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Social Media Content Strategy

  1. Content Strategy
  3. Pushing the right content to the right audience AUDIENCE Determine the target audience Plan your content mix depending on audience. E.g. start with 80% content to entertain, Educate and Inform the user and 20% to promote your brand. Segment audience based on demographics like age, interest, geography etc. Targeting audience segments by pushing content they like on different channels.
  5. How to make content engaging to the target audience SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT STRATEGY Analysis – If current content performing well on social media. If not, why? What can be improved to make it work. Create More Engaging And Sharable Content - If it amazes people, if it’s unique, if it can strike an emotional chord, if its funny or inspiring? Figure out what type of content is audience interested in? Direct User – Create content that includes call to action which nudges user to engage. Content that suggest things, ask a question, ask for opinion, ask to share or like. Bring Variety – Introduce different type of content for different user. Experiment with different types of content lifestyle content like travel, food, fitness, health, auto, sports, fashion content. Use Different Mediums To Engage Users – Images, articles, short articles, long articles, galleries, videos, polls and quizzes.
  6. How to make content engaging to the target audience SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT STRATEGY Plan social media posting smartly on different platforms. Do not bombard audiences’ feeds with posts. It may have negative effect on engagement. What time does Simran videos work best. Make sure post a video at that time and we do not post anything else for another hour at least. Use contests and giveaways to engage users. Use quizzes on FB or Insta and set a prize for that. It can he meeting a star or invitation to a shoot. Create posts asking questions to motivate the audience to participate. Use Paid promotions for best performing posts. Share behind the scene videos of shoots with stars. Tap into trending topics. Use Facebook and Instagram stories to drive audience to website/ YouTube. Plan campaigns around popular festivals and holidays.
  7. How to use Facebook content FACEBOOK CONTENT STRATEGY Plan Facebook post according to performance of the content during a day. Dive deep into the data and gather insights. Involve local stars and influencers in Facebook posts. Use Facebook live for interviews and covering events. Use Facebook tools Like Groups, Messenger Chat Bot, Business Manager. Facebook Polls are very popular increasing engagement. Use polls about culture, news etc. Use Facebook stories to push user to Website/YouTube/OTT or other platforms. FB stories with links to app/YouTube videos or website article will push users to those platforms. Share behind the scene videos. Small videos or interviews from before or after the events. Use hyperlinks of stories or video in Facebook posts along with native videos.
  8. How to use WhatsApp to engage and grow audience WHATSAPP CONTENT STRATEGY Use WhatsApp for Business to connect with audience and grow audience base. Share short teaser videos and graphics, images with hyperlinks to drive users to main website. Offer great value to build a phone database. WhatsApp has a 70% opening rate, which means you are almost guaranteed exposure of your message if you customer is on WhatsApp with the you. Share links to live events or reminders for big events on television on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a great and fast way to get user feedback. Excellent way to promote App as user can be send option to open the videos etc in App.
  9. How to make Instagram content work for us INSTAGRAM CONTENT STRATEGY Involve local stars and influencers to promote on Instagram. Influencers who have 0-25k followers can get up to 7% engagement against 1.1% engagement rate otherwise. Use Instagram videos to attract young audiences across the globe. It is the best way to engage audience aged between 18-25 . Use hyperlink to drive users to other platforms in Instagram stories. Use Instagram stories to push users to desired platforms. It work better than any other medium for younger audience. Use creative graphic posts and polls to boost engagement.
  10. How to make Twitter content work for us TWITTER CONTENT STRATEGY Using twitter to promote videos and content Getting local stars and influencers to follow twitter account. Using polls on Twitter. Partner with Twitter to promote events. Promo movies etc on twitter by running planned campaigns. Plan twitter auto response campaigns for move releases.
  11. Maximising revenue by use of various channels of monetization VIDEO CONTENT Using Facebook native videos instead of embeds. On average, native videos reach 2.04 times more people, getting 2.38 times more likes, 2.67 times more shares, and 7.43 times more comments. Data Analysis – What kind of videos working and at what time. Creating and posting content that performs better. Posting right content at right time my increase the engagement upto 10 times, sometimes more. Experimenting with short videos on other platforms (TikTok substitutes like Roposo etc.) Creating videos for different audience segments according to interest. Creating cooking, street food, makeup, travel and car/bike rally, adventure sports video will get upto 50% more interaction from audience aged 18-45. Creating separate versions of videos for various platforms and user
  12. Maximising revenue by use of various channels of monetization YOUTUBE CONTENT Having a custom thumbnail to video than normal first frame or busy blurry image may increase engagement by 154%. Add annotations to the YouTube to drive desirable actions from the user. Tell the user if you need him to like the video or share it or subscribe to your channel depending upon your goal. This may have more than 100% increase in desired user actions. Keep YouTube videos crisp and short where possible. Do SEO for Youtube videos
  13. How to make content engaging to the target audience ENGAGEMENT Understand your target audience and their interest. Check into google/FB analytics s to see what the audience is most engaged in Focus on quality of content. Using fake or offensive content may get you down-ranked on Facebook. A/B testing for content to know what works better. Try different headlines. Different types of articles at different times of days to see what works better. Work on SEO for better search results.
  14. Using a balanced mix of variety of available content formats CONTENT FORMATS Slideshows Polls and Quizzes Blogs Articles Infographics Videos
  15. Marketing the website on the right channels to get the desired response MARKETING Strategy for marketing on various channels – TV, social media, online media. Engaging current user base on social media platform. Facebook pages with 1-2M followers are not getting 1000 likes on posts shows the content is not engaging users. Get into analytics and find out what type of content is the user is engaging in the most. SEO/SEM/Display marketing plan. Increasing user engagement and acquisition. Distribution deals with other providers to using our content on their platforms. Deal may be done with big regional newspaper websites to provide them entertainment content for the website.
  17. Maximising revenue by use of various channels of monetization MONETIZATION ON SOCIAL MEDIA Promote content for others (let other brands use your user base for a premium). Use sponsored content. Create sponsored content for Facebook and YouTube. Facebook followers in millions have the potential to attract sponsorship of local brands on social media. Promote local events through posts and videos. Local car rallies, sports events, entertainment events promoted and teased. Using Facebook native videos and monetizing them on Facebook by partnering with them. By using native videos, we can partner with Facebook to monetize them same way as YouTube. Tap into trending topics and get sponsor for those topics. Doing a street food video can get the sponsor from the famous food company. Use Facebook and Instagram stories to drive audience to website/OTT/YouTube.
  18. How to make content engaging to the target audience OTT MONETIZATION Use subscription for OTT platform, give options of subscription i.e. Monthly/Yearly/Premium/Basic/HD & Non- HD etc. Driving content through social media by posts and ads about OTT platform. Partnering with other OTT providers to provider your app in their bundle e.g. Amazon prime or Sony Liv. Upsell subscription to free consumers. Certain content can be kept ad based on OTT platform for free consumers. Creating an OTT app for TV like phone platforms would get more subscribers than any other way.
  19. Maximising revenue by use of various channels of monetization YOUTUBE MONETIZATION Using different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to drive traffic to YouTube to boost engagement. Embedding YouTube videos on articles to increase engagement. Using stars and influencers to boost engagement by making them share YouTube videos on their Twitter/Insta/FB accounts. Influencers have up to 7 times more reach and can divert up to 7 times more users to YouTube than organic posts. Monetizing YouTube videos through ads before and in between videos. Using services like Google Ads/Taboola for selling ad space. Using sponsored content - Making videos for sponsors and promote like advertorials.
  20. Building a team of strong and dynamic editors TEAM Motivating the team to develop original content for social media. Arranging training/re-training for the team members wherever required. Align the team members’ individual goals with market goals. Ensuring diverse mix in team w.r.t skill set. Understanding team’s current issues and providing support.
  21. Implement technologies and processes that enable deep learning of user behaviour and automates engagement ANALYTICS & ENGAGEMENT Data Analytics to understand user behavior and demography. Constant review to enhance business growth Use traditional and automated tools for user engagement. Develop/Update content strategy based on data analytics.