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Transforming Your Library

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Transforming Your Library

  1. 1. w w w.arkgroupaustralia.com.auEmerging technology, tools and strategies Australian Catholic UniversityDepartment of JusticeState Library of QueenslandSwinburne University of TechnologyTAFE NSW Riverina InstituteUltimo College, TAFE NSWParramatta City LibraryLeveraging emerging technologies to drive service delivery and engagementTransforming Your LibraryOne day study group plus interactive workshops22 - 23 April 2013, Citigate Central, SydneyFuture proofing your library: innovations inóó technology, information delivery and library servicesEmerging technologies; opportunities and pitfallsóóUtilising social media to connect with clientsóóLibrary advocacy: building the business case for óó support and resourcesThe impact of eBooks and online resourcesóóPost-forum interactive workshopsTuesday, 23 April 2013Workshop A: Creating Online PresentationsFacilitated by: Mary Kajewski, Librarian, Development & Learning, State Library ofQueensland Workshop B: Technology that engages, technology that promotes...Facilitated by: Joanne Clark, Manager, Libraries, Knowledge Management and IP,TAFE NSW Riverina Institute What’s going to work for you in:Supported by:
  2. 2. INTERACTIVE STUDY GROUP - Monday, 22 April 2013Transforming Your Library22-23 April 2013, Citigate Central, SydneyAGENDAThe role of libraries and corporate information centres is changing, as thedemand for electronic services and online resources continues to grow. Librariesmust innovate, transform and create new ways to deliver information andservices to their clients and communities effectively.The emergence of interactive social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Pinterest, blogs and wikis and new trends in mobile technology andonline resources might seem daunting to the traditional library service deliverymodel. These online tools, however, give libraries the opportunity to reach outto clients on their own turf, ensuring service delivery remains relevant.This event gives you the chance to explore emerging technology, tools andstrategies for your library in an interactive environment. You’ll learn, questionand discuss, taking home practical information and real-world strategies toapply to your organisation right away.You will explore the following challenges:Utilising social media to connect with clientsóóEmerging technologies; opportunities and pitfallsóóThe impact of eBooks and online resourcesóóBecoming a library advocate; building the business case to support fundingóóand investmentLooking to the future: innovations in technology, information delivery andóólibrary services8:30 Registration and refreshments9:00 Chairperson: Nathan Turner, e-ResourcesLibrarian, Parramatta City LibrarySESSION A9:30 Utilising emerging technologies – what willwork for your library?Understanding new technologyóósmorgasbord: from augmented realityand social media to apps and QRcodesLook before you leap: choosing theóótechnologies that will best improveservice delivery for your end usersIntegrating emerging technology withóótraditional services and effectivelymanaging the transition processVicki Bourbous,Liaison Librarian (Education),Australian Catholic UniversityAbout the Facilitator:Vicki Bourbous is the Liaison Librarian for theSchool of Education and Educational Leadershipat Australian Catholic University.Her qualifications include degrees in Education,Information Management and Higher Education.Vicki was instrumental in developing anonline pilot project which formed the foundationfor an online information literacy program in2012. Apart from developments in informationliteracy and online learning, Vicki has an interestin the use of emerging technologies both forteaching and learning and also for collaborationand productivity. She co-presented a paper atthe ALIA Biennial Conference 2012 titled ‘iPads:outreach, collaboration, and innovation inacademic libraries’.11:00 Morning refreshments and networkingSESSION B11:30 Becoming a strategist: Building thebusiness case for library and informationservicesUnderstanding what senior management caresaboutFuture-proofing your library andinformation service:Developing a strategy andóóresponding to changing businessneedsRaising the profile andóócommunicating the value of servicesto senior managementOptions for developing services withóólimited resources Justine Hyde, Interim Director,Law Library of Victoria,Department of JusticeAbout the Facilitator:Justine Hyde is the Interim Director, Law Libraryof Victoria. In this role she is responsible forinitiatives to support the amalgamation of thelibraries of the Victorian courts, VCAT and thelegal profession.Justine has almost twenty years experienceleading strategies and operations in theareas of information and knowledgemanagement, communications and stakeholderengagement. She has worked in seniormanagement roles in professional services andstate government and is a qualified librarian.Justine is a blogger, freelance writer andpresenter on topics such as digitalcommunications, social media, and libraries.1:00 Networking Lunch (please let us know ifyou have any dietary requirements)SESSION C1:45 Managing and integrating digitalresourcesMoving to the hybrid library: curatingóóa mixed media library, from hardcopy to eBooksDigitising your own: managingóódigital transference and ensuringpreservation of resourcesCatalogues, access, and externalóóand shared digital resourcesCopyright made simple for digitalóóresources: acquisition, access andlicensing Derek Whitehead, Director,Information Resources and UniversityCopyright Officer,Swinburne University of TechnologyAbout the Facilitator:Derek Whitehead is Director, InformationResources and University Copyright Officer atSwinburne University of Technology. He isresponsible for management of the university’slibrary, web site, Records Management Services,copyright, and several information managementprojects.Derek was President of the Australian Library andInformation Association in 2008-09 and has beenChair of the Australian Digital Alliance sinceJanuary 2008. From 1996 to 1999 Derek wasDeputy State Librarian at the State Library ofVictoria. In 2002 he was awarded the Medal ofthe Order of Australia in the Australia Dayhonours for his contribution to libraries and theinternet.3:15 Afternoon refreshments and networkingChairperson’s opening remarks The chairperson will introduce the studygroup objectives andoutline how the day will proceed.Attendees will participate in a“getting to know you” exercise, toshare backgrounds, experiences andexpectations of the study groupSESSION D3:45 Reinventing the library: transformation, innovationand future trends Beatriz Aroche, Library Manager,Ultimo College TAFE NSW Helene Brown, Manager, TAFE NSW Library ResourceManagement Services, TAFE NSWCase studies in library innovation; what’s worked, what hasn’t,óówhat’s next?Getting ready for the future; trends, predictions and new skillsóóto developFuture-proofing you: professional developmentand building your personal brand
  3. 3. POST- FORUM workshopSTuesday, 23 April 2013Registration: 8.30 amWorkshop starts: 9.00 amWorkshop ends: 12.00 pmAbout the workshop:Online presentations can be used to deliver content, create supporttutorials, produce user guides, and capture screen actions to develop richmedia content.This workshop will explore the free open-source software tools availableto create effective, learner-centred online presentations to promote andenhance the use of library collections and services.Participants will:Create a fully animated web presentationóóLearn how to capture and record audio/videoóóLearn how to embed the presentation into a webpageóóAbout the workshop leader:Joanne Clark, is the manager of Libraries, Knowledge Management and IP at the TAFE NSW Riverina Institute. She has worked inTAFE Libraries for 14 years and has worked on numerous projects (as Librarian, Part-Time Teacher and Human Resources ProjectOfficer) incorporating new technology into Libraries and learning practices.Registration: 12.30 pmWorkshop starts: 1.00 pmWorkshop ends: 4.00 pmAbout the workshop:Often we leap into using technology without giving any thought to why, how or what for... How do you keep your early adopters engaged whilstensuring that you are using the technology that is going to promote your Library and be used by you and your customers?Topics covered include:Does your use of technology have a purpose?óóWhat is the return on investment?óóWhat are the challenges within your organisation and the environment in which you work?óóHow do you engage your Library staff as well as your clients?óóAB Technology that engages, technology that promotes...Creating Online PresentationsAbout the workshop leader:Mary Kajewski is a librarian at State Library of Queensland where she focuses on introducing emerging technologies andtrends to the community, and State and public library staff. She is also responsible for developing and deliveringdevelopment opportunities for Queensland regional and remote public library staff enabling the development of vibrantpublic library services.
  4. 4. Pricing -circle workshop(s)Study Group and TwoWorkshopsStudy Group and WorkshopA or BStudy Group only WorkshopsA or BStandard Pricing qsave $300$2585 + GST =$2843.50qsave $200$1990 + GST = $2189q$1495 + GST = $1644.50 q$695 + GST = $764.50Early bird(exp: 15/03/2013)Not valid with any other offerqsave $400$2485 + GST = $2733.50qsave $300$1890 + GST = $2079qsave $200$1295 + GST = $1424.50qsave $60$635 + GST = $698.50Member offer(exp:15/13/2012)I am a member of an organisationsupporting this forum Not valid withany other offerqsave $500$2385 + GST = $2623.50qsave $350$1840 + GST = $2024qsave $250$1245 + GST = $1369.50qsave $100$595 + GST = $654.50Event venue and accommodationPreferential rates are available at the Citigate Central,Sydney. Please contact the hotel directly to makeyour reservation, quoting ‘Ark Group Australia’ as yourreference. Citigate Central, Sydney169-179 Thomas StreetSydney NSW 2000Ph: 9281 6888www.mirvachotels.com/citigate-central-sydneySponsorship or Exhibition OpportunitiesIf you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at this eventplease contact Ark Group Austrailia on:Phone: 1300 550 662Email:aga@arkgroupasia.comTransforming Your Library22-23 April 2013, Citigate Central, SydneyDelegate Name Job title Email address1st2nd3rd4thBookings can be submitted at any stage prior to the1. event, subject to availability. A limited allocation is beingheld and booking early is therefore recommended. Inthe event of the booking not being accepted by ArkGroup Australia the total amount will be refunded.Payment must be received in full prior to the course.2. All speakers are correct at the time of printing, but are3. subject to variation without notice.If the delegate cancels after the booking has been4. accepted, the delegate will be liable to the following cancellation charges:Cancellations notified over 45 days prior to the eventƒƒwill not incur a cancellation fee.In the event of a cancellation being between 45 andƒƒ30 days prior to the event, a 20% cancellation feewill be charged.For cancellations received less than 30 days prior toƒƒthe event, the full delegate rate must be paid and norefunds will be available.All bookings submitted by e-mail, fax, or over the5. telephone are subject to these booking conditions.All cancellations must be received in writing.6. Ark Group Australia will not be held liable for7. circumstances beyond their control which lead to the cancellation or variation of the programme.All bookings, whether Australian or overseas will be8. charged Australian GST at the prevailing rate at thetime of booking.Delegates are responsible for their own travel,9. accommodation and visa requirements.We occasionally allow reputable companies to mail details of products we feel may be of interest.If you do not wish to receive this service, please tick this box qPlease note: Payment must be received in full prior to the event to guarantee your placeo Payment enclosed (Cheques should be made payable to Ark Group Australia Pty Ltd)o Please invoice meI have read and accepted the booking conditionsSignatureE059Expiry dateCardholder’s nameCardholder’s signatureBooking conditionso Mastercard o Visa o American ExpressOrganisation Namepostal addressstate postcodefax phoneput your details here (please print):Card number5 ways to book your place AT this eventPhone: +61 1300 550 662 Fax: +61 1300 550 663 Email: aga@arkgroupasia.com Post: Send the completed registration form to Ark Group Australia Pty Ltd, Main level, 83 Walker Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060+61 (02) 8913 4000 +61 (02) 8913 4099 Web: www.arkgroupaustralia.com.auSO-web