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ESE Group 2013

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General presentation of ESE Group

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ESE Group 2013

  1. 1. ESE Group LLC International Group of Companies Efficient Power Management 1
  2. 2. WHO ARE WE? The ESE Group is a newly formed multi-disciplined network of specialized and focused entities that are dedicated to the development and implementation of high quality, energy efficient and cost wise electrical products and services for Industrial, Power generation, Commercial and Oil & Gas Field applications. Our expertise spans a range of industries with a global reach. Our corporate headquarters are maintained in Bulgaria with sales, service, supporting research, development and manufacturing facilities located in North America, Europe, Russia and the Middle East. WHAT WE PROVIDE Our designed and build harmonic solutions are custom tailored for each client facility. We provide complete onsite installation, setup, commissioning and operator training for the new equipment. To get a comprehensive overview of our entire product and service lines, please refer to the product catalogs or our website at www.esegroup.eu. INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Electrical systems design and engineering Power system design Process automation Project management Power system studies Harmonic analysis POWER GENERATION PRODUCTS Solar PV generation Power distribution & substations Power and Distribution transformers Design build projects Power automation HV/MV/LV cables OIL & GAS PRODUCTS Submersible pumping systems Variable Frequency Drivesystems Input / Output Filters Line Reactors Harmonic Filters Step-up/down transformers PLC controlers Motor Controllers Power Generation Sytems Switchgear from 380V to 66kV, EU or US Standards IGBT, PWM VSD with 6, 12, 18 or 24 Pulses, Ambient temp. range: -40 to +55 oC AC OEM Designed & Developed Drives ESP, PCP & Pump Jack Applications Power Conditioning Equipment designed & engineered to specific applications Power Quality Components Hazardous Location Systems General Oil Field Supplies Completion Tools, Packers, Valves ESP Consumables and Parts ELECTRONICS R&D OEM Electronic Control Products ESP Motor Controller Ground Fault & Reverse Rotation Relay System Analogue or Digital Control Packages Motor controller for step motors Current and Voltage dividers RS232-RS485 converter ESE Group 2 EFFICIENT POWER MANAGEMENT Modular power supply blocks Specialized firmware and Custom modified OS (Embedded Linux) Remote control and management interface End-User interfaces for trend systems and mod bus communication.
  3. 3. WHY ESE GROUP Using our products, systems and services, all our Clients achieving in their production sites: Optimized operation Preserve critical loads Predictable system response Training and assistance to operators Reduced operator errors Increased reliability Reduced downtime Improved efficiency Minimized operating costs Extended equipment lifetime Improved energy conservation Reduced maintenance costs Minimized system losses Avoid time-of-use penalties OUR GREEN MISSION Our mission is to design, manufacture and supply products of superior quality that meet or exceed customer needs at the lowest industry cost, so that we positively contribute to client’s earnings and cash flow. We believe this task can be accomplished in a safe and environmentally sound manner by utilizing our people resources to their full capabilities, thus providing opportunity for individual fulfillment and recognition. ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABLE Environmental sustainability involves making decisions and taking action that are in the interests of protecting the natural world, with particular emphasis on preserving the capability of the environment to support human life. It is an important topic at the present time, as people are realizing the full impact that businesses and individuals can have on the environment. What is Environmental Sustainability? Environmental sustainability is about making responsible decisions that will reduce ANY business' negative impact on the environment. It is not simply about reducing the amount of waste produced or using less energy, but is concerned with developing processes that will lead to businesses becoming completely sustainable in the future. By helping clients to be more energy efficient we saving them a significant amount on energy cost. Performing a cost-benefit analysis will allow you to compare the benefits of environmentally sustainable practices with the total cost of implementation. Environmentally sustainable businesses also have a competitive edge when it comes to attracting customers and investors. Modern consumers are aware of social and environmental issues and keep themselves informed about which businesses are acting responsibly in the community. Investors are equally aware of these issues and there is a trend developing towards investing in environmentally sustainable companies. Most importantly in considering the business case for environmental sustainability is the point that it doesn't negatively impact on a business' ability to generate a profit. In fact, in the long term it is considered to actually improve profitability through the reduction of expenses and increased competitiveness. 3
  4. 4. CONTACTS For more detailed information about our Products, Services and References, please visit our corporate web site at: www.esegroup.eu or contact us directly: Phone: +359 52 636323 E-mail: office@esegroup.eu Web: www.esegroup.eu ESE Group 4 EFFICIENT POWER MANAGEMENT