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Spanish artist Albano joins Artistics Gallery

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Spanish contemporary artist Albano joins Artistics Gallery. Learn more about the artist and view his portfolio of paintings on Artistics: https://www.artistics.com/en/albano

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Spanish artist Albano joins Artistics Gallery

  1. 1. PRESS RELEASE Paris, July 24, 2018 CONTEMPORARY ART Spanish artist Albano joins Artistics Gallery Spanish artist Albano has been developing a rather extraordinary work for more than ten years. Its boldness and originality were recognized in his home country even before he had finished his studies at the Fine Arts. Refusing to be labeled an abstract painter, Albano claims his work is firmly planted in reality: that of the studio where he works and the landscapes he has crossed. The paintings of his most recent series, Atlas, which are now available on Artistics, are a mix of souvenirs of lands visited (the vivid green of the Castilian crop fields in the Spring) and tokens of more personal spaces (traces of his work in his studio: remnants of paint taken from his palette, Pantone color cards, Adobe-like checkered transparent background patterns etc.). To the extent that the paintings can be interpreted as a personal diary, and as a reflection of the creative process itself. « The elements I work into my composition come from a very real world, a reality I have lived. It is therefore impossible for me to label my work abstract, geometric or anything else, or indeed give it any other conventional label. » According to art critic Brane Kovic, what Albano's painting reveals is that : « meticulously elaborated color field acts as a trap that absorbs the gaze and forces the viewer to gradually explore other elements on the picture plane. While recognizing and identifying them we become more and more conscious that the real subject of each single image is the question of its production and structuring or, in other words, that the artist keeps thinking painterly analyzing his medium and the process of visual creation. » Albano attributes a fundamental role to the composition, more still than the color and the texture. He composes his paintings as one would compose a piece of music: in terms of harmony, syncopes and vividly changing rhythms. And in a toing and froing between add and retract: « the paint applied by brush accounts for perhaps 5%. The rest is worked in with spatulas, rulers and cards… I work on several canvasses at a time and every now and then I'll take some paint off one to put on another. To me that has an almost magic quality. It gives the paintings more depth and creates a dialog between them. »
  2. 2. PRESS RELEASE Paris, July 24, 2018 ABOUT ALBANO Albano Hernández Domingues was born in Ávila, Spain in 1988. Today he lives and works between Cambridge (UK) and Madrid. After high-school he went to the school of Fine Arts in Ávila and subsequently a fine arts degree at Complutense University in Madrid, obtaining his diploma in 2012. His talents as a painter were recognized early on, he was barely 18 when he won the Mario Antolin Grant at the BMW Prize, which secured him his first individual exhibition in Madrid at the Alfama gallery. The same prize attributed him with a medal in 2009 and 2010 and finally in 2012 the BMW prize for painting - the highest distinction and a veritable stepping stone for his career. Other awards and several exhibitions later, his work has now joined different prestigious private and public collections: Infanta Elena (Tomelloso) contemporary art museum, the city of Madrid, National library of Spain, the José Saramago foundation (Lisbon), The Valparaiso foundation (Madrid), la Caja Madrid foundation, etc. More information (biography, video, portfolio) on Artistics: https://www.artistics.com/en/albano ABOUT ARTISTICS ONLINE ART GALLERY Artistics is an online contemporary art gallery based in Paris. Since its beginnings in 2013, Artistics has strived to reduce the distance between artist and public: By means of videoed interviews, articles and detailed descriptions of the works… Our objective, to present works of art that would give people pleasure to live with. Artistics is for those who believe that art makes for a better life by putting a little soul in your everyday environment. We believe the dream of art should be available to everyone. Our quality of service has merited us to be Number 1 in the guide to purchasing art online created by the site achetezdelart.com very much thanks to the appreciation of our clients. Press contact: +331 40 28 92 28 – presse@artistics.com