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July 2012 Social Media Innovation

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July 2012 Social Media Innovation

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIAJuly 2012
  2. 2. News Items 2
  3. 3. Twitter forges • Twitter launched an Olympics event page in partnership with NBC, which curatespartnerships to Tweets from athletes, coaches, NBCemphasize the power of personalities and fans (Link)real-time conversations. - Twitter restored The Independent reporter Guy Adams’ account after he criticized NBC’s coverage and published the NBC Olympics President’s email address • Hollywood producers and network execs are reportedly in serious talks with Twitter about the possibility of launching online video series via Twitter • Twitter teamed up with social analytics provider Topsy and two polling firms to launch Twitter Political Index, a daily measurement of Twitter users’ sentiments 3
  4. 4. Facebook seeks to • Facebook and NBC collaborated for the Olympic Games to direct Facebook users todeliver “second screen” NBC’s on-air coverage, and NBC viewers toexperiences around key Facebook for engagement and conversations2012 events. • Facebook and CNN embarked on a multi- platform partnership to deliver an interactive social experience around the 2012 Presidential elections, including: - “I’m Voting” Facebook application where users commit to voting and endorse candidates & issues - On-air analysis reports of Facebook discussions around each candidate - Published surveys of voting-age users 4
  5. 5. Advancements in • Facebook is rolling out a feature that will allow brands to target their posts to specificFacebook and Twitter groups of fans in the news feed based ontargeting will allow the following criteria:brands to message - Age - Gender - Interested In - Relationship Status - Education - Workplace - Location & Language (already existing criteria) • Twitter enhanced its Promoted Tweets paid ad service with the ability to target consumer subsets 5
  6. 6. Photo-sharing sites • Pinterest sought to fight scammers and spammers by blocking or stripping threecontinue to grow and types of links: affiliate links, shortened URLsdifferentiate from and click-through-tracking linkscompeting networks. • The Fancy reinforced its ecommerce positioning (users can buy within The Fancy, whereas Pinterest punts users to outside transaction points) by launching a “Buy with Fancy” button for publishers - Apple is reportedly in talks to acquire The Fancy, expanding its ecommerce presence • Stamped released an update to its mobile app, as well as a redesigned desktop experience, highlighting tastemaker content (which includes “stamps” from celebrity users Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres) 6
  7. 7. LinkedIn unveiled a • LinkedIn launched a more simple, clean homepage that allows easy browsing ofredesign, shifting the news articles shared by industry leaders andsite from a resume users’ connectionsnetwork to a visual • A Facebook-like newsfeed utilizes an improved algorithm to highlight top updates based on users’ profiles and interests, featuring larger images and liking, sharing & commenting functionalities • The update follows the goal set by LinkedIn during its Q1 earnings call to “Simplify,” allowing users to get more value from existing products and services 7
  8. 8. Case 8
  9. 9. • Free People assigned individual productFree People integrated hashtags to a selection of denim items andconsumer-submitted encouraged consumers to upload photos ofphotos into its product themselves wearing the products onto Twitter or Instagram (Link)pages. • Following moderator approval, consumers’ photos appear on individual product pages, as well as on Free People’s online denim hub (Link) • Using consumer photos allows online shoppers to review the fit of the denim on a variety of body types Consideratio 9
  10. 10. • Through Virtual Piggy, parents can setVirtual Piggy allows kids limits, vet purchases and authorize chargesto shop online at from their kids to their credit cardsapproved merchants. • Virtual Piggy teaches kids about saving through wish list management and progress tracking • About 35 merchants participate in the program, including K’nex, Spyder, Kidlandia and Fanlala Acquisition 10
  11. 11. • Little Monsters, the online community forLady Gaga’s social Lady Gaga fans, allowed the public to signnetwork for fans exited up following months of closed beta testingbeta and opened itsdoors to the public. • The site’s aesthetic is similar to Pinterest’s image-heavy feed; Reddit-like voting allows users to assign a thumbs up or a thumbs down on individual posts • The niche network houses a multilingual chat feature that allows global users to interact with one another Site Link Engagement 11
  12. 12. • Diet Coke invited fans to tweet atDiet Coke celebrated its @DietCokeUS and completed a task like30th anniversary by sending a wish, finishing a sentence orhosting 30-second writing a birthday haikuparties for fans. • For four days, Diet Coke surprised select Twitter participants with a 30-second party (filmed and shared by Diet Coke) and a year’s supply of Diet Coke • Videos of the celebrations have collected more than 3.5k views Video Link Engagement 12
  13. 13. • Yves Saint Laurent used the colors ofYSL premiered an eye Facebook to create a limited edition eyeshadow palette inspired shadow palette that was sold on the YSLby Facebook. Facebook page • Fans who purchased the palette received “privileges,” including exclusive information, perks and services through Facebook and in-store Engagement 13
  14. 14. • Clif Bar sent instructions for productClif Bar is rewarding redemption once a user had sent a geo-Twitter users enjoying tagged tweet to @CLIFMojoGo, showing hethe outdoors with free or she was outdoorstrail mix product. • Participating Twitter users are also entered into a sweepstakes; prizes include a Garmin GPS watch Campaign Site Link Engagement 14
  15. 15. • Nike’s Show Boxxxx game, available inNike launched a virtual English and Japanese, lets fans collect andshoe trading game on trade virtual Nike shoes with friends andFacebook. other Nike fans • Each user receives virtual sneakers which are traded for points and additional shoes; shoes are showcased in an online collection available for others to view • The game features vintage shoes from the Nike’s 40+ year history, allowing fans to learn more about the brand Engagement Game Link 15
  16. 16. • Gilt City will curate and promote deals forMasterCard partnered travel, culinary experiences andwith Gilt City to provide entertainment, under the “Priceless” labelexclusive deals to within its site, where items will only be available for purchase by MasterCard holderscardholders in select • The Priceless Cities program has launched in New York and Chicago, and will expand to more U.S. cities Facebook App Link Advocacy 16
  17. 17. • Tesco launched the “Share & Earn”Tesco piloted a four- Facebook application where users connectweek Facebook-linked their Tesco loyalty card numbers to theirloyalty program. Facebook accounts • Users received double loyalty points for liking and sharing selected products with their friends on their Facebook Walls • Beyond the benefits of social word-of- mouth, Tesco received valuable Facebook analytics that identified products their customers were interested in Advocacy 17