible. Also, when needed, special test boards with mating components are manufactured on-site to test custom or modified assemblies. >> Avnet has also met best-in-class quality standards – ISO-9001-2000 approved; UL and CSA certified; IPC-A-620/WHMA-A-620, BSI, J-STd-001 certified. >> Employees receive extensive on-the-job training and routinely participate in certification programs. A Tradition of Excellence Commercial interconnect assembly service begins Custom cable assembly Avnet receives Mil-Spec Online computer/BOM AS 9100B certification Thermal management VAR Center launched ISO-9001 certification Avnet buys ElectroAir Alliance (ISA) formed Avnet receives FAA- certification received AC0056 certification Integrated Supplier ElectroAir founded Solder certification Motor modification Case 3A approval High-Rel/Mil-Aero system launched assembly begins Avnet receives Avnet receives Avnet receives Avnet receives Avnet receives service begins service begins service begins CSA approval Power Supply interconnect MIL-I-45208 UL approval 1957 1967 1975 1978 1982 1984 1988 1991 1995 1997 2000 2002 2003 2005 2006
  3. 3. business card placement (fpo)
  4. 4. IP&E Physical Value-Add ServicesAll of Avnet’s core value-add services are performed in the Avnet Logistics Solution Center (LSC) in Grapevine, Texas.The LSC is an 180,000 square-foot, ISO-9001-2000 and AS-9100B certified assembly center that has met IPC-A-620/WHMA-A-620 Class III, BSI and J-STd-001 qualification standards. The LSC is sustained through internally-developedon-the-job-training and certification programs, which are offered to more than 400 employees.Today, the Avnet LSC in Grapevine, Texas has close to 60 registered Qualified Product Lists (QPLs) and is fully authorizedto stock and assemble products to manufacturer drawings and specifications.Commercial InterconnectCommercial interconnect value-add products are built and Connectors Connectors Cylindrical Contacts Headersinventoried based on manufacturer listed part numbers and Manufacturers d-Subpart specifications. Avnet has invested in robotic automation for & Servicespart identification, adhesive application, contact insertion and 3M Interconnect Solutions l linsulator insertion, which is deployed to minimize human error, Amphenol (all divisions) l l lincrease productivity and maintain cost efficiencies. As a result, FCI l l lAvnet maintains an industry-leading low defect rate of less than 100 ITT Electronic Components l lparts per million with more than 135,000 commercial connectors Molex l l l lshipped every day. Samtec l Tyco Electronics l l l lCustom Cable Assembly IdC Termination – Flat Ribbon IdC discrete & Multi Ties, Labels & Wire Harness Flat Flex/Flex High density Accessories IdC Term. – ModificationAvnet’s ability to meet customer specifications of varying levels of Assemblies Conductor .100/.156sophistication yielded more than six million flat flex assemblies, Manufacturers Cableflat ribbon cable connector assemblies and harness assemblies & Serviceslast year alone. Avnet has a dedicated production cell that provides 3M Interconnect Solutions l l l l l l lfirst article cable assemblies based on customer specifications. Amphenol (all divisions) l l l lOnce the first article is approved, Avnet documents and electroni- FCI l l l l l lcally stores the manufacturing process, which includes detailed ITT Electronic Components l l lstep-by-step assembly instructions that can be recalled for Molex l l l l l l l lfuture use. Panduit l l l Tyco Electronics l l l l l l l lHigh-Reliability/Military-Aerospace Power/Industrial Hi-Rel Circular Mil-C-26482 Mil-C-24308 Mil-C-81659 Mil-C-83723 Mil-C-83733 Mil-C-83513 Mil-C-26500 Mil-C-39029 Mil-C-38999Interconnect Assembly Mil-C-5015 d-Sub/IO ManufacturersThe Avnet LSC is Mil-I-45208 certified to assemble close to 60 & Servicesdifferent Mil-Spec QPLs (Military Qualified Parts List) and is fully Amphenol (all divisions) l l l l l l l l lauthorized to stock and assemble products to manufacturer draw- Conesys l l l l lings and specifications. Avnet currently offers 24-hour delivery on FCI l l lover 250 of the most popular high-reliability and military-aerospace Glenair l l l l l lproducts. In addition, Avnet has achieved delivery cycle times of ITT Electronic Components l l l l l l l l l l l lless than three days on normal-sized orders for many other high- Molex l l lreliability and military-aerospace connectors. Tri-Star Electronics l Tyco Electronics l l l l l l lMotor Modification Mechanical & Physical ModsAvnet provides motors and gear boxes through a dedicated Motor Electrical Motor ModsModification Center in Grapevine, Texas, which specializes in Cable and Connector Brushless Motorsmaking mechanical, physical and electrical modifications. Having dC Motor Mods Stepper Mods Brush Motorsa facility dedicated to motor modification gives Avnet the flexibility Integrationto meet the most exacting custom specifications while reducingcustomer inventory levels and assembly costs. ISO-9001 qualified Manufacturers & Servicesservices such as application engineering assistance, prototypes Pittman l l l l l l land volume production are also offered. Portescap danaher l l l l l l l
  5. 5. Avnet Electronics Marketing PHySICAL VALUE-Add SERVICES Power Supply Modification Add Sheet Metal Cable/Harness VAR Services Burn-in Load Components Cooling Fan/ Higher Level Working with a dedicated team of product and material Add Electro Enclosures Assembly Heat Sink Assembly specialists, Avnet’s business development managers, Manufacturers Testing Racks field application engineers (FAEs) and regional power & Services specialists help customers source front-end power Emerson Network Power l l l l l l l l supplies quickly and efficiently. Avnet is also a certified Lambda Electronics l l l l l l l l value-add reseller (VAR) for Emerson Network Power Lineage Power l l l l and Lambda modular power supplies. These products Murata Power Solutions l l l l l l l represent some of the most technically advanced Power-One l l l l l l l configurable power supplies and meet AC/dC power Sola/Hevi-duty l l l l l l l requirements from 180 to 4,860 watts. Schurter l l SL Power Electronics l l l l l l Thermal Management Cables Connectorize Many sophisticated silicon components cannot Add Sheet Metal & Hardware Guards function properly without effective heat dissipation. Enclosures Avnet offers custom assembly and modification Heat Sinks Fan Trays for cooling fans and heat sinks. In fact, Avnet is Manufacturers one of the world’s largest distributors of thermal & Services management products, shipping millions of cooling Aavid Thermalloy l fans, blowers and heat sinks each year through the Comair Rotron l l l l l Logistics Service Center. ebm-papst l l l l Sunon l l l l Avnet ElectroAir Components & Services Avnet ElectroAir is a leading provider of components and services for the airframe, government and airline aftermarket sectors. With an extensive line card of products, along with a wide range of logistic and as- sembly services, ElectroAir is dedicated to meeting the growing needs of the airline/airframe market.Physical Value-Add Service Overview 800 735 5426 Hi-Rel & Mil-Aero Interconnect Hi-Rel & Mil-Aero Interconnect Power Supply Modification Power Supply Modification Commercial Interconnect Commercial Interconnect Thermal Management Thermal Management Motor Modification Motor Modification Cable Assembly Cable Assembly ElectroAir ElectroAirManufacturers Manufacturers www.em.avnet.com/services & Services & Services 3M Interconnect Solutions l l Murata Power Solutions l Aavid Thermalloy l Panduit l l Amphenol (all divisions) l l l l Pittman l l Comair Rotron l l Portescap danaher l l Conesys l l Power-One l ebm-papst l l Samtec l Emerson Network Power l Schurter l FCI l l l Sola/Hevi-duty l Glenair l SL Power l ITT Electronic Components l l l Sunon l Lambda Electronics l Teledyne Relays l Leach International l Tri-Star Electronics l l Lineage Power l Tyco Electronics l l l l Molex l l l
  6. 6. IP&E Physical Value-Add Services>> Avnet ElectroAir Components & Services>> Commercial Interconnect>> Custom Cable Assembly>> High-Reliability/Military-Aerospace Interconnect Assembly>> Motor Modification>> Power Supply Modification Custom Cable Assembly>> Thermal Management Motor Modification Avnet ElectroAir Components & Services High-Reliability/Military-Aerospace Interconnect Assembly Commercial Interconnect Power Supply Modification Thermal ManagementAvnet Electronics MarketingMotor Technical SupportPhone: 1.800.541.4105E-mail: motors@avnet.comWeb: www.em.avnet.com/motorsPower Supply Technical SupportPhone: 1.800.833.9910E-mail: powersupply@avnet.comWeb: www.em.avnet.com/powersupplyHigh-Reliability/Military-Aerospace Technical SupportPhone: 1.866.422.6457E-mail: hirelconnect@avnet.comWeb: www.em.avnet.com/hi-relAEM-IPEPVA-04-2008Copyright© 2008, Avnet, Inc. All rights reserved. Avnet, Inc. disclaims any proprietary interest or right in any trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, company names, brands, product names, or other form of intellectual property other than its own.AVNET and the AV logo are registered trademarks of Avnet, Inc. While every effort is made to ensure the information given is accurate, Avnet, Inc. disclaims liability for any errors or mistakes that may arise. Specifications subject to change without notice.