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Startup Studio Playbook

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The Startup Studio Playbook is the World's first professional book dedicated to startup studios, a.k.a. venture builders, startup factories. It is a book for entrepreneurs and innovators. Read about exciting case studies and best practices, discover how the startup studio model enables you to build startups easier

You will benefit from this book if you are interested in entrepreneurship or innovation. Startup studios are on the rise, quickly becoming the new trend in building startups. If done right, model enables you to build startups in a less risky and more cost-efficient way. Discover how this model can benefit you.

The main goal of the Startup Studio Playbook is to make startup studios more transparent, and make it easier to create and grow new studios. In this book you will learn about:
- Who are the founders behind the most exciting studios;
- How are are these organizations funded;
- Where do studios take the idea for their startups;
- How startup studio organize their team and operations;
- What are the spin-off and exit strategies;
- What are the pros and cons of the model;
- How different startup studios operate across the Globe;
- How corporations can leverage the benefits of the model;
- How you can build your own startup studio?

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Startup Studio Playbook

  1. 1. Build. Startups. Easier 1 Most startup ideas fail because the traditional startup recipe leaves too much room for failure. Learn how the so called startup studio model solves most of the early-stage challenges entrepreneurs face today. This books shows you case studies, best practices about how to build and grow such an organization.
  2. 2. Startup studios build multiple startups one after another with in-house resources 2 The basic recipe of a startup studio (also known as venture builder, startup factory) is: • You take a core team & entrepreneurs in residence; • Add shared infrastructure & in-house funding; • Generate ideas internally, focusing on a specific area; • You build multiple startups in parallel, with shared resources; • If an idea doesn’t work, you reassign the team to a new one; • What works you spin it off and get follow on funding; • Grow. Exit. Repeat. Core Team & EIR-s Infra & funding Ideas Build startups Works? Trash NoReassign Team Yes Dedicated team Spin-off Follow on funding Grow EXIT Compared to the old startup building recipe, startup studios make early-stage building easier: • You have a team of experienced company builders; • The studio provides a safety net, reducing the risk of failure; • Because the team sticks together even if an idea fails, their experience grows, they become even better builders; • A studio is perfect for quick, low-cost experimentation; • You build trusted relationship with investors, so getting follow-on investments for your portfolio companies becomes easier.
  3. 3. Startup studios are rapidly growing everywhere Studios create more and more companies, +15% year over year. +15% y/y Since 2008, studio companies raised more than $5 billion funding. $5B Funding into studio companies is steadily increasing since 2010. +48% y/y Number of studio related exits is on the rise since 2012. 15 exits The average company age at exit is 3 years. 3 year 0 50 100 1996 2000 2004 2008 2012 2016 Number of startup studios world-wide
  4. 4. Learn how the startup studio model can benefit you Read a quick-to-understand overview of the model Look at a dozen case studies, across the Globe Start building your startups with less risk
  5. 5. About the Author Attila Szigeti is an entrepreneur, author of multiple startup studio related publications and Chief Operating Officer at Drukka – the largest venture builder between Berlin and Moscow. Attila’s mission is to discover emerging startup studios, gather best practices and spread the word. So that building startups becomes easier for entrepreneurs all around the World.
  6. 6. Get the Startup Studio Playbook for the best price available and learn everything about startup studios, discover trends, read case studies, explore best practices. http://www.startupstudioplaybook.com/