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AMS Flycell

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Atlas Systems case study

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AMS Flycell

  1. 1. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Case study of Project Flycell
  2. 2. OVERVIEW • Flycell is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Italian mobile messaging pioneer Acotel Group • Flycell empowers mobile lifestyles by delivering personalized infotainment on the fly, unique and custom information, entertainment and more to mobile users across US • Atlas supports Flycell on Mobile/Web application development and maintenance • A 15 member team (Delivery Manager,Technical Manager, Sr. Developers, Developers,Testers) operates from the Bangalore delivery center to support Flycell and Acotel worldwide • The team works directly on customer environment(VPN) seamlessly as an extended delivery team
  3. 3. CHALLENGES • Atlas Systems was brought in to handle all Mobile Application Maintenance Services, which included: • Continuous addition of mobile analytics reports and billing reports to Flycell admin websites • Monitoring the nightly build jobs • Populating the reporting tables nightly through scripts • Carrying out maintenance and enhancement for the existing mobile services and applications
  4. 4. RESULTS • MOBILE/WAP/SMS APPLICATION SUPPORT OF: • Mobile Reverse Auction Game • Web Crawler • SMS Love – a mobile application • SMS Chat – a mobile chat application • CMSTool – content management system for games and mobile contents • Mobile service promotion/broadcast tools • Audit and customer care tools