visualization research laser scanning ashley m. richter cisa3 archaeology computer science interdisciplinary digital archaeology california institute of telecommunications and inf qi and archaeology collaboration architecture center of interdisciplinary science for art calit2 qualcomm institute vid petrovic ucsd university of california san diego technology tech user experience data data visualization engagement science imaging information technology 3d beach time lapse temporal sandcastles history symbols cultural literacy culture semiotics anthropology science fiction electromagenetic spectrum multispectral imaging remote sensing digital hertiage agisoft 3d modelling photography photogrammetry human engagement user experience design design haptics market research business intelligence competitive intelligence business epistemology geospatial software summary poster powerpoint graphic design academic academia summarization creating a research poster powerpoint presentation graphic dissemination aesthetics research poster public presentation scholars center of interdisciplinary sciene for art archite stratigraphy sediment imaging sediment research and development coastal archaeology granular matter imaging temporal scanning sand site deformation national science foundation igert education outreach david srour
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