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Is Your Email Marketing Dead?

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Questioning why your email marketing appears to have flat lined? Find out how to jump start it back to life with this flowchart.

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Is Your Email Marketing Dead?

  1. 1. IS YOUR EMAIL MARKETING ‘NO’ ifs fine_ ‘ I It's more or ‘ I Ye5- ‘ M less healthy. C0I3'5+BLUEI ‘U Whey WHAT ARE ITS VITAL SIGNS? I - - 7 I We dO- We” ’Our click-thru, I/ Ital 3'gn5- 5°met'meS' conversion and Whatever. 50me’tIme5_“0t- open rates Thai-'5 I-‘YPICGI. aren't flatlining, right? but the prognosis isn't good. Hook it up to a monitor and get a reading. E39 ® IF YOUR nor is LOW, WHY? No Idea We prescribed We. ”eed more , . actionable data We aren T 0UV5eIV9$ 3 generlc insights. We need - personalization to narrow our wormed strategy and targets. We need about It. stagnant data. better d'5t"b“t'°”- J K “‘o M ayb e thafs We need a lot. O unhealthy. Then why are your performance metrics gasping for breath? Let us help you. DATA IS YOUR BEST MEDICINE. WHICH INFDRMATIDN CAN YOU APPLY TD BDDST LEADS AND CDNVERSIDNS? We have I bet we could i ’ customer data, I . We don I but applying it collect real—tIme prospect information, have to ,0” audience behavioral data any data- I5 Dr0b_abtFIY and event triggers I Impossi e. I or is it? _ if we had the right technology. HDW WILL YUU USE DATA AND ANALYTICS TD BRING YDDR EMAIL MARKETING BACK TD LIFE? I I Granular data‘ €'re ready to Who needs Wm hejp usher make lead scoring, m arket more prospects event—based triggers _ and prospect analysis? segmenting part of our We don’t need dail)’ regimen- more sales. fl Good thing you're not happy with leaving your sales results to chance. 33 PROGNOSIS Congratulations! You're ready to make your campaigns stick with analysis, research, and automation. If you don't start reaching the right You're looking targets at the right better already! times, your sales prognosis is bleak. Keep it up by igputtfis _e_a? ogo . L . "‘h W. . dety you dea . ste with an ' Avnindm. AVENTIC-3