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Bangladesh e- Government ERP project

  1. Bangladesh e-Government ERP Project Analysis Presentation
  2. What is GRP ? • Bangladesh e- Government ERP (called GRP) is a pilot project of government for ten organizations of Planning Division and ICT Division. • GRP currently consists of nine modules. • On successful completion of this primary phase, other government organizations would be able to use the software gradually with minimum customization.
  3. Why GRP? • To ensure automation of every government office’s business process. • Visualization of big picture. • Tracking progress of work by management • Reducing duplication of work.
  4. Present Stakeholders
  5. Modules of the Application Meeting & Events Asset HRM Inventory Procurement Accounts Project Management Audit Budget
  6. Meeting Module Prime Benefits  Booking of meeting/event venue will be automated and conflict- free.  Ease of meeting record replication and management of cancellation/reschedule.  Electronically notify attendees of meeting status.  Ease of preparation of working paper/resolution.  Follow-up with previous meetings.  Content search on previous agenda/resolutions/outcome with possible search options.  Auto-integration with accounts for expenditure management.
  7. Inventory Module Prime Benefits  An Admin can get a summary stock of items at a glance. Inventory low stocks notification will help the Admin / Purchase department to order items before those items are out-of-stock.  Consequently, decisions to order new items (with adequate quantity) can be taken by the admin through previous history. Budget can be proportionately allocated to items needed for the period / quarter.  Ensure proportionate distribution of items to sections or officers. Will bring transparency and avoid abusing resources.  Item-wise purchase report will help in estimating the price for new purchase.
  8. Asset Module Prime Benefits  This module will serve as a single source of truth by enabling complete and accurate asset portfolio data through its life cycle consolidated in a single system of record.  It will result in a fast and easy tracking of the assets.  It will help improve the productivity of an entity by enabling timely decisions about various aspects (maintenance, upgrade, replacement, disposal etc.) of an asset.
  9. Vision of GRP • Establishing a transparent and accountable e-Government system across whole of the government • Save yearly subscription fees of Government for using Foreign ERP. • Develop the skills of the local ICT industry. • Play major role in building “Digital Bangladesh” through automated government office.
  10. Nov, 2019 Server, Infrastructure setup Jan, 2020 1. Meeting 2. Inventory 3. Asset (Phase #1) 4. Procurement 5. HRM Core Jun, 2019 SRS-SDD Documents Apr, 2020 Budget, Asset (Phase #2), Accounts and HRM partial. Sep, 2020 Remaining Overall Milestones
  11. GRP Implementation Progress MEM and Inventory module is currently rolling out on Planning Division, ICT Division, BCC, BIDS 28th Jan 2020 ADP Meeting conducting through GRP 10th Feb 2020 GRP Implementation at BIDS 11th Feb 2020 GRP started officially at BCC
  12. ERP module Relevant External Applications Procurement, asset management, inventory e-GP Project planning and management PMIS (IMED), PPS Accounts and Budgeting iBAS++, e-GP Human Resource Management Personal database (PIMS), Pay fixation, OISF Meeting and Event management e-Nothi/e-Filing External Modules to Interface via NEA Service Bus
  13. What about others’ experience with NEA? • Text/xml file based • State-of-the-art: RESTFull/SOAP API based via NEA Service BUS Examples:  Identity verification service  Govt. employee verification service  e-pension service for primary school  Food procurement from miller/farmer How to use NEA BUS ?
  14. Application Demo Meeting & Events
  15. Application Demo Inventory
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