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News and Events

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News and Events

  1. 1. 9/21/2016 News and Events http://information­analytics.cas.usf.edu/NewsandEvents.html 1/4 NEWS AND EVENTS HERE'S WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE SCHOOL OF INFORMATION USF Cyber Intelligence Team advances to the ⁑nals of the 2016 National Cyber Analyst Challenge The student team of cyber intelligence analysts from University of South Florida has advanced to the ⁑nals of the 2016 National Cyber Analyst Challenge. The National Cyber Analyst Challenge is a competition created by created by Lockheed Martin and Temple University’s Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT) to enhance the skills of the future workforce, with a focus on developing strategic skills involving analysis and threat identi⁑cation. The composite expertise of USF’s team included Phillip Krnjeu, Ryan Cooper, Charlene Garcia, Armend Mala, and El Mehdi Ramdane, all of whom are graduate students in USF’s MS in Cybersecurity with a Concentration in Cyber Intelligence, with “Scuba” Steve Gary, Assistant Professor of Practice in the School of Information serving as the primary faculty advisor. All Phase I entries were reviewed by a panel of industry experts and scored on presentation, incident and content analysis, and technical accuracy and skills. There were twice as many submissions this year as last year, so the competition was intense! Based on the team’s Phase I scores, the University of South Florida will receive the GOLD award, which is the highest level in the challenge. In addition, the team will receive an industry mentor, and training to participate in phase III – the ⁑nals. The team is also quali⁑ed to participate in Phase II – Online training, and Phase III – Finals in Washington D.C, October 27- 28, 2016. Phase III o†ers a $25,000 award. Hotel accommodations for Phase III are provided to all ⁑nalists, though the school is expected to cover transportation costs. These students are outstanding ambassadors for USF and the Cyber Intelligence program. The School of Information Welcomes New Faculty Natalie Greene Taylor, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida. Her research focuses on young people’s access to information. More speci⁑cally, she studies youth information behavior, information intermediaries, and information policy as it a†ects youth information access. In her dissertation, she examined youth access to digital government information. She is an Associate Editor of Library Quarterly and has published articles in Library & Information Science Research, Public Library Quarterly, Information Polity, and International Journal of Public Administration in the Digital Age, among others. She has also co-authored two books: Digital Literacy and Digital Inclusion: Information Policy and the Public Library and Libraries, Human Rights, and Social Justice: Enabling Access and Promoting Inclusion, and co-edited the book Perspectives on Libraries as Institutions of Human Rights and Social Justice. Dr. Loni Hagen uses natural language processing and data mining techniques to automatically extract information from e- petition texts and further provides interpretation of them in context. Her current research interests include developing MENU
  2. 2. 9/21/2016 News and Events http://information­analytics.cas.usf.edu/NewsandEvents.html 2/4 new ways of organizing opinions expressed by the public online, and introducing computational techniques to analyze big textual data for policy analysis and policy decision-making. School of Information continuously accredited by American Library Assoication The University of South Florida's iSchool is pleased to announce that the American Library Association's (ALA) Committee on Accreditation has granted continued accreditation status to its Master of Arts in Library and Information Science (MALIS) program. The next comprehensive review of the program is scheduled for spring 2023. The School of Information Sciences has been continually accredited by ALA since 1974. http://www.ala.org/news/press- releases/2016/07/coa-announces-accreditation-decisions-made-2016-annual-conference USF's School of Information is now a member of the iSchools organization A huge congratulations to our very own Dr. Kathleen de la Peña McCook, 2016 recipient of the Elizabeth Martinez Lifetime Achievement Award! The award was created to recognize those who have achieved excellence in librarianship over an extended (over 20 years) period of service and who have made signi⁑cant and lasting contributions to REFORMA, as well as to the Latino and the Spanish-speaking communities. She will be honored by your fellow REFORMISTAS and colleagues at ALA Annual in Orlando. More Details HERE. Watch for the USF School of Information at ALA in Orlando Jun 23-28! USF SI will be hosting the ALISE/Library and Information Studies Shared Booth. Visit us at booth #1150 in the Library School & Instruction Pavilion. For more information such as exhibit hours, please visit http://www.alise.org/alise-at-ala More info also at at http://2016.alaannual.org/ Florida Health Sciences Library Association 2016 Annual Meeting On April 7-8, 2016 the Florida Health Sciences Library Association Annual Meeting will be held at USF. The theme is Digging Deeper into Health Care Research. For more information go HERE. USF Alumni Reception & Alice G. Smith Lecture @ FLA 2016 This year's Alice Smith Lecturer was alumnus Dr. Roy Balleste, Law Library Director and Professor of Law at St. Thomas University School of Law. He was also this year's recipient for the Jean Key Gates Distinguished Alumni Award. His latest publication is Internet Governance: Origins, Current Issues, and Future Possibilities. He spoke about the subjects of internet governance and cybersecurity. The event also gave alumni and current grad students a chance to network and reconnect. SI Students at Florida's Capitol This year, seven students from the School of Information attended the 46th Annual Library Day in Tallahassee, Florida, on Wednesday, March 17-18, 2015. Sponsored by the Florida Library Association, Library Day is a time when librarians remind lawmakers of the importance of libraries, during the budget making process. First on the agenda was the Advocate’s Reception, where the students had the opportunity to meet library professionals from across the state. The following morning the students gathered to meet with speci⁑c library advocates, who then briefed them about library funding issues to be presented to legislators. Next they headed to the Capitol building to meet with legislators and deliver our important messages. Finally the students were given a tour of the State Library and Archives This trip was made possible with the help of TBLC’s Charlie Parker and the coordination of SI graduate Roxanna Palmer. World IA Day
  3. 3. 9/21/2016 News and Events http://information­analytics.cas.usf.edu/NewsandEvents.html 3/4 World IA Day The average information user today expects a highly e†cient and attractive experience. As user anticipation rises with the volume of data, Information Architects are more in demand. On February 21, 2015, several students and faculty from USF participated in World Information Architecture Day (WIAD), held for the ⁑rst time in downtown Tampa. Joined together with locations all over the world, participants collaborated and discussed how best to shape the future of Information Architecture. USF School of Information’s Dr. Heiko Haubitz joined other professionals to ⁑eld questions about how Information Architects could create structures to promote a happier customer experience. Attendees also participated in workshops focused on solving real-world information architecture problems. Additionally, USF faculty Diane Austin and Donna D’Ambrosio had an opportunity to publicize USF’s Bachelor of Science in Information Studies degree, and further discuss great opportunities for BSIS graduates. USF SI @ ALA 2015 USF School of Information faculty, students, and alumni were present and active among the 22,000 attendees at the 2015 American Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibition held in San Francisco June 25th to 30th (see the Look Back at the conference at http://alaac15.ala.org/). The conference opened the day the U.S. Supreme Court ruling made same-sex marriage legal throughout the country, with “inclusiveness and diversity” emerging as a major conference theme for 2015 (as reported in American Libraries magazine (July 22, 2015). The American Library Association has been an advocate for LGBT diversity initiatives and active in supporting and participating in LGBT rights, historically. Being in the center of such a momentous decision and recognition of civil rights made the event even more extraordinary for those attending.Associate Director Diane Austin represented USF at both the booth and reunion, greeting and reconnecting with USF and other school’s alum and other conference attendees, sharing stories and what is happening in the SI programs. Other SI professors were busy with multiple committee assignments and event attendance. SI Professor Dr. Vicki Gregory participated on the Notable Books Council this year. She also attended Beta Phi Mu activities on behalf of SI and the Andrew Carnegie Medal awards ceremony. Dr. Kathleen de la Peña McCook served on the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction & Non⁑ction committee this year. View the 2015 School of Information Newsletter HERE CONNECT WITH US PEOPLE | INFORMATION | TECHNOLOGY       4202 E. FOWLER AVENUE, TAMPA, FL 33620, USA • 813-974-2011 | USF SCHOOL OF INFORMATION
  4. 4. 9/21/2016 News and Events http://information­analytics.cas.usf.edu/NewsandEvents.html 4/4