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Australia Real Estate - Education - uchkconsulting.com

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http://uchkconsulting.com/ UCHK Consulting Ltd provides overseas property investors, Australian Government (FIRB) approved real estate investment opportunities, information and logistics.

“The Australian Government welcomes foreign residential investment. It is the genesis to building Australia’s economy by supporting population growth and provides financial prosperity for all Australians.”

For over 25 years, UCHK has delivered Australian property wealth creation to overseas clients. Expert advice to secure the appropriate property investment and finance that best suits your individual circumstances. Even if the reason for buying property is simply to study, emigrate or retire, at UCHK our promise is to give the very best advice and consultation in the market, and the opportunities to act on that information. This means that you are able to extract the maximum financial benefit from your property purchase.

Click here to download the UCHK corporate brochure containing important information regarding Australia. http://uchkconsulting.com/UCHK-Profile-2014.pdf

With expert staff all over Asia, UCHK Consulting Ltd are the first choice for overseas real estate investors.


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Australia Real Estate - Education - uchkconsulting.com

  1. 1. STUDENT VISA PROGRAM Eight Types of Student Visa 学生签证项目 The essential guide for all overseas investors and immigration news 海外投资者的必备指南AUSTRALIA|CHINA|HONG KONG|JAPAN|INDONESIA|MALAYSIA|SINGAPORE|INDIA|THAILAND A DEGREE FROM DOWN UNDER More than Just Education 澳洲文凭 STUDENT ENROLMENT DATA 379,214 Enrolments 留学生累计注册总数数据 Special Edition Education in Australia t h e o v e r s e a s i n v e s t o r s e s s e n t i a l g u i d e 海 外 投 资 者 的 必 备 指 南 AUSTRADE The Australian Government on the ground in China 澳大利亚贸易委员会 AUSTRALIAN MAP TO STUDY Investment and a University Course 根据澳大利亚地图来学习以及投资 MIGRATION MATTERS The importance of Migration Agents 留学澳洲 SCOTT O.TALBOT 房 地 产 相 关 投 资 服 务 UCH K CONSULTING LIM ITED
  2. 2. 2 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 3 CONTENTS MOST LIVEABLE CITY IN THE WORLD Melbourne continues to stay top of the rankings 墨尔本-全球最宜居城市 - 墨尔本超越温 哥华,一举夺得它保持了近十年的“全 球最宜居城市”称号。 STUDENT VISA PROGRAM Eight Types of Student Visa 学生签证项目 - 学生签证包括以下八类 A DEGREE FROM DOWN UNDER More than just education 澳洲文凭 - —— 不仅仅是教育 STUDENT ENROLMENT DATA There were 379,214 enrolments by full-fee paying international student 留学生累计注册总数数据 - 自2013年初 至6月,凭学生签证并缴全额学费的澳 洲留学生累计注册总数达到了379,214 AUSTRADE The Australian Government on the ground in China 澳大利亚贸易委员会 - 澳大利亚贸易委 员会协助中国人民,与澳大利亚进行教 育上的交流,商业中的合作 AUSTRALIAN MAP TO STUDY Property investment and a university course in Australia are the perfect match 根据澳大利亚地图来学习以及投资 在澳大利亚的房地产投资和大学课程对 于你的孩子的未来是完美的结合。 AUSTRALIA EDUCATION EXPERIENCE Education in Australia is a wonderful experience and journey 留学澳洲:一段非凡经历 - 在澳洲接受 教育是一段绝佳的体验和历程。 MIGRATION MATTERS The importance of engaging a professional migration agent to assist with your move to Australia 留学澳洲:移民问题,不可掉以轻心 携手专业移民代理商,顺利迁往澳大 利亚! “Providing access to a world-class education to talented international students is of utmost importance to the University of Melbourne. We are excited about the prospect of developing a partnership with The Australia Property and Education News Foundation Ltd that will present opportunities for accomplished Chinese students to study in Melbourne at one of the world’s leading universities” Professor Paul Kofman, Dean Sidney Myer Chair of Commerce Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Melbourne 墨尔本大学 宣布为在澳大利 亚留学的学生设 立奖学金 “为国际学生提供世界顶级的 教育对于墨尔本大学来说是非 常重要的,我们对与APEBF合 作将更多的中国学生引领到墨 尔本的世界顶级大学来学习感 到非常的开心。 保罗·卡尔曼教授,院长 悉尼 玛雅 商务部 商务和经济学院 APEBF现在与澳大利亚充满荣誉的最 杰出的墨尔本的大学合作,提供资金 用来建立国际奖学金,为中国学生提 供到澳大利亚的大学就读的机会。 奖学金将给予经济上处于弱势的学生,他 们可以选择利用此奖学金完成一个本科学 位或者一个硕士学位。 APEBF了解孩童教育的重要性,尤其在经 济基础不够牢靠的时候在澳大利亚求学。 大部分海外留学生都在留学期间进行兼职 来保障学费以及生活费的支付,这造成了 他们没有办法将全部精力放在学习上。在 最高的层次上实现他们的教育。 APEBF奖学金旨在帮助学生在不过多考虑 资金问题的情况下在最高的层次上实现他 们的教育。奖学金主要针对学费、住宿费 以及往返澳大利亚的费用,希望他们有一 天可以带着更多的知识以及经验回到中国 做出不同的贡献。这个奖学金将在不就得 将来开启,请与我们一起期待这一天的到 来。 THE AUSTRALIA PROPERTY AND EDUCATION NEWS FOUNDATION LTD ARE NOW COLLABORATING WITH AUSTRALIA’S MOST DECORATED AND DISTINGUISHED UNIVERSITY, THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE, TO PROVIDE INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS FOR STUDENTS TO BE COMPLETELY FUNDED BY THE FOUNDATION. The scholarship would support financially disadvantaged students with either a Full Undergraduate Degree or their Masters degree, a choice at their own discretion. The Australia Property and Education News Foundation Ltd understands the importance of a child’s education especially the financial difficulty the coinciding whilst studying abroad in Australia. With the majority of overseas students working part-time to cover their tuition and accommodation costs, students are not always concentrating their energy and resources by completely focusing on the task on hand. The completion of their tertiary education at the highest level attainable. The Foundation’s Scholarship is focused primarily to help students to achieve their highest level academically with out much thought about finances. The Scholarship incorporates the financial aspects of Tuition, Accommodation and travel costs to and from Australia with the hope that one-day these students will return to China with a greater experience and knowledge with the potential aspect of making a difference! The scholarship will be officially unveiled in the foreseeable future so keep your eyes peeled with excitement. SCOTT O.TALBOT 房 地 产 相 关 投 资 服务 UCH K CONSULTING LIM ITED
  3. 3. The Most Liveable City in the World 4 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 5 The EIU’s Liveability Ranking, part of the Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, assesses living conditions in 140 cities around the world by assigning a rating across five broad categories of stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. Melbourne scores highly in all of the EIU’s criteria and achieves perfect scores in the areas of healthcare, education and infrastructure. Ongoing investment in Melbourne’s world-class infrastructure was highlighted in the report for keeping Melbourne at the top of the index. The declaration was made just weeks after the Monocle named Melbourne’s quality of life the second best in the world- rising from fifth place in 2012. Melbourne’s constant strive to be world class is evident with new innovative buildings rising as The Monocle magazine states that ‘The intelligent charm of Melbourne is being matched by cleaver city- wide areas’, commending on the significant investment infrastructure and bicycle-ways. Melbourne continues to stay top of the rankings due a number of reasons, from its low population density, which also leads to lower crime rates, greater work infrastructure and recreational activities, through to its consistency and strategic infrastructure investments. Cities such as London and New York have a higher population density than Melbourne where in return creates a higher crime rate, poorer working conditions and the unappealing recreation activities due to its congestion. The poor stability and the perceived terrorist threats have not contributed in the growth of the cities in the perception of many. High population dense cities such as Beijing are also affected in their rankings due its traffic congestion with both factors contributing to the pollution levels. Although that Melbourne is a big city, public transport from the international airport to the Melbourne CBD is only 20 minutes by a bus. Melbourne’s growth did not affect its traditions heritage listed sites continue to stand strong from the foundation years where wide avenues and lush green parks continue today with multi-billion dollar developments such as the East-West Road Link, the expansion of the Melbourne Metro System and the continued investment in the Southbank Cultural Precinct. Melbourne has once again been crowned as the best city in the world to live for the third straight time in accordance to the latest Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Liveability Survey 2013. The concept of liveability assesses which locations around the world provide the best or the worst living conditions. Assessing liveability has a broad range of uses, from benchmarking perceptions of development levels to assigning a hardship allowance as part of expatriate relocation packages. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s liveability rating quantifies the challenges that might be presented to an individual’s lifestyle in any given location, and allows for direct comparison between locations. Melbourne has taken over the mantle that was once held by Vancouver as the best liveable city, which spanned for nearly a decade. Australian cities dominated the rankings by claiming four of the top ten spots, with Adelaide, Sydney and Perth ranking equal fifth, seventh and ninth respectively. Vienna once again came in at second place with Vancouver (3rd), Toronto (4th), Calgary (5th), Helsinki (8th) and Auckland rounding up the Top Ten. Melbourne- The Most Liveable City in the World By Anthony Tran Most Livable Top Ten Ranking Melbourne is known for its high quality of life, with its vibrant multicultural community, renowned arts scene and world famous food and wine, as well as Australia’s best shopping and leisure opportunities. Furthermore, Melbourne continues to be recognized for its prestigious cultural and sporting events such as The Tennis Grand Slam (Australian Open), The Formula One Grand Prix, The Melbourne Cup and the up and coming Asian Football Cup in 2015. Such events gained recognition for Melbourne as the Ultimate Sporting City in 2008 where the city still ranks highly in the biennial Sport Business awards. Being recognised as the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne attracts people from various cultures across the globe ensuring a steady supply of highly talented skilled workers. Lifestyle, a skilled and innovative workforce and competitive business environment all combine to make Melbourne one of the most cultural and dynamic cities in the world. Melbourne is enriched with cultural diversity with many communities establishing themselves across Victoria. These communities allow their traditions to thrive and are respected by all proud Victorians. From the Chinese who first settled to make 7% of the total population of Melbourne in 1861, right to across to the Greeks where Melbourne has the most Greeks outside of the Greek capital of Athens. Cultural diversity allows Melbourne to thrive and provide a lifestyle never seen before with many migrants groups establishing their own business through the adaption of their cultures to the Australian way of life. Here, various ethnic businesses are not just opened to their communities but also target other ethic communities in harmony, creating a wealth of diversity and understanding. Such harmony has also allowed many communities to practice freely their choice of religion. 97.5% Ranking No: 1Melbourne Tourism Minister Louise Asher said that Melbourne was an easy city to market because there was much to do and to explore. “I like the range of restaurants, the number of events we have, both cultural and sporting,”she said. “I love walking along the beach - there aren’t too many cities in the world that have a great river ambience, a great bay ambience and have a range of activities to do.” Australia is renowned for its world-class weather and landscape, however Melbourne can offer all four seasons like no other city. During the summer thousands flock to the beach and parks to enjoy the traditional Australian lifestyle of enjoying a barbeque and a cold beer with their friends and loved ones, while others enjoy laying on the beach sun bathing or catching waves on their surfboards. As winter falls many are given the opportunity to swap their surfboards for snowboards and enjoy the wonderful ski slopes that the Victorian County has to offer. Mount Buller snowfields is only three hours away from the Melbourne, close enough to drive but far enough for a getaway to unwind with the view of the Victorian Country sunset. In the words of the French writer and philosopher, Albert Camus, autumn is like a second spring when every leaf’s a flower. Melbourne is renowned for its parks and gardens where the beautiful and uplifting sights of autumn are a unique sight to truly behold. The Royal Botanical Gardens golden sunlight, crisp sunny days and the smell of wood smoke in the air are the most favorable time of the year for Victorians. Melbourne has once again been crowned as the best city in the world to live for the third straight time in accordance to the latest Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Liveability Survey 2013.
  4. 4. 6 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 7 For many, migration to Australia is more desirable than other country. There are key aspects to why people choose the city of Melbourne to live over the other Australian States or cities worldwide. One key factor is the adaption to society with much focus for the older demographic. The adaption for the elderly plays a pivotal role for most ethnic groups when the decision is made to move aboard. Air quality, weather conditions, traffic, low population density, transport and cultural communities are reasons why Melbourne is more desirable for migrants. Multicultural precincts are so prominent in Melbourne that migrants in these areas still don’t speak much English, more rather they communicate in their native tongue whilst continuing on with their traditional heritage with adaption to the Australian way of life. Former premier Jeff Kennett said the appeal of Melbourne was a combination of its cultural heart and its greenery. “It’s that huge bucket of energy that we’ve invested in that gives us a point of difference to any other city in the world in terms of its proximity to cultural activities being within walking distance to very fine hotels and a range of restaurants representing all shapes, colors and tastes of the world.” Mr. Kennett also praised the openness of Victorians, saying they took everyone at face value - “People here live together in harmony”. Planning Minister Matthew Guy said that Melbourne was unique in that it offered a great life to anyone, “Whether you’re a single, an older couple, a young couple or a family with kids”. “So much is so different from suburb to suburb and that’s what makes it such an interesting city, not just a liveable one,”he said. Culture is expressed throughout Melbourne and the laneways and street life are a prime example of this. Traditionally one would think that dining in the laneway posses a threat to your safety, that you should steer clear from such areas and avoid Be empowered to perform Executive Education Open Programs 2014 In today’s ever-changing environment, it’s vital to apply cutting-edge research, strategies and techniques to maximise business performance. The Executive Education programs delivered by The University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and Economics empower high performing organisations and individuals to extend their knowledge, skills and networks. Upcoming 2-day intensives in 2014: • Market Leadership and Strategic Marketing, 4-5 March 2014 • Positive Leadership Development, 25-26 March 2014 • Strategic Financial Analysis, 13-14 May 2014 • Managing Customers for Competitive Advantage, 4-5 June 2014 • Executive Decision Making and Negotiation, 16-17 June 2014 • Managing Conflict at Work, 26-27 June 2014 • Internet Marketing and Social Media, 21-22 July 2014 • Strategic Brand Leadership, 14-15 August 2014 • Doing Business in Asia, 17-18 September 2014 • Managing Innovation, 16-17 October 2014 • Motivating and Managing Performance, 28-29 October, 2014 Find out how you can combine our intensive programs to achieve a University of Melbourne qualification. Graduate with a Specialist Certificate in Executive Leadership or a Specialist Certificate in Strategic Marketing. Learn more and explore: fbe.unimelb.edu.au/execed CRICOSNo:00116K9631 communication with the person passing by. Melbourne’s laneways are the complete opposite and is the voice of the street life. Melbourne has always been trendy and known for its distinctive style to be different and unique which is also evident through Bourke Street, the mecca of shopping of Melbourne. Here, no cars have been allowed since 1990 thus creating an‘Urban Lifestyle’ of Trams, bicycles, and Horse Carriages, where pedestrians have the right of way to the roads. Any proud parent would want their child to attain the highest level of education achievable for their children. Melbourne alone boasts two universities enlisted in the Top 100 Universities in the world, with the University of Melbourne ranked 32nd in the world. The ease of transportation, student culture and ethnic groups have allowed many overseas students to thrive in Melbourne with many adapting quickly to the Australian way of life from their peer’s and mentors. The life experiences attained whilst studying in Melbourne is simply irreplaceable with many Alumni students in Asia regretting the chance to prolong their stay. Melbourne is currently, and will always be, the city to live in. Whether you are young or old, Australian or Chinese, Christian or Taoist, Melbourne provides the freedom of lifestyle choices that one would crave and demand. The respect given for ones cultural heritage is unprecedented and creates the most desirable ambience for Australians and Migrants alike. Claiming the throne for the third successive time did not occur due to the misfortune of other Cities, more rather it’s based on the accomplishment of the Victorian people striving towards happiness and harmony. If you want happiness for a lifetime, we must help the next generation. LIVEABLE CITY ...Continued
  5. 5. 8 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 9 旅游业负责人路易斯•阿舍说墨尔本的市 场易于开发,在这里有太多可以做的事及 可供探索的新事物。 “我喜欢这里餐厅的装饰和布 局,还有我们在这里参与过的文 化和体育类的项目”她说。“我 喜欢沿着沙滩漫步,世界上没有 几个城市能有这样惬意的海滩环 境,海湾美景以及如此丰富的娱 乐活动。” 澳大利亚因其世界一流的天气条件和自然 风景而著名,在这里你能清晰的感受四季 的变换。夏天,成千上万人成群的涌向沙 滩和公园,与好友和家人一起品尝澳洲传 统的烤肉野餐和冰霜的啤酒;躺在沙滩 上,享受日光浴;或是踩着冲浪板追逐海 浪。冬天降临时,冲浪板则被用作滑雪 板,人们能用它从维多利亚州陡峭的雪山 坡上飞速滑下,享受速度的快感。从墨尔 本到布勒山滑雪场,仅需三个小时的车 程。 法国作家、哲学家阿尔贝·加缪曾说, “每一片叶子都像是一朵花。墨 尔本因其景色秀丽的公园而远近 闻名,能在公园里静静欣赏美好 的秋景真是一种享受。当灿烂的 阳光撒入皇家植物园里,空气中 飘荡着树木散发出的淡淡香味, 这便是一年中的最美好的时刻 了。” 对很多人来说,移民至澳洲的吸引力远大 于去其它国家。人们选择墨尔本而非澳洲 其它州或城市也有一下几个主要原因。其 中有一个关键因素,能否适应当地社会这 一问题的重心在于老年人群体。当其他国 家或民族的人做决定是否要移民出国时, 主要考虑的是家里的老年人移民之后能否 很好地适应目的地的社会。优良的空气质 量,适宜的天气条件,良好的交通状况, 低人口密度,文化社区方面的优势使墨尔 本成为不可多得的移民目的地。墨尔本文 化多元,即使到了这里,移民们也不用讲 很多英文,而是可以用自己的母语畅谈; 墨尔本- 全球最宜居城市 最宜居 十大排名 97.5% 杰出的 No: 1墨尔本 根据2013经济学人智库宜居城市调查报告,墨尔本连续 第三次获得‘全球最宜居城市’的荣誉称号。‘宜居’这 一概念用于评估世界各地生活条件的优劣。评估宜居等级 有诸多用处,它不仅能作为标杆衡量当地的发展水平,还 能让国民在迁移的过程中享受贫困津贴这一福利。由经济 学人智库测定的城市宜居等级,能量化城市居民在个人生 活中遇到挑战,同时也能让我们对各个被评估城市做出直 观的比较分析。 墨尔本超越温哥华,一举夺得它保持了近十年的“全球最宜居城市”称号。不仅如 此,澳大利亚还包揽了世界十佳宜居城市中的四佳,阿德莱德,悉尼,珀斯分别排 在第五、第七、第九。维也纳再次位列第二,温哥华第三,多伦多第四,卡尔加里 第五,赫尔辛基第八,奥克兰第十。 经济学人智库关于城市宜居等级的调查,涵盖了全球140多个城市,评估内容主要 包括城市稳定性、医疗保健、文化环境、教育水平及基础设施这五大方面。墨尔本 在各项目中都得分不凡,在医疗健康,教育水平和基础设施方面,表现更是几近完 美。为使墨尔本荣登榜首,在陈述报告中我们特别强调,我市以打造世界级基础设 施为目标的投资项目仍在不断发展当中。 2013年,权威杂志《Monocle》提名墨 尔本为全球生活质量第二的城市,比起 2012年的第五位有大幅上升。仅在提名 数周之后,墨尔本又被评为‘全球最宜居 城市’。多年来,墨尔本努力不懈将自己 打造为世界级的城市,一幢幢创意新奇的 建筑拔地而起,正如杂志中评论道‘墨尔 本的魅力在这座城市的各个角落尽情展 现。’并着重称赞了其在基础设施和自行 车道建设上的大力投资。 墨尔本能连年保持第一有诸多原因,其人 口密度低,相应的犯罪率也低,基础设施 更加完备,娱乐活动也更丰富,更值一提 的是墨尔本从未中断基础设施建设的战 略性投资。而伦敦、纽约等城市的人口密 度则高于墨尔本,相应的犯罪率也更高、 工作条件相对较差、拥堵的交通也大大降 低了其娱乐活动的吸引力。不安全因素和 潜在的恐怖威胁更是阻碍着这些城市的 发展。再如北京这样的城市,人口密度极 高,交通拥堵不堪,生态环境极为恶劣, 最终也影响了它的宜居排名。墨尔虽然面 积广阔,但是坐机场大巴从国际机场到中 央商务区,仅需20分钟。 墨尔本日新月异的发展并未影响其从建立 之年保留下来的传统和遗产。在我们投资 数十亿美元建设连贯东西的道路,扩展墨 尔本地下铁,投资南岸文化区时,原有宽 阔的林荫大道,葱郁的绿色花园也依旧保 留着。 墨尔本因其高质量的生活水平,充满活力 的跨文化社区,如画般的自然风光,鲜美 的食物和香醇的美酒而闻名于世。这里还 有澳洲最便利的购物和休闲场所。墨尔 本还是公认的文化和体育盛事的举办地, 如澳大利亚网球公开赛,一级方程式大奖 赛,墨尔本杯和即将到来的2015亚洲杯足 球赛。这些盛事让墨尔本受到广泛认可, 并在2008年被评为“运动之都”,当时该 城市在两年一次的体育商务奖名单上名列 前茅。 墨尔本被评为全球最宜居的城市,它吸引着来自不同文化的人们。才学 渊博、技能高超的劳动者不断涌现。各不相同的生活方式,技能娴熟、 创意满怀的工作者,竞争激烈的商业环境将墨尔本打造成一个文化丰富 且最具活力的城市。墨尔本文化多样,许多民族群体都在维多利亚州建 立了自己的社区。各个社区内母国文化异彩纷呈,受到当地人的尊重。 其中包括最早在此定居的中国的华人区,1861年时,华人社区的人口 占到了墨尔本总人口的7%;除此之外还有希腊社区,该社区的是除了 希腊首都雅典以外,规模最大的希腊人聚居地。 文化多样性促进墨尔本不断繁荣发展,同时也为来此开创自己事业的移 民提供了一种全新的生活方式,即将自己的母国文化融入到澳洲生活方 式之中,与之相结合。在这里,不同民族的商业不仅仅对自己的群体开 放,同时也对其它民族开放,逐渐形成一种和谐的氛围,创造出文化多 样和互谅互让的宝贵财富。和谐的氛围能让更多的群体基于自己的习惯 和喜好自由的生活。 在保持自己传统习惯的同时融入澳洲的生 活。 前任总理杰夫•肯尼特曾说墨尔本的魅力 源自其文化内涵和怡人美景的融合。 “我们投入的大量精力给予我们 独一无二的体验,在这里我们能 近距离的体验丰富多样的文化活 动,居住精致优雅的旅店,享受 形、色、味各异的美食。” 肯尼 特先生还表扬说维多利亚人率真 开放,“居住在这里的人们和谐 而友好。” 计划部长马修说墨尔本的独特之处在于, ” 无论是单身,老年夫妇,年 轻夫妇,或是三口之家,墨尔本 都能给予其最妙不可言的生活体 验。”“仅从城市一个郊区到另 一个郊区,差异都大的令人目瞪 口呆,正是这种丰富性和多变性 使得墨尔本成为一个趣味十足的 城市,而不仅仅只是宜居。” 文化在墨尔本的大街小巷表现的淋漓尽 致。在既定观念中,在巷子里用餐十分危 险的,我们应该避开这种地方并尽量不要 与过往的人交流。但是墨尔本的巷子却截 然不同,它是街道风景的一部分。墨尔本 因其独特的风格而出名,这在伯克街道和 墨尔本的购物圣地显而易见。1990年之 后,汽车就不能从这里穿行了,从而构建 出一种有轨电车、自行车、马车汇集的城 镇生活之感,行人们有先行权,能在街道 上自由行走。 任何望子成龙的父母都希望自己的孩子 接受世界顶级的教育。而仅是在墨尔本 就有两所排名世界前100名的大学,其 中墨尔本大学位列世界第32位。墨尔本 便利的交通,浓郁的学生文化,多样的 民族构成让来自海外的学生们在青春岁 月里尽情绽放,他们很快便能适应同伴 和老师那样的澳洲式生活方式。在墨尔 本学习和生活的宝贵体验,是他们亚洲 校友们的经历所无法替代的,长期留在 墨尔本的机会更是其它经历不能相提并 论的。 墨尔本将不懈地保持其宜居特色。不管 是老年人还是年轻人,澳洲人抑或中国 人,基督信徒或者道教信徒,都能在墨 尔本自由地选择自己喜欢或渴望的生活 方式。 今日的墨尔本高度尊重对个体所代表的 文化传统,不论对澳洲本地居民还是外 来移民来说,城市的氛围都是的和谐舒 适的。能连续三次获此殊荣,并非墨尔 本比其它城市幸运,而是从维多利亚时 代起人们便不断地追求幸福和和谐。如 果你也想快乐地度一生,那就让我们应 竭尽所能帮助我们的下一代吧!
  6. 6. 10 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 11 1. SUBCLASS 570 English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) visa. This visa is for international students undertaking a stand-alone English language course that leads to a certificate level award or non- formal award. 2. SUBCLASS 571 Schools visa. This visa is designed for international students applying to study in Australia in a primary, junior secondary or senior secondary school course or an approved secondary school exchange program. 3. SUBCLASS 572 Vocational Education and Training visa. This visa is designed for international students applying to study in Australia and whose main course of study is a certificate, vocational education and training diploma, vocational education and training advanced diploma, vocational graduate certificate or vocational graduate diploma. 4. SUBCLASS 573 Higher Education visa. This visa is designed for international students applying to study in Australia and whose main course of study is a bachelor degree, associate degree, higher education diploma, higher education advanced diploma, graduate certificate, graduate diploma or Masters by coursework. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS MUST HAVE A VALID VISA FOR THE DURATION OF THEIR STUDIES IN AUSTRALIA. MOST INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS WILL NEED A STUDENT VISA. HOWEVER, VISITOR VISAS PERMIT UP TO THREE MONTHS STUDY AND WORKING HOLIDAY MAKER VISAS PERMIT UP TO FOUR MONTHS STUDY. FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT THESE VISA OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE AT: WWW.IMMI.GOV.AU/VISITORS STUDENT VISA PROGRAM THERE ARE EIGHT TYPES OF STUDENT VISA STUDENT VISA PROGRAM 5. SUBCLASS 574 Postgraduate Research visa. This visa is designed for international students who want to study a Master’s degree by research or a Doctoral degree in Australia. 6. SUBCLASS 575 Non Award visa. This visa is designed for international students who want to study non award foundation studies or other full time courses not leading to an Australian award. 7. SUBCLASS 576 AusAID or Defence Sponsored visa. This visa is designed for international students who are sponsored by AusAID (under the Australia Awards) or Defence to study a full-time course of any type in Australia. 8. SUBCLASS 580 Student Guardian visa. This visa is designed for a parent or close relative to accompany an underage student to Australia. To be eligible for a student visa, applicants must be accepted for full time study in a course listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Applicants must also meet financial, health insurance, English language proficiency and health and character requirements There is no limit on the number of student visas issued each year. If applicants meet requirements, they will be granted a student visa. Student visas are issued for the entire period of study in Australia. Visas are issued in alignment with the period for which the applicant has Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). FAMILY MEMBERS Students can apply to have partners and dependant children under the age of eighteen accompany them to Australia. These family members are known as secondary visa holders and are counted in student visa numbers. A parent or guardian seeking to accompany an international student to Australia may be eligible for a Student Guardian (subclass 580) visa. ABILITY TO WORK Student visas include a visa condition that, once the course has commenced, allows most students to work for up to 40 hours per fortnight while their course is in session and for unlimited hours during course breaks. The limitation imposed by this visa condition reflects the purpose of a student visa; that it is to allow entry to Australia in order to study, not to work. From 26 March 2012, higher degree by research students on a Postgraduate Research (subclass 574) visa may work unlimited hours once their Masters or PhD course has commenced. Dependants of students studying a Masters or PhD research course have no limitation on their work hours. APPLICATIONS The department gives priority to offshore applications to ensure that prospective students receive their visas in time to travel to Australia to commence their courses. Onshore students are granted bridging visas pending finalisation of their new student visa applications and can still commence their courses. Depending on the relevant Assessment Level the service standards are that 75% of offshore applications are finalised within 14 to 90 days and 75% of onshore applications are finalised within 14 to 30 days. 学生签证项目 学生签证包括以下八类 在澳大利亚学习期间,外国留学生需持有效签证。大部分的外 国留学生需要学生签证。旅游签证一般为期3个月,打工度假 签证一般为期4个月。更多关于签证选择的信息,请登录 1. 570 类签证 纯语言类学生签证,这一类签证针 对仅学习英语强化课程的外国留学 生,课程授予1至4级证书或者非正 式证书。 2. 571 类签证 中小学学生签证,这一签证针对前 往澳大利亚读小学、初中、高中课 程或是参与官方认可的中学交换项 目的外国留学生。 3. 572类签证 职业教育与培训类签证,这一签证 针对前往澳大利亚读文凭课程,攻 读职业教育与培训文凭课程,高级 职业教育与培训文凭课程,职业教 育研究生证书课程、职业教育研究 生文凭课程的外国留学生。 4. 573类签证 高等教育签证,这一类签证针对前 往澳大利亚攻读学士学位、准学士 学位、高等教育文凭、高等教育高 级文凭、研究生证书课程、研究生 文凭课程、以授课为主的硕士学位 课程的外国留学生 5. 574 类签证 研究型硕士和博士学位类,这一类 签证针对前往澳大利亚攻读研究型 硕士或博士学位的外国留学生。 6. 575类签证 非文凭学生签证,这一类签证针对前往 澳大利亚攻读不授予学位或文凭的全日 制课程的学生。 7. 576类签证 澳大利亚援助项目签证,这一类签证针 对在澳大利亚国际开发署或者国防项目 担保下,前往澳大利亚攻读任何一类全 日制课程的外国留学生。 家庭成员 外国留学生可以申请家人陪同出国,尤其 是18岁以下的未成年人。这些家庭成员是 次签证持有人,也被计算在学生签证总数 量之中。陪同外国留学生在澳大利亚学习 的父母或者监护人有资格申请学生监护人 签证,即580类签证。 工作时限 学生签证有一个规定,一旦课程开始,学 期内,学生每两周有40小时的法定打工时 间;学期间,打工时间则是没有限制的。 这一限制条件清晰的反映了学生签证的目 的,即录取学生到澳大利亚来是学习而 非工作。次签证持有人也应当服从签证规 定,每两周40小时的工作时间。从2012年 3月26日起,持有高等教育签证(574类签 证)的研究生,开始研究生或博士生课程 之后,打工时间将不再受限。研究生或博 士生的次签证持有人也将可以自由的决定 打工时间。 WWW.IMMI.GOV.AU/VISITORS 8. 580类签证 学生监护人签证,这一类签证针对陪同 未成年人前往澳大利亚读书的法定父母 或亲属。 为了获得学生签证,申请者需要被正式 录入联邦注册机构和海外学生课程机构 认可的全日制学校,同时还必须拥有财 务和健康保险,达到英语语言能力标准 以及健康状况和性格特征标准。 每年发放的学生签证的数量是没有限制 的,只要申请人符合上述条件,就可以 获得学生签证。学生签证长期有效。而 且签证期限与留学生的海外学生健康保 险的期限应该是一致的。 申请 签证的审批部门将给予国外申请优先权, 以确保申请者能及时拿到签证,到澳大利 亚开始上课程。国内的学生则能拿到过桥 签证,即使申请的新学生签证仍在审核期 间时,也并不影响他们上课。根据相关评 估体系的业务标准:75%的国内申请能在 14-90天内获审通过,这其中又有75%能 在14-30天内获审通过。这里要强调的一 点是,开始上课之后,将近80%的国内学 生的申请资料都是不完整的,由于要等待 申请人提供所需信息,审查官员往往要延 长原定审核时间。
  7. 7. 12 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 13 A Degree FROM Down Under – More than just education Traditionalists assume tertiary education from The United Kingdom or The United States to be the superior option over other countries, with many leaving the Australian education and lifestyle on the back burner. Its geographic isolation portrays a general misconception that Australia cannot compete, but in reality it punches well above its weight class. A Degree FROM Down Under By Anthony Tran There is no doubt that Australia is isolated, however, this confinement has allowed for the nation to grow in a unique and undeterred manner never witnessed before. The world financial crisis badly affected, and continues to affect, most developed countries with the utmost severity. The Australian economy withstood such a demise, which is evident today through the current unemployment rate. Australia’s current unemployment stands at 5.5%, lower than both The United Kingdom and The United States at nearly 8%. The reality that crime and unemployment correlate cannot be ignored as safety and rest assurance contribute as major factors behind ones mentality to migrate. But the main focus of migrants investing in Australia revolves around their child’s education and how the environment exposure could contribute to their development as a flourishing young adult. Aside from The United Kingdom and The United States, Australia has the most universities in The Top 100 World Rankings, with five universities acknowledged in 2013. The University of Melbourne is the Highest Ranked Australian University at 34, boasting an impressive proportion of excellence rating of 85.45%. According to OECD, 6.6% of all international students were studying in Australia, demonstrating the desire and level of respect Australian Tertiary Education is achieving. This may all seem relative, but we must take into account that The United Kingdom and The United States of America both boast bigger populations and have far more universities than Australia. Australia’s population currently stands at just over 23 million, where as the UK and The United States are 62.23 million and 313.9 million respectively. Although Australia has the smallest population of the three nations, its sheer land size dwarfs the United Kingdom and is ultimately comparable to the United States. Now we must visualize in the eyes of a student… in what environment are we likely to attain the highest level of focus and sanity? Which country out of the three would be the easiest to adjust to? Which country allows a freedom of thought and mobility to roam about? Which country would create the most opportunities in terms of employment, exposure and development? Australia provides the right environment for a student to focus purely on their education. The under developed land and natural beauty are reasons that draw people to Australia. The endless coastline provides the best backdrop for any student to visualize their dreams, and, without the distractions of the big city life and hustle and bustle on the street, achieve them. For Asian students, the ease of flying to and from their home town to Australia is a lot easier. Direct flights on commercial and now budget airlines are frequent and more cost effective. But how does the geographical size of Australia benefit its tertiary educational system? Enormous to be frank. Now that we have visualized the sheer size of Australia and its population in comparison, we must now reflect on the size of the classroom and the attractive professor to student ratio. Australia boasts many academic professors, with many acknowledged for their work around the world, from legal professors being employed throughout Asia implementing legislations and amending new policies, to engineering professors overseeing developments. Classrooms with fewer students, led by these elite mentors, provides a foundation to achieve goals set since childhood. The uncongested attention to detail towards students is something unique about Australian education. The opportunity to be mentored by a professor who not only wrote your text book and is the world leader in their field of expertise is something honorable in itself, but to learn directly one on one in a confined environment is a truly amazing experience. Some professors even move to and from their London or American university to their Australian university to enjoy the Australian summer and lifestyle. The far superior attention to its students in Australia is evident through the nations great cultural diversity. The 2011 Australian Consensus report suggests that over one in four Australians are born overseas. A major issue for students establishing themselves abroad is the negative impacts on their cultural beliefs and understanding. Australia provides a platform through its cosmopolitan blend of cultures that allows migrants to settle a lot faster, with out facing external factors such as racial stereotypes. Students are exposed to all major ethnic groups with the requirement to collaborate with their colleagues to strengthen their communication and networking skills. Such teamwork enables students to undertake different avenues of life and encourages their development into world-class leaders, something that may not be affordable in other developed nations. With the large influx of students arriving from similar cultures, its more distinguishable for students to not only adapt to the Australian Culture and lifestyle, but to also keep their culture through the student and local communities. Students deriving from China migrate in large numbers to Australia and adapt quickly to the Australian-Chinese communities. Such detachment and isolation from your heritage is non-existent in Australia as many ethic groups are supported not only by the local government, but the local communities itself, such as Chinatown in the Victorian CBD, to the Melbourne suburban areas of Boxhill, Springvale and Glen Waverley . Sino-Australian relations, the relationship between the Commonwealth of Australia and the Peoples Republic of China, has grown considerably over the years with both countries engaging more economically, culturally and politically, yielding progression and prosperity for both countries. These relations lead a surge in Australian educational interest in China with mining giants BHP Billiton contributing $2 Million to fund five scholarships to bolster Australian studies in Beijing. The BHP Billiton chair of Australian Studies at Peking Univeristy in Beijing visits to raise profile and understanding of Australia in China. The program is run in partnership with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs’Australia- China Council, the Foundation for Australian Studies in China, Peking University, Universities Australia and the Commonwealth Department of Education. During the Australia China/China Australia Past, Present & Future conference in September 2013 at The Peking University, The Chair of the program, Professor David Walker, stated; “The creation of the BHP Billiton Chair of Australian Studies at Peking University is a very important educational initiative. [It] sends the clearest possible signal to the already large and growing Australian Studies community in China that we are serous about wanting Chinese people to know Australia better across a wide spectrum of research fields and interests.” “There are no better or more enduring ways of doing this than through strong educational links that permit sustained intellectual, cultural and social engagement. The scholarship program will bring the best and the brightest of our two societies together. This is a very practical way of strengthening ties between our two societies,”(2) University of Melbourne Australian national university university of queensland university of SYDNEY MONASH UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITY RANKING Source: Universities Australia 1 2 3 45 6 7 (2) BHP Billiton – News Release BHP Billiton partnership strengthens ties with China, 1st of October 2013. Enrolments Commencements by Sector - 2012 | 2013  Higher Education 195,387 190,375 VET 105,664 93,180 ELICOS 55,800 64,255 Schools 15,111 14,280 Non-award 15,925 17,124 Top 5 nationalities of Australia’s enrolments in all sectors China 115,591 112,665 India 41,844 34,867 Republic of Korea 20,613 19,911 Vietnam 17,000 18,294 Malaysia 18,596 17,802 Other nationalities 174,243 175,675
  8. 8. 14 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 15 The Chair is expected to raise awareness and understanding of Australia in China and provide academic leadership to a network of over 30 Australian Study Centers in metropolitan and regional Chinese universities, which has been supported by the Australia-China council for already two decades. 3 This is a refection of Australia’s involvement within the Chinese educational sector, as relations are built beyond the scope of economic and financial objectives. With Australia’s lower population and need for more skilled workers, immigration and permanent residency has been a focus point for many students studying in Australia. Australia’s population growth has led the Government to focus on Net Overseas Migration (NOM) with 60% of Australia’s population growth deriving from migration. Thus academic excellence and the enhancement of skill sets would contribute immensely for the possible employment and residency in Australia as lower unemployment rates provide a distinct opportunity with Chinese nationals setting the trend in recent years. 4 A combination of Australian hospitality, high caliber universities and a quality of life makes Australian education a world leader for students internationally. The diversity of nationalities allows you to seek out your compatriots if a sense of homesickness arises. This has swayed many migrants to choose Australia as the destination to settle and establish themselves. Recent trends have seen many Chinese nationals now migrating to Australia and establishing themselves as Australians. The investment of property coupled with an Australian education could lead to a long prosperous life in a land of opportunity. It’s a matter of time before the world realises that Australia provides the perfect platform for your family, your lifestyle and career after attaining a high level education in Australia. Just visualize the quality time spent one on one with your mentor followed by a ride on your bicycle to the coastline watching the sunset whilst reading your textbook. The dream could easily become reality. 澳洲文凭—— 不仅仅 是教育 尽管澳大利亚在地理上是孤零零的单独一 块,但这种地理限制反而赋予这个国家空 前独特的发展方式,使其不受干扰、进展 迅速。世界金融危机给大多数发达国家带 来了极为严重的影响和打击,这种影响直 到今天仍在继续。相比之下,澳大利亚的 经济却在这样的濒死之境中挺了过来,当 今的低失业率更是这一点的绝好证明。今 天,澳大利亚失业率只有5.5%,要比英 美两国的失业率低了近8个百分点。犯罪 率和失业率息息相关,这一现实情况不容 忽视,因为安全和保障恰好是移民所最关 心的。 不过,移民们赴澳投资,主要关注的还是 孩子的教育。澳洲的外部环境会不会促进 孩子的发展,帮助其成长为前途远大的年 轻人是移民的关注的重心所在。在世界前 100所高校排名中,澳大利亚仅居英美之 后,在2013年共有5所高校上榜。墨尔本 大学名列34,排名最高,其优秀等级评定 分数更是达到了骄人的85.45%。根据经 济合作与发展组织的数据,在澳大利亚求 学的国际留学生占全世界留学生总人数的 6.6%,这显示了澳洲高等教育为人所求、 受人尊敬的现实。或许相比英美,这些数 据并不起眼。但我们必须明白,英美两国 人口众多,高等学府比比皆是,这些都是 澳大利亚所不具备的。 目前,澳大利亚人口刚刚超过2300万,而 英美两国各自的人口数量已经达到6223万 和3.139亿。但是,人口数量最小的澳大利 亚拥有着面积庞大的国土,其足可以让英 国相形见绌,并且直逼美国。 让我们开动脑筋,展开想象,在学生的眼 中,什么样的环境才可以让他最大限度的 集中注意力,发挥其聪明才智呢?相比英 美,三个国家中哪个更容易适应,有更大 的思想和行动的自由度?又是哪个国家, 可以创造更多的机会,供他们寻找工作、 体验生活以及自身发展呢? 澳大利亚的环境最适合学生心无旁骛地专 心学业。粗狂广袤的土地尚未开发,原始 的自然风光引人入胜。狭长的海岸线连绵 蜿蜒,海之彼岸风景怡人,这是最好的梦 的背景,供学生们畅想自己的未来,并专 心致志地实现它们。因为这里远离尘嚣, 不闻喧扰。尤其是对于亚洲学生,乘坐飞 机往返亚澳之间,要比去欧美方便的多。 商业直航线和正在兴起的廉价航空航班众 多,性价比极高。 不过,澳大利亚的地理条件是如何有利于 其高等教育系统的发展的呢?实话实说, 原因数不胜数、不胜枚举。除了已经分析 过的澳大利亚地广人稀的优势,其小班教 UNIVERSITY LOCAL OVERSEAS TOTAL OVERSEAS STUDENT MIX STUDENTS STUDENTS ENROLLMENT PORTION NEW SOUTH WALES Charles Sturt University 3,457 32,472 35,929 9.60% Macquarie University 12,222 24,141 36,363 33.60% Southern Cross University 1,319 12,074 13,393 9.80% University of New England 1,208 16,860 18,068 6.70% University of New South Wales 13,212 36,275 49,487 26.70% The University of Newcastle 3,474 26,858 30,332 11.50% The University of Sydney 11,871 39,292 51,163 23.20% University of Technology Sydney 9,091 25,518 34,609 26.30% University of Western Sydney 4,460 33,256 37,716 11.80% University of Wollongong 6,343 16,495 22,838 27.80% VICTORIA UNIVERSITIES Deakin University 7,837 30,392 38,229 20.50% La Trobe University 6,863 23,987 30,850 22.20% Monash University 13,353 40,259 53,612 24.90% RMIT University 10,479 25,297 35,776 29.30% Swinburne University of Technology 6,630 13,566 20,196 32.80% The University of Melbourne 11,995 33,443 45,438 26.40% University of Ballarat 5,101 5,583 10,684 47.70% Victoria University 5,325 17,011 22,336 23.80% QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITIES Bond University 2,656 3,898 6,554 40.50% Central Queensland University 7,755 11,696 19,451 39.90% Griffith University 10,947 30,841 41,788 26.20% James Cook University 3,021 13,271 16,292 18.50% Queensland University of Technology 6,618 35,168 41,786 15.80% The University of Queensland 10,490 33,340 43,830 23.90% University of Southern Queensland 6,475 19,097 25,572 25.30% University of the Sunshine Coast 1,293 7,663 8,956 14.40% WESTERN AUSTRALIA UNIVERSITIES Curtin University of Technology 10,149 26,624 36,773 27.60% Edith Cowan University 3,660 21,140 24,800 14.80% Murdoch University 2,114 13,055 15,169 13.90% University of Notre Dame Australia 520 8,333 8,853 5.90% The University of Western Australia 3,948 17,614 21,562 18.30% SOUTH AUSTRALIA UNIVERSITIES Flinders University 2,331 15,054 17,385 13.40% The University of Adelaide 6,328 16,953 23,281 27.20% University of South Australia 6,070 23,868 29,938 20.30% ACT UNIVERSITIES University of Canberra 2,881 10,945 13,826 20.80% MULTI-STATE UNIVERSITY Australian Catholic University 3,227 16,271 19,498 16.60% TASMANIA UNIVERSITIES University of Tasmania 2,884 16,582 19,466 14.80% NOTHERN TERRITORY UNIVERSITIES Charles Darwin University 575 7,205 7,780 7.40% ACT UNIVERSITIES The Australian National University 4,917 13,652 18,569 26.50%   GRAND TOTALS: 233,099 813,689 1,046,788 22.3% UNiversity student mix The balance of STUDENT culture 学的规模和极富吸引力的师生比也是一大 亮点。澳洲拥有众多的学术教授,有许多 因其学术成就在世界享有盛名。我们既有 曾就任于亚洲国家政府,全程参与其立法 和政策修订的法学系教授,又有见证着时 代进步和社会发展的工程系教授。 小班课堂教学,精英导师执教,这一切为 学生们自童年始就曾心怀的梦想的实现奠 定了基础。澳洲高等教育的特色就在于, 每位学生都可以得到导师教授们最直接、 细致的关怀。讲台上授课的老师,课桌前 答疑的尊者,就是你教科书的撰写者,本 领域的泰斗大腕,学富五车,备受尊崇。 这样的经历是何等的美妙!此外,还有一 些教授,受澳洲夏天的魅力和舒适的生活 吸引,从伦敦、美国抵达这里,往返其 间,执教全球。 澳大利亚对各国学生有着无与伦比的吸引 力,其国家文化的多样性就是这种吸引力 的最好佐证。2011年澳大利亚共识报告 显示,超过四分之一的澳洲人出生地于其 他国家。对于异国求学的学子而言,当地 文化对自己本身文化观点信仰的冲击是最 大的问题。澳大利亚的文化融汇了世界各 地的精华,为移民们提供了良好的平台, 使他们可以不受种族偏见等外界因素的影 响,迅速适应当地生活,安家落户。 抵澳求学的学生会置身于拥有各种种族文 化背景的同学中间,与他们一起协同合 作,加强自己的沟通与人际交往能力。这 样的团队合作会使得学生接触到各种不 同的生活方式,并促进他们的发展,使他 们成长为世界一流的领军人物,而这些在 其他的发达国家可能并不容易得到。许多 留学生的文化背景非常相似,此时学生不 仅需要适应澳洲的文化和生活方式,更需 要保持住自己的文化特色。大量的中国学 生来到澳大利亚留学,并且迅速地融入到 当地的华人社区中。在这里,你绝不会感 到孤单,更不会远离家乡传统。因为在澳 洲,移民们不仅有当地政府的支持,更有 当地华人社区的支持。在维多利亚中心商 务区、墨尔本郊区地带的博士山商业区、 史宾威和格伦·韦弗利商业区都有华人聚 居区。 近年来,中华人民共和国与澳大利亚联邦 在经济上、文化上、政治上的合作越来越 密切,中澳关系迅速发展,极大地促进了 两国的发展和繁荣。双边关系的发展极大 地鼓励了澳大利亚对中国教育的兴趣,矿 业巨头必和必拓公司拨款200万美元,资 助了五项奖学金项目,以支持北京的澳大 利亚研究。 北京大学必和必拓澳大利亚讲习教授席位 意在促进中国人民对澳大利亚的了解,提 升澳大利亚的形象。澳大利亚外交部的澳 中理事会,中国澳大利亚研究基金会, 北京大学,澳洲大学联盟,联邦教育部等 多个部门和组织也都参与了这个项目的 运营。在2013年9月在北京大学举办召开 的“澳中/中澳过去、现在、未来大会” 上,讲习教授大卫·沃克表示: “北京大学必和必拓澳大利亚讲习 教授席位的设立是一项具有重大意 义的教育举措。(它)释放了一个 最为清楚不过的可能信号,告诉那 些在中国工作的,已经颇具规模并 不断发展的澳洲研究团体,我们非 常希望可以通过广泛的研究领域和 研究兴趣,加深中国人民对澳大利 亚的了解。” “而这是最好的、最持久的途径。 通过优秀的教育资源,吸引来自学 术、文化、社会等各个方面力量的 持续性努力。此次的奖学金项目可 以融合我们两个国家中最优秀,最 具发展潜力的力量。这是卓有成效 的方式,必定会加深两个国家的双 边关系。”2 此项目意在促进提高中国人民对澳大利亚 的关注和了解,并为覆盖30多所澳洲研究 中心的研究网络提供学术领导。该网络遍 布中国高校,在过去20年里一直接受澳 中理事会的资助。3这反映了在两国就经 济和金融展开合作之后,双边关系继续发 展,澳大利亚相关组织参与到中国的教育 领域,共谋发展。 澳大利亚人口稀少,存在需求缺口,需要 更多的技术工人。因此许多在澳求学的学 生十分关注、渴望移民并取得永久居留 权。澳洲的新增人口中,有60%是海外移 民,因此澳洲政府十分关注海外移民增长 数量(NOM)。所以优秀的学术成绩和 熟练的技术技能会极大地提高在澳大利亚 找到工作、安家落户的可能性。而近年 来,中国侨民的失业率确实相对较低,在 这方面起到了示范作用。4 热情好客的澳洲人民,成绩过硬的高等学 府,超高品质的生活质量让澳大利亚的国 际留学生教育出类拔萃。澳大利亚民族众 多,文化多元,若你思念家乡不堪其扰, 随时都可以在这里找到同胞。这也是为什 么,许许多多的移民选择了澳洲,在这里 安家落户、谋得发展。尤其是近年来,大 量的中国侨民来到澳洲,取得了澳洲国 籍。赴澳投资,你不仅可以获得优秀的教 学资源,还可以在这片充满机会的土地 上,收获一生的发展。来到澳大利亚,接 受优秀的高等教育,拥有美满的幸福家 庭,享受高雅的生活方式,取得巨大的事 业成功。这一切即将为世人所知。请展开 你的想象吧,与你享有盛名的导师促膝长 谈,尽情享受学术带来的满足和愉悦,悠 闲地踩着单车,缓缓骑至蔚蓝迷人的海 边,一个人静静地阅读、思考。身后,夕 阳余晖洒遍…… 梦想变为现实,选择在你手中。 因循守旧者相信要论高等教育,英美必居 首位。其中很多人更是认为,相比之下, 澳大利亚的教育和生活都要差的多。澳洲 偏居一隅,遗世独立,这让人们误解她没有资格与其他对手抗 衡。但事实上,在同等重量级的选手中,她的表现还要略胜一筹。
  9. 9. business.uq.edu.au The University of Queensland Business School MBA program is regarded as one of the world’s best, rewarding graduates with the invaluable expertise of lecturers actively involved with leading businesses. MBA Graduate Mark Sowerby, founder and Managing Director of Blue Sky Alternative Investments Ltd, has used his MBA to establish an investment team of global professionals in private equity, real estate, hedge funds and water, and to list his business on the Australian Securities Exchange. UQ Business School offers three MBA study options that provide flexibility and convenience, with the added benefit of an outstanding facility in the heart of the Brisbane CBD. To find out more contact UQ Business School on +61 7 3346 8100 or email mba@business.uq.edu.au THE MBA RANKED NUMBER 1 IN ASIA PACIFIC The Economist The number of visas granted offshore also increased in 2012/2013 compared with the previous year, by +13% (+16,691). This growth was driven primarily by the Higher Education sub-class of visa (which includes ELICOS students who have English language courses packaged with higher education). Offshore Higher Education visa grants in 2012/2013 were up by +29% (+16,166). Whilst a relatively small proportion of the overall ELICOS cohort, it was good to see increasing numbers of visas granted for stand-alone ELICOS visas (not packaged with programs in any other sector). Offshore Independent ELICOS visa grants were up by +1% (+159) – the first growth since 2008/2009, with onshore Independent ELICOS visa grants up by +19% (+1,650). It was also good to see an increase in the visa grant rates, with the offshore visa grant rate in 2012/2013 increasing to 91.1% compared with 85.7% in 2011/2012. The data shows no good news for VET providers, however, with total visa grants for VET continuing to decline (-16%), with offshore down by -12% and onshore down by -17%. China, Peoples Republic of India Korea, South Vietnam Brazil Thailand Pakistan Malaysia Nepal Indonesia Saudi Arabia United States of America Colombia Philippines Japan 0 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000 60000 2011-12 to 30/06/12 2012-13 to 30/06/13 1 Lodged 1.14 Number of student visa applications lodged in 2012-13 to 30 June 2013 by citizenship country - comparison with same period in previous year Citizenship Country China, Peoples Republic of 2011-12 to 30/06/12 51 588 2012-13 to 30/06/13 57 887 % Change from 2011-12 12.2% 2012-13 as % of Total 19.9% India 39 048 30 225 -22.6% 10.4% Korea, South 13 071 14 039 7.4% 4.8% Vietnam 9 407 12 262 30.3% 4.2% Brazil 10 386 11 900 14.6% 4.1% Thailand 9 960 10 287 3.3% 3.5% Pakistan 9 855 10 071 2.2% 3.5% Malaysia 9 717 9 642 -0.8% 3.3% Nepal 8 092 9 105 12.5% 3.1% Indonesia 9 064 9 015 -0.5% 3.1% Saudi Arabia 8 785 8 564 -2.5% 2.9% United States of America 8 085 7 724 -4.5% 2.7% Colombia 6 264 7 396 18.1% 2.5% Philippines 4 806 6 857 42.7% 2.4% Japan 6 173 6 255 1.3% 2.2% Other countries 75 702 79 532 5.1% 27.4% Total 280 003 290 761 3.8% 100.0% BR0097 Student visa program quarterly report | 30 June 2013 | page 20 Number of student visa applications lodged in 2012-13 to 31 March 2013 by citizenship country - comparison with same period in previous year. Department of Immigration and Citizenship The number of offshore visa applications (new demand) has been increasing slowly since July 2011, with the renewal of demand accelerating in the last half of the 2012/2013 program year. There was a significant increase in visa applications in the 4th quarter in particular – both onshore (+23%) and offshore (+20%). Onshore applicants might have been trying to get in ahead of the visa fee increases being implemented from 1 July. Offshore applicants might have been influenced by the recent decline in the strength of the Aus$. 移民与公务事务部 国防工业咨询委员会已经发布了关于学生签 证申请以及助学金的最终的季度报告以及自 2006/2007的项目年度至2012/2013的项目年 度关于此报告的走向趋势。 海外签证申请(新需求)的数量自2011年7月开 始一直缓慢增长,并且在2012/2013项目年度 的后半段时间此需求持续加速增长。在第四 季度中签证申请有着急剧的增长-分别为境内 递交申请(增长近23%)和海外递交申请(增长 近20%)。造成此现象的原因分别为境内提交 申请者可能试图在7月1日实施的提高签证申 请费用前提交申请,海外申请人可能收到澳 元贬值的影响试图在此情况下提交申请。 2012/2013项目年度的签证授予数量与上一年 度相比较也有着显著的增长,增长近13%(接近 16691)。这种显著增长是由高等教育为主的 签证(包括拥有ELICOS与高等教育绑定)推动 的。海外高等教育签证在2012/2013项目年度 增加了近29%(接近16166)。 同时有一少部分的只需要学习ELICOS的学 生,我们非常愿意看到他们能够获得独立的 ELICOS签证(没有与其他任何部分绑定) 。海外ELICOS签证许可是由2008/2009项 目年度开始增长至近1%(近159)—,境内独立 ELICOS签证授予已经达到近19%(近1650)。 同时签证授予数量的增长也由2011/2012项 目年度的85.7%增长到了2012/2013项目年度 的91.1%。 DIAC has released the final quarterly report for student visa applications and grants for the 2012/2013 program year as well as their report on program trends since 2006/2007
  10. 10. 18 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com The Higher Education sector was ranked first by volume of enrolments and by volume of commencements at YTD June 2013. The two largest markets for enrolments were China (40.0%) and Malaysia (7.1%). The sector recorded a decline in enrolments of 2.6% however commencements increased by 3.3% on YTD June 2012 figures. Post- graduate research commencements were up by 2.5% over the same period, while other post-graduate commencements grew by 13.7%. Commencements at the under- graduate level of study declined by 2.7%. The growth in Higher Education commencements in the first half of 2013 follows a nearly 12% growth in ELICOS commencements in the last half of 2012 and almost 15% growth in Higher Education student visas granted to offshore applicants in the first quarter of 20132 (compared to the equivalent period in 2012). This is likely to be the result of Australian Government reforms introduced in response to the Knight Review of Australia’s student visa system, notably the introduction of streamlined visa processing and new arrangements for post-study work visas. The ELICOS sector ranked third by volume of enrolments and of commencements, recorded increases in both measures of 15.2% and 14.2% respectively on YTD June 2012. This follows on from the positive trend for the sector that was seen in the final half of 2012. China was the largest ELICOS market in the period with a 24.0% share of enrolments and 20.9% International Student Enrolment Data There were 379,214 enrolments by full-fee paying international students in Australia on a student visa as at year-to-date (Y TD) June 2013. This represents a 2.2% decline on Y TD June 2012 and contrasts with the average Y TD June growth rate for enrolments of 5.8% per year in the preceding ten years. There were 156,641 commencements in YTD June 2013, representing a 3.4% increase over the same period in 2012. This compares with the average YTD June growth rate for commencements of 5.0% per year in the preceding ten years. of commencements. Colombia was the next largest home country for enrolments with 8.4%, followed by Brazil with 7.9%. The VET sector ranked second by volume of enrolments and of commencements. Enrolments and commencements in the sector fell by 11.8% and 6.0% respectively on YTD June 2012. India had the largest share of total enrolments (23.6%) and of total commencements (18.5%). China was the next largest home country for enrolments with 10.7%, followed by the Republic of Korea (6.9%) and Thailand (6.6%). In YTD June 2013, the Schools sector ranked fifth by volume of enrolments and of commencements. Enrolments for the sector declined by 5.5% however, commencements increased by 4.8%3 on YTD June 2012 figures. Asia contributed 85.9% of enrolments and 78.2% of commencements. China, the largest market in the sector, accounted for Enrolments Commencements by Sector 2012 2013  Higher Education 195,387 190,375 VET 105,664 93,180 ELICOS 55,800 64,255 Schools 15,111 14,280 Non-award 15,925 17,124 Top 5 nationalities contributed 53.7% of Australia’s enrolments in all sectors China 115,591 112,665 India 41,844 34,867 Republic of Korea 20,613 19,911 Vietnam 17,000 18,294 Malaysia 18,596 17,802 Other nationalities 174,243 175,675 45.4% of enrolments. The next largest markets were the Republic of Korea and Vietnam with 11.1% and 10.4% respectively. Enrolments and commencements in courses such as exchange and foundation programs, included in the Non-award sector, both increased by 7.5% and 6.6% respectively. The largest markets by volume of enrolments were China (26.8%) and the USA (17.4%). Commencements from China increased by 19.4% in YTD June 2012 figures however those from the USA declined by 11.7%. For more information: http://www.aei.gov.au/research/International-Student-Data/Pages/default.aspx 1 AEI data on enrolments and commencements (including the data in this update) relate only to international students in Australia on a student visa. 2 Department of Immigration and Citizenship Student Visa program quarterly report (March 2013). 3 Commencements for the current reference period are not strictly comparable to earlier years due to recent changes to secondary school level courses at a single large provider.
  11. 11. We believe a single thought can change the world. At Curtin, innovation is at the core of everything we do. Through collaboration with business, industry and over 90 universities worldwide, our exceptional teaching and research staff are able to deliver not only a strong theoretical foundation for our students, but also a practical basis for turning their thoughts and ideas into reality. With a focus on real world issues, our students graduate career-ready with the skills to make tomorrow better. CRICOS Provider Code 00301J (WA), 02637B (NSW). Curtin University is a trademark of Curtin University of Technology. 20 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com 而在这些总数中,从2013年初至6月,累计注册总数和新生注册数都排第一的是高等教 育领域。占累计注册总数最大比例的两个国家,一个是中国,占了40.0%,另一个是马 来西亚,占了7.1%。根据数据显示,2012年年初至6月,高等教育领域的累计注册总数 下降了2.6%,而新生注册数反而增长了3.3%。在这同期,学术型研究生的新生注册数 增长了2.5%,其他类型研究生新生注册数增长幅度加大,增长13.7%。而同期本科阶段 的新生注册人数则下降了2.7%。 2013年上半年,高等教育新生注册数得到了增长。2012年下半年,参加英语语言学习 课程的新生注册数增长约12%。2013年第一季度,海外申请人获得高等教育学生签证 的人数增长了15%,比2012年同期得到了增长。这很大程度上要归功于澳大利亚政府 响应了改革澳大利亚学生签证系统的奈特审议,这使得申请签证的效率得到了大大的提 高和改善,同时还考虑并照顾到澳大利亚留学生毕业后要留澳工作,为这种工作签证做 了新的安排。 2012年年初至6月,在英语语言学习课程这一领域,累计注册总数和新生注册数的数量 排到了第三位,累计注册总数增长15.2%,而新生注册数增长了14.2%。而这种良好的 增长趋势也一直延续到了2012年的下半年。在这一期间,中国是最大的英语语言学习 留学生累计注册总数数据 自2013年初至6月,凭学生签证并缴全额学费的澳洲留学生累计注册总数达到了379,214 人。相比2012年年初至6月,这一人数下降了2.2%。同时,在过去的十年间,每年一至六 月的平均累计注册总数增长幅度约为5.8%。 2013年年初至6月,新生注册数达到156,641人,比2012年同期增长了3.4%。而在过 去的十年间,每年一至六月的新生注册数增长幅度约为5.0%。 课程市场,累计注册总数占总体的24%, 新生注册数占总体20.9%。新生注册人数 第二大市场是哥伦比亚,占总体的8.4%, 其次就是巴西紧随其后,占总体7.9%。 在职业教育与培训领域(VET),其累计注 册总数和新生注册数排名第二。2012年 年初至6月,在这一领域,累计注册总数 下降11.8%,新生注册总数下降6%。印度 是累计注册总数和新生注册数最大的一个 国家,其累计注册总数占总体的23.6%, 新生注册数占总体的18.5%。就累计注册 总数来说,中国是第二大市场,占总体的 10.7%,之后就是韩国,累计注册总数占 总体的6.9%,泰国紧随其后,占总体的 6.6%。 2013年年初至6月,累计注册总数和新生 注册数总量排第五的是中学教育。累计注 册总数下降了5.5%,而新生注册数则比 各领域累计注册总数和新生注册数 2012 2013 高等教育 195,387 190,375 职业教育与培训 105,664 93,180 英语语言学习课程 55,800 64,255 中学教育 15,111 14,208 非学位课程 15,925 17,124 占澳大利亚各领域累计注册总数53.7%的前五个国家 中国 115,591 112,665 印度  41,844 34,867 韩国  20,613 19,911 越南  17,000 18,294 马来西亚  18,596 17,802 其他国家  174,243 175,675 2012年同期增长了4.8%。在这些数字中, 亚洲占了85.9%的累计注册总数,占了 78.9%的新生注册数。中国是这一领域的 最大的市场,累计注册总数达到了总体的 45.4%。之后就是韩国,占总体的11.1%, 排名第三位的是越南,占10.4%。 交换项目和预科项目,都属于非学位课 程,累计注册总数增长了7.5%,新生注册 数增长了6.6%。 中国是累计注册总数最大的一个市场,占 总数的26.8%,其次就是美国,占总数的 17.4%。和2012年上半年同期相比,中国 的新生注册数增加了19.4%,而美国的新 生注册数下降了11.7%。Western Academy of Beijing +86 10 5986 5588 | admissions@wab.edu www.wab.edu
  12. 12. 什么是国际化的教育 维多利亚州的最大出口产业是教育,皇家墨 尔本理工大学(RMIT)等高等教育机构对促 进这一产业的发展,发挥了关键作用。 更重 要的是国际学生的贡献,他们建立连接世界 与澳大利亚的双向桥梁,促进相互了解,文 化交流和商业与投资机会,这是国际化教育 对全球效益毋庸置疑的贡献。 然而,国际化教育的具体内容是什么?皇家 墨尔本理工大学在这方面的发展可为读者们 提供一个有价值的参考。 RMIT是一所全球性的理工与设计大学,也是 澳大利亚最大的高等院校。尽管建校还不到 五十年,RMIT便已在2012/13年度QS世界大 学排名榜(建校50年以下的大学)中名列前 20位。 RMIT本部在墨尔本市中心,多年来致力于开 展优质务实的教育和注重成果的研究。我校 的办学理念十分国际化,强调给予学生一个 RMIT Swanston 学术大楼内部 RMIT Swanston 学术大楼外观 Why choose RMIT University? RMIT University offers more than 470 quality programs to a diverse international student population. With a focus on innovation and embracing new ideas, RMIT is a leader in design, information technology, business, communication, education, engineering, science and medical sciences. All RMIT programs are designed to ensure graduates are ‘work ready’ upon completion of their chosen degree. Graduate Employability RMIT was awarded 5 stars for excellence in education and 5 stars for employability in the 2013 QS World University rankings. Most of RMIT’s programs are professionally and internationally recognised which means that you can open career doors across the world. Start a Global Career at RMIT To enquire, email isu@rmit.edu.au or visit the website Located in the heart of Melbourne, RMIT is a global university of technology and design. Providing world class education to over 74,000 students across campuses around the world, RMIT will prepare you for a global career. TM www.rmit.edu.au/international RMIT University CRICOS provider number 00122A RMIT3003_297x210_Template Enquire Now.indd 1 7/11/13 10:59 AM 实用并且与社会需要所接轨的优质教育。 所以RMIT在实用教育方面的成果和一流的声 誉在全世界受到广泛认可。 皇家墨尔本理工大学很早就制定了超真正的 全球性大学进发的目标。26年前,我校第一 批在新加坡攻读RMIT学位的学生,在RMIT的 合作伙伴新加坡管理协会Singapore Institute of Management (SIM,在 2013 年成为该国 的第六所大学)校区开始他们与澳大利亚本部 相同授课内容的学习。 现在,经过不断的发展,RMIT在新加坡的学 生已经超过一万名,攻读的学位包括航空、 设计、专业媒体、建筑管理、会计、管理、 市场营销、物流和供应链管理、经济学和金 融。 17年前,皇家墨尔本理工大学和上海对外贸 易学院(SIFT)获得中国教育部批准,开展中 外合作办学,在上海提供RMIT及SIFT本科双学 位课程(国际贸易与商务,物流和供应链管 理)和RMIT物流和供应链管理硕士学位。现 在每年有两百多名学生在上海毕业取得RMIT 学位。 12年前,应越南政府邀请,RMIT在越南建立 了两个校区(胡志明市,河内);到目前为 止,已经有6000名RMIT学生在越南攻读RMIT 学位。我校今年在西班牙巴塞罗那设立大学 办事处,并在印尼雅加达展开与当地著名的 UPH大学的联合教学双学位课程。 RMIT学生总人数为74000人,包括29000名国 际学生,其中有12000人在墨尔本就读,另外 17000多名国际学生在海外学习。国际学生可 以选择超过500个不同的学位。 RMIT的学生不管在哪里学习,都可以轻松无 阻地前往大学位于其他国家的教区学习一个 或两个学期,体验不同的文化和商业环境。 通过这样的交流,学生能获得宝贵的国际视 野和丰富的经验,为他们未来无论是在本地 或全球的职业生涯中做出更好的准备。 近年来,RMIT动用了六亿多澳元投资建设尖 端的授课与学习设施。其中最大的一个项目 是去年完成的投入两亿多澳元的Swanston学 术大楼(SAB)(位于墨尔本市中心)。 这座11层高的大楼的建筑面积为35000平方 米,内含6个大讲堂,70个小型和中型的教学 和学习空间,9个特殊专用的场地,一座在线 证券交易实验室,另外还有11个零售网点( 包括咖啡车,咖啡馆和一间餐厅)。整个大 楼使用全球最先进的教学方法,并拥有澳大 利亚最大的虚拟桌面和互动高速的无线网络 学习空间。 可以说,其他大学一般只将最优质的教育设 施提供给EBMA学员,SAB的高端设施能让本 科一年级到博士研究院的学生都能享用。 对于国际学生来说,这样一个学习环境,不 仅仅是高科技学习,而且让他们能有更好的 平台和机会与本地学生共同参与各种学习合 作与交流。 22 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com RMIT 国际化教育先行者 国际化的办学理念,优质的教学设施,为学生提供最佳的平 台,开拓他们的国际视野、丰富他们的学习经验以及提高他 们的应用能力。——谭安杰教授 皇家墨尔本理工大学协理副 校长 博导
  13. 13. 24 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 25 Australian suppliers.  • Providing insight on Australian capabilities.  • Informing Chinese businesses of the latest products and services out of Australia. INVESTMENT - If you are a Chinese business interested in investing in Australia, Austrade is here to assist.  We are responsible for the promotion, attraction and facilitation of productive foreign direct investment (FDI) into Australia.  Austrade’s investment services are free of charge and are focused on productive FDI of strategic importance to the Australian economy.  (Our offices are not able to assist with real estate and portfolio investments, sales or representation offices, straight acquisitions, hostile takeovers or investments by individuals.) The aim of our investment services are: Initial coordination of all investment enquiries and assistance – Austrade provides a central point of contact to navigate investment services available in Australia.  Information on the Australian business and regulatory environment – Austrade helps international companies understand how to do business in Australia including: Information on issues such as economic factors, business costs, the taxation regime, ease of doing business, investment regulations, skills availability and immigration;  Advice on Australian business practices and cultural customs;  Given the interconnection of China with global markets, overseas trade is a natural choice for many Chinese entrepreneurs. Australia is China’s 7th largest trading partner, with 35% of all Australian exports going to the Chinese market. Not all companies in China will have direct links to Australia or know how to find and create contacts with export ready Australian companies. Assistance and introductions for establishing operations in Australia.  Market intelligence and investment opportunities Austrade advises international companies on investment opportunities in Australia by providing: • Tailored research on industry capabilities and opportunities;  • Advice on market developments, trends and forecasts;  • Information on competitors in the Australian market;  Identification of suitable investment locations and partners in Australia Austrade works as appropriate with Australian state and territory governments to identify partners and locations for international investors through: • Comparative information on different Australian locations;  • Identification of specific locations and sites, based on your requirements;  • Organisation of visit programs and meeting schedules in Australia;  • Introductions to specialists and possible partners including: local market, industry experts and professional service providers (e.g. legal, taxation); relevant federal, state and local governments, regulatory agencies and authorities; and research and development partnership opportunities and potential business partners.  The Australian Trade Commission – Austrade – is the Australian Government’s trade, investment and education promotion agency dedicated to growing these positive and beneficial relationships with important overseas trading partners like China.   Through a network of offices in over 50 countries, Austrade assists Australian companies to grow their international business, attract productive foreign direct investment into Australia and promote Australia’s education sector internationally.  In China, we have Austrade offices operating in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Hong Kong.  Austrade also runs a network of regional offices in Shenzhen, Kunming, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao and Shenyang.  These offices are all available to help Chinese entrepreneurs develop their business with Australia.  TRADE - Australian products and expertise are renowned globally for high quality and innovation.  Austrade can help Chinese companies interested in importing from Australia to source goods and services. We can assist Chinese companies reduce the time, risk and cost involved in doing business with Australia by: • Helping identify and contact The Australian Trade Commission Austrade is the Australian Government’s trade, investment and education promotion agency 全球范围来看,澳大利亚是中国的第七大 贸易伙伴,澳大利亚出口的35%都进入到 了中国的市场。而在中国,并非所有的国 内企业都知道怎样和澳大利亚进行直接的 联系,或者并非每个企业都能找到或者创 造机会,与有出口意向的澳大利亚公司进 行联络。 澳大利亚贸易委员会,即澳大利亚国家经 济贸易委员会,是隶属于澳大利亚联邦政 府的一个机构,该机构致力于促进贸易, 投资和教育等领域的发展,并与澳大利亚 重要的海外贸易伙伴——中国,建立以上 各方面的积极有益的关系。 澳大利亚贸易委员会遍布全球,在超过50 个国家有众多的办公室。该贸易委员会帮 助澳大利亚公司发展它们在全球的商业, 帮助它们吸引卓有成效的国外直接投资, 将这些投资直接注入澳大利亚,并能提升 澳大利亚的教育部门在全球的声誉,从而 有助于它的发展。 在中国,澳大利亚贸易委员会的公司分布 在多个城市,包括北京,上海,广州,成 都和香港等。同时,澳大利亚贸易委员会 在中国许多城市还有许多区域性办事处, 这些城市包括深圳,昆明,武汉,杭州, 南京,青岛和沈阳等。这些办事处都能为 中国的企业家提供帮助,以便于他们与澳 大利亚进行商业合作。 贸易——澳大利亚的产品和技术全球闻 名,因其较高的质量和不断的创新得到全 世界的认可。在中国有很多公司有从澳大 利亚进口的意向,澳大利亚贸易委员会就 可以帮助这些公司,让它们能够获得澳大 利亚质量较高的商品和优质的服务。 我们可以帮助中国公司,以便这些公司在 和澳大利亚进行商业往来时,缩短时间消 耗,降低风险,减少成本。我们可以: · 帮助中国公司找到并联络澳大利亚 供应商 · 帮助中国公司了解澳大利亚的发展 潜能 · 帮助中国公司了解澳大利亚最新的 产品以及服务 投资——如果您是一家中国企业,并且有 兴趣投资澳大利亚,那么澳大利亚贸易委 员会就会为您提供您所需的帮助。我们负 责吸引和促进到到澳大利亚的外国直接投 资,并且,我们还致力于简化投资流程。 澳大利亚贸易委员会的投资服务是完全免 费的,并且这些服务对象主要是对于澳大 利亚的经济有着战略性重要意义的富有成 效的国外直接投资。我们所帮助的对象不 包括房地产,证券投资,直接收购,敌意 AustradeThe Australian Government on the ground in China to help build business and study links with Australia DAVID DUKES Trade Commissioner Counsellor Commercial Australian Trade Commission, Beijing Advice on Australian government programs and approval processes Austrade can connect international investors to government programs to maximise their investment through: • Advice on government development programs that may be applicable to your business plans in Australia, including support for skills development, research and innovation activities;  • Advice on government approvals required for your investment projects and help to streamline the relevant processes;  • Advice on exporting to third markets through Austrade’s trade services to Australian subsidiaries.  For more information on Austrade’s investment services, please contact one of our Investment Specialists. EDUCATION Australia is an ideal destination for Chinese students, offering a well regulated and safe environment for students wishing to undertake all types of studies overseas.  Austrade regularly organises events to brief students and their parents on study possibilities in Australia.   Austrade also assists Chinese and Australian institutions cooperate in joint programs and degrees.  Austrade supports graduates of Australian universities find employment through the annual job fairs we organise with Chinese and foreign employers. There are many satisfied beneficiaries of this programme who have found work in their chosen fields. Austrade manages a web site that is very helpful to anyone considering study in Australia. Please have a look at www.studyinaustralia.gov.au As we look for innovative ways to create links between Australia and China, and build on existing ties, we anticipate exciting new business developments between our countries. To follow the changing and accelerating story of Australia China trade, investment and education, we recommend you join our weibo at www.weibo.com/austrade. 收购,或者个人投资。我们进行投资服务 的目标主要是: 首先将所有的对于投资进行的询问和帮助 协调统一起来——澳大利亚贸易委员会能 够提供一个很重要的切入点,能够提供各 种在澳大利亚可行的投资服务。 可以提供澳大利亚商业和监管环境的信 息——澳大利亚贸易委员会能够帮助海外 公司了解熟悉要怎样在澳大利亚进行商业 活动,这些信息包括:在澳大利亚进行投 资的经济因素,商业成本,税收制度,怎 样在澳大利亚做生意更轻松更简单,同时 还帮助中国公司了解投资的监管,可用的 一些技巧和方法,还能提供一些关于移民 的信息。 澳大利亚贸易委员会还会提供一些在澳进 行商业活动的建议以及文化风俗和习惯。 给中国公司提供帮助,使它们了解在澳大 利亚进行商业活动的基础知识。 提供市场咨询,帮助中国公司获得投资 机会 澳大利亚贸易委员会给全球的公司提供一 些建议,让它们能更好的抓住在澳大利亚 投资的机遇,这些建议包括: · 研究各个企业的能力和机会 · 对于市场的发展,走向和预测提供 建议 · 告知各企业在澳大利亚市场中的竞 争者 会为各个企业提供信息,帮助它们在澳大 利亚找寻合适的投资领域和伙伴 澳大利亚贸易委员会和澳大利亚各州政府 和地区政府进行合作,帮助国际投资者找 到投资伙伴和投资领域,这些帮助体现 在: · 给各企业提供各种比较信息,以便 找到合适的在澳大利亚投资的地 点; · 组织去澳大利亚的参观日程以及会 议时间表; · 依据您的需要,给您提供具体的投 资地点;  · 为您介绍专家和潜在的合作伙伴, 具体包括:当地市场的产业专家和 专业的服务供应商(比如关于法律 及纳税方面的一些服务),相关的 联邦政府,州政府,以及地方政 府,管制机构和当局,和一些研究 和发展伙伴关系的机会以及潜在的 商业伙伴。 提供一些关于澳大利亚政府项目和批准的 流程的信息和帮助 澳大利亚贸易委员会可以帮助国际上的 澳大利亚贸易委员会 澳大利亚贸易委员会协助中国人民,与澳大利亚进行教育上的交流,商业中的合作 中国与国际贸易的联系非常紧密,不可分割,由此来看,中国的企业家自然而然会选择进行国际贸易。
  14. 14. 26 | Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 27 And not all of the factors that you would often associate with why Australia is such a desirable place, things like fresh, clean air, year-round sunshine and 50,000km of beautiful beaches were even a part of the formula. What makes Australia so special? Well, it’s a relatively young nation, but one that has seized an opportunity to build something special. It has all the right ingredients. Strong laws and government. An abundance of natural resources and vast amounts of land. Stunning natural beauty and wildlife. A combination of cultures from past and present coming from the Aboriginal people and the Europeans who came to settle. For the third consecutive year Australia has been weighed and measured amongst all the other developed economies and has been acknowledged as the happiest nation. Perhaps we all have our own interpretations of what happy means. Personally, watching my favorite football team win a cup or having a walk in the park with my family are two immediate thoughts in response to the question‘what is happy?’It’s almost certain that every individual has a different take on what makes them feel good about life. However, when it comes to measuring the happiness of a nation, the Organisation for Economic Co- operation and Development take a slightly more tangible approach by focusing on aspects that effect every person in society. Measurements for the survey include criteria such as income levels, health, safety and housing. More than 30 countries were evaluated in the last Better Life study. Australia again comes out on top in the latest index which ranks nations and their level of living and overall societal wellbeing. THE OECD SAID REGARDING THEIR FINDINGS:“AUSTRALIA PERFORMS EXCEPTIONALLY WELL IN MEASURES OF WELLBEING, AS SHOWN BY THE FACT THAT IT RANKS AMONG THE TOP COUNTRIES IN A LARGE NUMBER OF TOPICS IN THE BETTER LIFE INDEX”. The World’s Happiest Developed Countries: 1. Australia 2. Sweden 3. Canada 4. Norway 5. Switzerland 6. United States 7. Denmark 8. The Netherlands 9. Iceland 10. United Kingdom Best of all, the Australian government have continued to declare an immigration policy where those wishing to add to its growth through successful studies, investment or work are actively welcomed and sought after. Australia is a happy nation, as shown by the Better Life survey. But a nation in and of itself is an arbitrary term - it is the people who make the country. And that means that Australians, the people, are happy. 投资者了解澳大利亚的政府项目,并能让 他们利用这些项目,来使他们的投资最大 化。这类帮助主要是通过: · 提供一些信息,帮助您了解澳大利 亚政府的一些发展项目,这些项目 有可能会与您在澳大利亚进行商业 活动的计划不谋而合,我们可以为 您提供技能发展的支持,可以帮助 您进行研究以及创新活动; · 为您提供信息,使您了解政府所支 持的一些活动流程,以使您的投资 项目通过批准,并且帮助您精简相 关的一些过程和手续; · 为您提供信息,通过澳大利亚贸易 委员会关于澳大利亚子公司的贸易 服务,使您了解出口到第三市场的 一些情况,便于您开展商业活动。 如若您还想获得更多的了解,以更好地认 识澳大利亚贸易委员会所提供的投资服 务,请您联系我们的投资专家。 教育 澳大利亚对于中国的学生来说是个再适合 不过的地方,因为澳大利亚有一个管理制 度良好并且十分安全的环境,对于想要学 习全面的知识,进行海外求学的学生来 说,这种环境是绝佳的。澳大利亚贸易委 员会定期组织活动,向学生和家长做简短 的汇报,让他们了解在澳大利亚学习的可 能性。 澳大利亚贸易委员会还帮助中国和澳大利 亚的一些机构,使得它们共同协作,进行 一些合作项目,开设一些共同的学历。每 年澳大利亚都会与中国和其他国家一起举 办招聘会,澳大利亚贸易委员会支持澳大 利亚大学的毕业生在此时的的招聘会中寻 找就业机会和就业岗位。这种合作项目大 有裨益,让人非常满意,它可以让毕业生 在他们自己的领域找到适合自己的工作。 澳大利亚贸易委员会建立了一个网站,这 个网站对于正打算要来澳大利亚留学的学 生来说,可以为他们提供很大的帮助。请 点击查看www.studyinaustralia.gov.au 我们一直在寻找多种多样,创新的方式, 可以在澳大利亚与中国现有联系的基础 上,建立新的关系。我们非常期待在我们 两国之间,能够出现新的让人兴奋的商业 发展。澳大利亚与中国之间的贸易,投资 和教育一直在实时更新,加速发展,如果 您想了解这些情况,我们邀请您加入我们 的微博:www.weibo.com/austrade 大卫·杜克斯 贸易专员 商务参赞 澳大利亚贸易委员会北京办事处 澳大利亚贸易委员会 澳大利亚贸易委员会协助中国人民,与澳大利亚进行教育上的交 流,商业中的合作 Summary 物业介绍 Type: Luxury Home Address 地址: 58 The Crescent City 城市: Sydney, Vaucluse Land Sqm: 538 Bed 卧室: 5 Bath 卫浴: 5 Parking: 4 Range 价格: A$6 - A$7 million SCOTT O.TALBOT 房 地 产 相 关 投 资 服 务 UCH K CONSULTING LIM ITED UCHK provides overseas real estate investors opportunities, information and logistics. WWW.UCHKCONSULTING.COM info@uchkconsulting.com
  15. 15. Copyright © 2015 UCHK Consulting Ltd - uchkconsulting.com | 29 Discuss your career path with family and select a University and Course Contact the University and obtain the course details and enrolment forms Sign the apartment sale agreement and pay the booking fee Transfer the 10% deposit to secure your purchase Qualified UCHK contractors will assist you in completing all the paper work, the university application and applying for the appropriate student visa subclass. The process is easy and all you need to decide is your career path and university. AUSTRALIAN MAP TO STUDY AND INVEST AUSTRALIAN-INVESTMENT Course Enrolment and Visa application with the appropriate Visa sub-class A UCHK Consultant will assist you with your accommodation needs The UCHK Consultant will complete this document and show you the relevant pages to sign, then provide you and your lawyer a copy. The 10% deposit can be either a bank guarantee issued by an Australian Bank on your behalf or cash held in a lawyers trust account. Confirm the apartment selection and complete the reservation form. Speak with a UCHK lawyer who will explain the legal documents. Select an investment property within close proximity to the University that suites your budget and lifestyle needs. Remember that the investment property can also be rented prior to the commencement of the course to assist with the tuition costs. There is nothing more to pay until the completion of your investment property. 60-90 Days prior to completion you will be required to pay a further 10% deposit and a 80% loan is available to everyone. Property investment and a university course in australia are the perfect match for your childs future. Not only does an early property investment solve future accommodation needs, it will also provide a healthy rental return prior to the commencement of the course and the potential to pay for tuition fees. Bank Guarantee Procedure: Open an account with an Australian bank in your own name, deposit the money for a fixed-term with good interest returns, and wait for the completion date of their property project. The advantages are twofold: (1) the process has been streamlined and the funds are in their own account, giving great peace of mind and personal security, also (2) You will make a healthy increase on the capital as it acquires interest, thus ensuring the funds are working for them at the same time as acting as a deposit. AUSTRALIA IS A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR STUDYING AND LIVING. THE AIR IS CLEAN, WITH GRASS, TREES AND NATURAL LIFE EVERYWHERE. THE LIFESTYLE IS RICH AND VARIED. OVERSEAS STUDENTS Because of this abundant allure of Australia, many foreign students are choosing to do their degree, diploma or other course at one of the country’s many renowned educational institutions. Wherever a student comes from, when they arrive in Australia they are warmly welcomed and integrated to feel at home. The overseas students are befriended by the locals, many of whom themselves originally came from abroad. Close bonds are made and friendships are formed that last for life. 澳大利亚可以在学习和生活方面提供安全的 环境。这里空气清新,花草树木和自然生命 旺盛,生活方式丰富多彩。 留学生 因为澳大利亚的极大诱惑力,许多外国留学 生选择就读于著名的教育机构来完成学位或 者其他的课程。无论留学生来自哪里,一旦 他们进入澳大利亚,将会受到热情的迎接, 并且有一种宾至如归的感觉。留学生在澳大 利亚也会得到当地人的友好相助,许多澳大 利亚人最初也是来自各个国家。亲密的团结 在一起使得友谊地久天长。 悉尼是通往澳大 利亚的门户,也是澳大利亚最受欢迎和人口 最密集的城市。现在悉尼拥有460万的人口。 80% loans are available to anyone with minimal documentation and criteria for qualification, (easiest option - no fuss) 90% loan variable loan (suitable for investors with multiple properties linking the equity of their existing properties to a new acquisition) Offshore multi-currency loans are available at 60-70% LVR and can be obtained from all major banks at a rate between 1.5 and 2.8% interest rates.