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Presentación Vodafone - Viernes DEC "Service Design, Innovando en el negocio"

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Presentación Pikolin- Viernes DEC "Service Design, Innovando en el negocio"

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Presentación Vodafone - Viernes DEC "Service Design, Innovando en el negocio"

  1. 1. #ViernesDEC Roberto Franza – Director Marketing Particulares Vodafone Carmen López-Suevos – Directora Experiencia de Cliente Vodafone 22 Febrero 2019
  2. 2. 2 High EndLow End Mid Value Tuenti O2 Lowi Jazztel Amena Simyo Yoigo MásMóvil Pepephone Movistar Vodafone Orange Brands positioning
  3. 3. 3 Problem to resolve Vodafone Brand Proposal • Many consumers are searching for new, fresh and simply solutions. They just want connection, nothing more. • They see the high-end convergence solutions so expensive, little bit complicated… • …In the other hand, low-cost offers are clearly perceived as a completely loss of quality service. • We bring the lightest Vodafone versión. Without added weight: only connectivity so you can always be connected. • Always under mother´s brand: Vodafone's proposal for those who seek only connection to gain consideration, attribution and brand association into innovation values. • Our values? Simplicity, direct and clarity. Turning simplification into the origin in all our communications. We only talk about the essentials. Nothing else. Customer Insights • “I feel tied to my telecom Company: my convergence package has too many options and i´d like to get rid of that weight” • “I need a simple Proposal without additions, easy to buy and with the possibility of activatiing anytime and anywhere” Digital Target
  4. 4. 4 You have it clear when you have to choose:  You want it easy: No extras. No paper work.  You want it without complications: Only mobile and data. With the best network, Vodafone’s. Or mobile and fibre. High speed.  You want it completely digital: No stores. No call centers.  And if you need help, click and your bit Assistant solves all your problems. CLICK. COME IN. CLICK. CONTRACT. CLICK. HAVE IT. CLICK DONE What does Vodafone BIT mean? Vodafone bit manifest
  5. 5. 5 Vodafone bit proposition
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. 7 Awareness & inspire Buy Set Up & Activation 100% Digital comms 100% digital consideration mainly supported by SEM and affiliates actions 1 bit.vodafone.es Mobile First Web Simple and easy journey with a purchase time of 2-4 min 2 100% Digital transaction Selection of SIM reception and FBB installation date during the purchase process 3 Digital care Personal customer area to check bills, real-time usage, price plan details, PIN / PUK 4 Online Help Customer Care channel with a Digital Assistant ensuring 24h SLA. Self Care 5 Customer Care Vodafone bit 100% Digital Customer Experience Agile development: <50% time less