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Asma Shatwan - CV

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Asma Shatwan - CV

  1. 1. Asma Shatwan 26 York Avenue, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 0AR Email: asmashatwan@hotmail.co.uk Website: www.nartissist.com Tel: 077446221960 ___________________________________________________________________ Education 2013 - present - Manchester Metropolitan University, B.A Interactive Arts. 2013 - The Manchester College, BTEC Extended diploma in Art & Design. Skills Creativity:  I have beena student of the Arts for many years, and have had the opportunity to experiment with various mediums, ideas and concepts.  I have exhibited my artwork at a number of different locations; including Manchester’s Urbis Museum.  I have worked with both traditional and digital print, ceramics, textiles, sculpture, installation, photography and video.  I have curated several exhibitions, which involved getting in touch with artists who I thought would be interested in participating, presenting the work in a tasteful manner and making sure the work is safe and stored properly betweenshows; whilst also keeping my team informed and motivated. Motivation and ambition:  I am able to perform well in high-pressure situations as I am organised,and have the ability to multi-task. This is evident in the way I am able to balance society duties and volunteering with my university studies.  Attending weekly meetings, keeping in contact with other committee members,organising and planning events, updating social media pages, poster designing, whilst also meeting project deadlines requires motivation, prioritisation and good organisational skills.  I have also had a part-time job as a teacher, which entailed preparationof lessons beforehand and required me to be alert and ready for anything in the workplace. This job demonstrates a motivation to benefit others, which is essential in any job. Independence and team work:  I work well on my own as I’m very independent,which is anessential skill to have whilst studying Interactive Arts as the course is built on the student’s need to discover their passion through independentstudy and experimentation. I try to come up with original ideas,whilst developing various skills and working with different mediums in the workshops, without the need for constant monitoring.  With many of the activities I am involved in there is an element of teamwork needed to perform and execute certain duties. I am always an active member of the team and contribute to the team’s ideas with creativity and endurance.  I recognise it is important to work together as a collective to deliver successful outcomes; therefore, I work in harmony with others, whilst also staying focused on the task. Communication, presentation and networking:  Through my role in the society’s committee, I have developed my oral communication skills, which has helped me share my opinion on the various aspects of the society’s activities.
  2. 2.  I have participated ingroup tutorials and reviews as partof my studies. I have used the feedback on my work to help me prosperand improve.I have also made comments about other student’s work, which has helped me develop my constructive and critical thinking skills.  I have been assessed on several occasions on my presentation skills and received feedback confirming my confidence in public speaking.Iowe this to my ability to prepare forpresentations thoroughly, as well as being able to respond well to situations on the spot, such as responding to questions. This will help me when interacting with colleagues and customers.  As a poet, I have performed on several occasions atvarious events, and poetry workshops that I attend weekly. This has helped me build confidence. IT Skills:  From September 2015, I have had the roles of Poster designer, social media manager and photographerfor a society at university. I have also designed posters for a charity I frequently volunteer for.  I have created posters using Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  Along with my team, I have kept the social media accounts updated to promote the societies activities and events to students on campus.  I have photographed and documented all our events in a professional manner.  I run a blog where I frequently upload posts about my artwork, university projects, travel, fashion, poetry, beauty and other interests of mine. Multilingual:  I speak and write both English and Arabic fluently.  I am currently studying Spanish in my free time. Interests, achievements and further information My hobbies and interests include make-up artistry, screen-printing, graphic design, poetry writing and performance, reading, swimming and blogging, amongst other things. In my spare time, I regularly volunteer for several charities to run fundraising events, and at the Manchester Art Gallery, where I work with a group of blind and visually impaired elders to create art. I post my make-up looks on Instagram: @nartissist_  2015 & 2016 - Curated and exhibited work at an exhibition for the RamadanTentProject at The University of Manchester in June.  2015 – Delivered a talk about my practice, poetry and student experiences at the Manchester Islamic High School for Girls in celebrationof International Women’s Day and World Book Day.  2015 – Had two poems published on the Humanity Hallows online magazine website.  2015 - Curated a group exhibition as part of The Northern Women’s Art Collective at Nexus Art Café, Northern Quarter, Manchester.  2015 - Participated in an exhibition in collaborationwith the Whitworth Art Gallery, in Federation House, Manchester.  2013 – My print was chosen to be exhibited at the Manchester Football Museum, Urbis, Manchester.  2012 – Wona competitionto publisha poem inthe Poetry Rivals anthology.(The monsteryou’ve become, page 174). *Referees available upon request*