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  1. Suprema Firma Wellness Trading 9003 Jose Abad Santos Ave Salitran 3 Dasmariñas Cavite Summerwind 2
  2. Main office
  3. legalities
  4. OWNER’S BIOGRAPHY CEO: Josua G. Manguilimotan MLM Experience since 2009 B.SBA Major in Marketing Management Professional Network Builder CFO: Mylene B. Arteme MLM Experience since 2015 B.S Information in Technology Marketing Specialist True Leaders don’t create followers they create more Leaders Leadership is the capacity to translate vision to reality.
  5. How to start ? Simply just buy product package that you can choose from BRONZE SILVER GOLD
  6. VISION: To be the world’s largest essential wellness products provider as well as one of the most innovative and dynamic direct selling company that serves social management and integrity. MISSION: We are highly committed with our innovative skills to ensure and accomplish the social satisfaction. We will generate and give productive results, maximum efficiency and effectively. We lead and aiming to become a world class company.
  7. products
  8. Let’s talk about BRONZE PACKAGE 1,998 RETURN OF INVESTMENT Free 24/7 SUPREMA Distributor Tracking Center Promos, Rewards, Raffles, Unlimited earnings and etc. Online/ Offline Trainings Products Worth of 2300php or more Up to 50% lifetime discount
  9. 8 ways to earn Profit Sharing Rewards Bonus Redundant Binary Unilevel Income Direct Selling up to 50% Discount Lifetime Direct Referral Pairing Bonus 5th Match Rewards
  10. SRP: 1600 MP: 888 Profit: 712 SRP: 350 MP: 165 Profit: 185 Suprema-Cee Cafe-Suprema Ex. 10 Profit a day: 7,120 Ex. 10 Profit a day: 1,850 BRONZE PACKAGE Direct Selling income Enjoy up to 50% Lifetime Discount of all Products
  11. 150 150 150 Profit per day: 1,500 Ex. 10 Direct referral Bonus
  12. 150 150 150 Good Thing Direct referral Bonus
  13. L R 400 400 Solid Safety net 400 Cash + 1 Pouch of Coffee 2 Matches per Cycle 2 Cycle per Day 5th Pair Products Product to Product Match Product to Package Match Package to Package Match Pairing bonus
  14. 15 pts. 1 Sack of Rice 50 kls. 45 pts. Smart Phone worth 7k 60 pts. Tablet worth 10k 120 pts. laptop worth 20k 500 pts motorcycle worth 90k 5000 pts fully car sedan 700k 10000 pts fully paid house 1.5M 5th match
  15. LEVEL MEMBERS PRODUCTS POINT 4x4 PHP 1st Level 4 20 PV/4 bottles 80 php 2nd Level 16 20 PV/4 bottles 320 php 3rd Level 64 20 PV/4 bottles 1,280 php 4th Level 256 20 PV/4bottles 5,120 php 5th Level 1,024 20 PV/4 bottles 20,480 php 6th Level 4,096 20 PV/4 bottles 81,920 php 7th Level 16,384 20 PV/4 bottles 327,680 php 8th Level 65,536 20 PV /4 bottles 1,310,720 php 9th Level 262,144 20 PV/4 bottles 5,242,880 php 10th Level 1,048,576 20 PV/4 bottles 20,971,520 php Total unilevel income: 27,962,000 php unilevel
  16. L R 400 400 400 Package to Package Match Package to Products Match Products to Products Match Redundant binary
  17. REWARD BONUS To be qualified in Ranking Position a Leader must have accumulative income. The position required depending on their actual gain income and be rewarded base on their Ranked Achievement Distributors Aquamarine 200k income holder Sapphire 300k income holder Emerald 400k income holder Ruby 500k income holder Jade 1M income holder Diamond 2M income holder Red Diamond 3M income holder Pink Diamond 4M income holder Blue Diamond 5M income holder Black Diamond 8M income holder
  18. PROFIT SHARING Sapphire Ranked Emerald Ranked Ruby Ranked Jade Ranked Diamond Ranked Red Diamond Ranked Pink Diamond Ranked Blue Diamond Ranked Black Diamond Ranked Allocated Percentage of shares will be given to the Top Distributors Worldwide. Top Distributors Share starts at .5% Profit Shares based on Company Net Income HALL OF FAMER 0.5% 1% 1.5% 2% 2.5% 3% 3.5% 4% 4.5% 5%
  21. Suprema reward