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Android flying apps project presentation

  2. Flying Helicopter Application Submitted To: Md.Jueal Mia Lecturer,Department of CSE Daffodil International University Submitted By: Atia sujana Oyshi ID:151-15-5240
  3. Content • Project objectives. • Introduction. • Profile of the project. • Software requirements. • Overview of project with codes and screenshots. • Future work.
  4. Project Objective Using simple and cheaper android based platform. In Game hardware and software requirement are easily available. The games have a good GUI interface. The games will have user friendly form and screen. The game is easy to play for every ages people.
  5. Introduction The main motivation of this project is to explore the concepts of mobile application development in android. A game application that is simple and easy to be used in a mobile handset can become a hit with millions of mobile users
  6. Profile Of The Project  The reason for developing a Mobile game is that it is currently growing and vibrant market with more people playing mobile games than tradition games.  The project for this game contains a plan for the development of a flying game however as stated before this idea is more accessible and allows for greater enjoyment.
  7. Software Requirement • Android Studio •
  8. Overview Of Project
  9. After High Distance Score
  10. Java Class • Animation • Background • BotBorder • Explosion • Game • GameObject • GamePanel • MainThread • Missile • Player • Smokepuff • TopBorder
  11. For Flying Helicopter
  12. For Draw Text and Count Distance
  13. For Collision Between Helicopter and missile
  14. To Create Smoke-puff
  15. Future Work • I want to modify the game as the user can play with the computer. • I want to work for the game to make it on air so that the user from all over the world could play the game easily. • I want to add many levels in this game (Easy, Medium, and Hard.) • I want to make an iOS version of this application. Because besides android, iPhone is also widely used smart phone across the world. • I want to add background music for these application .