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DB Tenzing

Atlas Systems Case Study

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DB Tenzing

  1. 1. DATABASE SERVICES Case study forTenzing
  2. 2. OVERVIEW • Our Client is an ecommerce web hosting client delivering solutions and services for retailers and manufacturers to enhance performance, maintain security and simplify compliance. • Client is regularly recognized as a high growth company and industry leader and is ISO 27001 certified, AT101 SOC audited and PCI-DSS Service Provider Level 1 compliant and audited. • Client, has over 2,000 Oracle and SQL databases instances deployed worldwide running mission-critical business applications. Technology: • Oracle 11g and 12C • SQL Server 2008 R2, 2012 and 2014.
  3. 3. CLIENT CHALLENGES • Client wanted to improve customer service levels, better availability and support of their existing databases as well as ability to comply with high industry standards. • Listed below were the major problems, issues, requirements and challenges. • Technical expertise to provide 24 x 5 offshore support and Oncall support. • Serious business activity processing delays and stoppages. • Requirement of proactive approach to data management and database project work to meet business goals.
  4. 4. ATLAS SOLUTION • Improved and efficient 24x5 remote DBA management. • On-Call support during holidays, week ends. • Considerable savings in time and improved efficiency due to automation and SQL query optimization. • Automation of most of the existing manual processes resulting in considerable cost savings through saved person hours. • Periodic health assessment reports for Oracle and SQL databases. • Implementation of database administration best practices.
  5. 5. CLIENT BENEFITS • 24x5 proactive offshore and oncall Oracle/SQL Database Monitoring, Administration and Troubleshooting services with reduced cost ensuring high standards. • Reduced application and database bottlenecks by diagnosing SQL queries and transactions. • Improved database availability by efficient backup and replication process. • The Quarterly DB assessment report and recommendations providing by Atlas DBA experts ensures databases are running at an optimum level.