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PPT on Gall bl;adder

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Content about Gallbladder

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PPT on Gall bl;adder

  1. 1. Gall bladder By- Mr. ASHOK BISHNOI Lecturer,JINR
  2. 2. It is Pear shaped sac It is about 7 to 10 cm long 3 cm broad It is having 30-50 ml in capacity Introduction:-
  3. 3. Structure:-
  4. 4. Is attached to the posterior surface of liver by connective tissue
  5. 5. Parts of gallbladder:- It is divided in to3 parts:- ◦ Body ◦ Fundus ◦ Neck
  6. 6. Cystic duct:- It is about 3 to 4 cm long It begin at the neck of gallbladder run backwards, downwards & to left & ends by joining by hepatic ducts at the acute angle to form the bile duct Bile duct:- It is about 8cm long About 3cm in diameter It formed by the union of cystic & common bile duct
  7. 7. Blood supply by:-Cystic artery & branch of hepatic artery. Venous drainage by :-Cystic vein Portal vein
  8. 8. Reservoir of bile Release of stored bile Absorption of water & concentration of bile. Regulate pressure in the bilery system by contraction & dilation Function:-
  9. 9. Note:- Gallbladder is absent in horse, deer, pigeon & white rat. Metabolism:- Break down the process involving a set of chemical reactions that modifies a molecule into another for storage. Anabolism:- Synthesis of large molecule to simpler one Catabolism:- Breakdown large molecule to small molecules & release chemical energy.