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  1. • They want to be number one on all major Search Engine. • Want to beat their competitors on every possible high searchable keywords. • Need more traffic to their website either locally or globally. • Want their visitors convert into consumers. What every person think for a successful online business whatever they run a small company or a big?
  2. SEO strategy that boost your website on all major Search Engines
  3. Content: Content plays a role as a king for any website. But Why Content is a king ? • Engage the Reader • Increase Search Engine Rankings and Traffic • Traffic share content • Traffic and shares generate links • Links generates better rankings • Better ranking generate more traffic • And repeat. Source: Huffingtonpost
  4. Keywords: Keywords also play as an important role in good SEO. Choosing the keywords that describe your website would increase the impression in search results. • Choose the right keyword that best describe your business and highly searchable. • Keep good keyword density at every page (recommended density is 3 to 7%) • Keywords in special places: • In URLs • file names • alt attribute • Title and Headings • Meta Description
  5. HTML: We all know that HTML is used to create web pages. But except that Google, Bing and other Search engines pick up ranking signals from specific HTML elements. Such as: • HTML Title Tag • Meta Description Tag • Header Tag • Structure Data • < link rel=”canonical”> tag • <a href=“”> tag • Also maintain Text to Code ratio
  6. Usability: Usability is about people's behavior after they arrive on your website, with the main goal being to increase the conversion rate. • Speak the user's language in page titles, headlines, and body text • Offer stable URLs so other sites can link directly to each key piece of content. • Accessibility – Use text as much as possible. • Offer a clear information architecture (IA) • Attract incoming links and social chatter • Easy to use, navigate, and understand • Provide direct, actionable information relevant to the query • Professionally designed and accessible to modern browsers
  7. Design: Making creative and responsive web design for your website to get a great first impression. Tips for a creative website design: • Use proper colors to draw attention of your audience • Avoid Un-necessary flash animation, media and gadgets • Create a clear structure and layout • Use proper font and size that are easily readable by the user • Maintain consistency by having a good flow from page to page • Use the right image • Create a solid navigation system • Make it accessible by making responsive web design no matter what devices, browser and application they are using.
  8. Page Speed: Page Speed is also key factor in SEO. It is cause of decreasing 70% of end users on desktop, mobile and other devices. Following Points to keep in mind: • Try to keep your landing page load time than 5 to 10 seconds. • Optimize your image, CSS, Html and JavaScript files • Use less plugins to reduce load time • Optimize Database • Compressed the data (Use gzip compression) • Choose best web hosting services
  9. Links: According to SEO best practices the followings are important as SEO perspective. • Internal Link - A hyperlink that point at (target) the same domain as the domain that the link exists on (source). • Allow users to navigate your website. • Help to establish information hierarchy for the given website. • Help to spread link juice (ranking power) around websites • External Link - A hyperlink that point at (target) any domain other than the domain the link exists on (source) . • the most important source of ranking power. • pass "link juice“ • Anchor Text - visible, clickable text in a hyperlink.
  10. Blog: Integrating a blog page on your website can boost your search rankings in SERPs. Keep your blog page with: • Fresh Content • Targeting New & trending Keywords • Building Niche Authority • Social Shares • Quality Internal Linking • Optimized Image with Alt attribute • Natural Linking • Build Trust • Google Authorship • Social Media Integration • Improve interaction on your blog • Include a “Subscribe to RSS” feed • Reduce Bounce Rates
  11. Social Media: We all know Social Media is now the most popular online activity in these days. Make more traffic by these Social media strategy: • Write post with creative infographic, image & video – The big thing is create your own self made videos and photos. Creating post or media with creative infographic, image & video will attract more attention to the viewers. • Share on Social Network – Sharing your post to the popular social networking website like Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & more will bring huge referral traffic to your website. • Social Listening – Only writing post and sharing is not enough; you have to be active and listening to your audience. Keep communication open and make a strong relationship.
  12. Web Analytics: Web analytic is the process of measurement and collection of web data and the activity for optimizing and understanding web usage. Some Google analytic tips that should use in behavior. • Monitor error pages with an alert • Analyze conversion rates for devices • Identify usability issues • See your audience demographics • Analyze your conversion funnel • Use the mobile app for your content strategy • Measure social interactions on your website • Compare date ranges • Manage user permissions • Exclude internal traffic from reports
  13. Reporting: SEO Reporting is the voice of SEO biz. It tells the all about the SEO work and the growth report of any website. Some smart SEO reporting tips: • Personalize your reports for each client • Make your reports clear and understandable • Focus on the right SEO data • Give clients the easiest access to their reports • Let SEO reports sell your SEO skills
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