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Net Promoter Score Pitfalls to Avoid

The Net Promoter Score process involves a number of parameters which when worked together can provide the best outcome and can be very tricky to execute. This infographic highlights some pitfalls to avoid when running your next NPS campaign to churn out the best results out of it.

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Net Promoter Score Pitfalls to Avoid

  1. 1. Net Promoter Score is an invaluable tool for today's hyper customer centric organizations. If executed correctly, it can make an organizations brand loyalty bulletproof. But there are some obvious pitfalls that can be avoided if the NPS framework is planned properly. Surveying without a goal or an objective The core objective of Net Promoter System is to lead organizations to drive actionability. Thus, it is important to align the NPS with the final goal of the survey. Such an approach will help derive maximum effectiveness out of NPS process. Using a single Net Promoter Score You may end up getting irrelevant results if you use a single NPS across different products, customer segments or geographies. The process of identifying changes in customer sentiments can be simplified by tracking the NPS across various segments as well as at a company level. Sending an NPS survey without a follow-up plan To ensure a successful NPS execution and tracking, a follow up with the customer is critical. Close looping ensures each customer knows that their feedback is being acted upon. Ed Long interval between surveys Long intervals between surveys may introduce unwanted deviation in the overall NPS tracking and measurement. Customer sentiment is ever changing and a regular survey can help in keeping track of your customers’ needs and develop a long term action plan. é éaé Sending surveys to all customers at once Correct sampling is critical when executing any survey. Conducting surveys overtime across different customer slices gives the organization an opportunity to reach out to the entire customer base and seek their feedback. Focusing on gaining numbers While the end goal is to increase the NPS, it is also necessary to keep in mind that the main focus should be on continuous improvement by analyzing the sentiments that are received. The score will improve if the customer feedback is acted on efficiently and effectively. I Using NPS as a single factor NPS is only one of many methods of gauging customer satisfaction and sentiment. Customer feedback can be achieved through a variety of ways like focus groups, support tickets and larger surveys. Since NPS is one of the many customer feedback methods used, only relying on NPS may not be the best approach. Annoying your customers While NPS measurement has to be regular, frequently surveying the same set of customers can be very annoying for them. It is important to space out surveys for the same customer. 804 Not Acting on the NPS The data collected and processed during the NPS exercise should carry the required insights to decide the next course of action. The NPS should be actionable, othenNise it isjust a number. Sources: ) http: //blog_openviewpartners_corn/ ) http: //www. npsmonitoring_com/ ) ht‘lp: //www_satIixsolutions_com/ ) http: //dashofbrand. weebly. com/